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Cure for lung cancer

Cure for lung cancer prescribed by a doctor, it is very important to fight the disease. The share of this pathology in Russian Federation accounts for 15% of all types of malignant diseases.

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In fact, the disease is most common among cancers. In 80% of cases this disease is exposed to heavy smokers. And men have this pathology is recorded most often. Currently, experts are developing new drugs and medical technologies for the treatment of the disease. However, the cure for cancer, the adoption of which would make a full recovery, is not yet invented. Therefore, mortality of this cancer remains high. In 85% of cases medicine is powerless.

As mentioned above, active Smoking is the likelihood of cancer increases several times. In addition, the emergence of disease is influenced by professional working conditions, for example, work which has for a long time in contact with radioactive elements or carcinogens. Not the last role is played by infectious diseases of the lung: fibrosis, tuberculosis.

Symptoms and types of lung cancer

hirurgicheskoe vmeshatelstvoLung cancer can be Central or peripheral. It depends on which area of the body affected by the tumor. By design, it can be squamous, small cell or large-cell carcinoma. To the first variant are approximately 50% of cases. Depending on these settings, choose drugs. Pathology has different symptoms that depend on the dimension of tumor, metastasis and complications. Central cancer manifests itself in the form of cough, dyspnea and hemoptysis. When peripheral cancer possible osiplosti and aphonia. If the tumor is infiltrating the right lung, on the face swollen, neck swollen. In addition, there are drowsiness, weakness, happen fainting, nausea.

If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, the treatment is performed by surgery. The tumor is removed or a lobe of the lung. In extreme cases the organ is removed entirely. Sometimes quickly to remove the tumor is impossible, unless there are contraindications. Cause is respiratory, cardiac, renal or hepatic insufficiency. In addition, surgical intervention is not performed if the patient is ill with diabetes mellitus or had an early heart attack. In such cases, the suppression of the tumor is performed using radiation therapy.

Cure for lung cancer and methodchemotherapy

himioterapiya zabolevshegoChemotherapy involves the treatment of diseases of the large dose of drugs. She is assigned, if it is diagnosed small cell lung cancer. This approach is due to the fact that this form of the disease is extremely aggressive, and its suppression required a powerful antitumor agent. Such drugs include distributed gluttony of platinum, Adriamycin, Vepeside, Fluorouracil and vinylchloride. To chemotherapy was most effective with her use of radioactive irradiation of the tumor. When using the two methods, the growth of education shall be suspended, as the cancer cells cease to proliferate. And if you use more potent drugs, such as Avtsin, Taxotere and others, it is possible to achieve excellent therapeutic outcomes.

Metastases bothering pain. For lung cancer had highly severe musculoskeletal pain. The appearance of metastases causes the patient to drink strong pain medicine. These include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs group (Ibuprofen and others), medication, opioid drugs (Morphine, Tramadol, Promedol). In addition, apply blocking drugs, cyclooxygenase-2, which include Celecoxib. Drugs included in this group affect the lining of the stomach side effects possible bleeding. Moreover, long-term use of such drugs is not recommended, as the locking properties are lost due to habituation of the organism. To avoid this, periodically change drugs and methods of pain relief.

Treatment with radiotherapy

lechenie radioterapiejRadiotherapy is to irradiate ionizing radiation region where the tumor. This method is only used after the operation. Applied in the form of self-treatment, if the patient is diagnosed with an inoperable form of lung cancer. In some cases the patients themselves refuse surgery, so radiotherapy in such cases is, most likely, forced.

Focused x-rays or gamma radiation effect on the affected area. Cancer cells that have high mitotic activity, are susceptible to radiation. It adversely affects the DNA of malignant cells and thereby disrupted the process of their reproduction and growth. With this method of treatment tumor cells are not able to recover, while the tumor size is significantly reduced.

It is worth noting that modern medical Oncology constantlyimproving radiotherapy devices and are actively developing methods of dosimetry. The latest technology allows to increase the effectiveness of radiotherapy and reduce the damage that radiation causes to healthy tissues. Such new technology are ablative dose of radiation. Special knife focuses the radiation with high precision. Because of this healthy tissue is not affected by irradiation. However, these latest technologies are used while not all medical institutions.

Therefore it is necessary to remind about the side effects, which happen after radiotherapy. For example, many patients complaining about fatigue and General weakness throughout the body. Patients after a course of radiotherapy treatment is necessary more time for night sleep and day rest. It is important to note that the experts advise patients not to be passive and be active. In addition, a hair may fall out, the skin appear irritation, reduced appetite, inflamed the esophagus.

How is treatment with immunotherapy?

medikamentoznoe lechenieThis method of treatment for lung cancer aimed at the stimulation and activation of the protective barriers of the person. To malignancy did not develop further and does not spread, it is suppressed with drugs Erlotinib and Gefitinib. They do not allow cancer cells to grow, acting on their receptors. In addition, the monoclonal antibodies are used. Their main task consists in the introduction into the reaction with the malignant cells and disruption of their livelihoods. For example, drugs Cisplatin and Bevacizumab used in cancer.

The essence of treatment using photodynamic therapy is the accumulation of photosensitizing component in cancer cells. During laser radiation of the substance is destroyed, thus exposing the destructive processes and the tumor. The main advantage of this method is that healthy tissue and cells not exposed to radiation.

Palliative therapies are used in situations where other treatments do not have positive effects or the possibility of medicine is significantly limited. This treatment aims to improve the quality of life of the patient. This method involves psychotherapy, chemotherapy, and palliative surgery. Are pain procedures, pulmonary pulmonary focus, blood transfusion, treated for anemia, cleanse the body of intoxication. With the help of this therapy you can get rid of cough, hemoptysis, pain, pneumonia and other pathologies that occur in the late stages of the disease.

The choice of drugs andmethods, which need to be treated depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the General condition of his health.