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Causes and treatment of laryngeal cancer

Cancer of the larynx, treatment is quite difficult even in modern conditions, is predominantly a disease of smokers. Laryngeal cancer is the most common type of cancer. According to statistics, her men are more vulnerable. It is a malignant tumor, localized in the throat. The main reason for the development of cancer is the exposure to the harmful carcinogens.

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Symptoms of pathology

At the initial stage, in the majority of cases the disease may not show. In the next stage of development show the typical signs:

  1. Persistent hoarseness persistent cough.
  2. The difficulty in swallowing.
  3. The tumor of the throat.
  4. Pain in the ear.
  5. Rapid loss of weight.

Classification of the disease:

  1. Stage 1: the tumor is small and inconspicuous, does not manifest itself.
  2. Stage 2: the tumor grows significantly, this is reflected in the voice.
  3. Stage 3: the cancer moves to the surrounding tissue, becomes noticeable hoarseness in the voice, lymph nodes greatly increase in size.
  4. Stage 4: tumor invades metastases in all adjacent organs.

The cause of pathology and diagnostics

stadii raka gortaniOf the main reasons that increase the risk of disease, it is worth noting Smoking and alcohol, constant stress, harmful environmental influences. Age and genetic predisposition also play a role.

At the initial stage of cancer to reveal the true nature of the pathology is very difficult. The most common way is biopsy. In this case the expert with the thinnest needle takes a test sample of the tumor to identify malignant cells. To get a more accurate picture of the performed CT, creating a three-dimensional model of the tumor. This allows to determine the degree of development of the disease.

Treatment of laryngeal cancer

There are three main types of treatment:

  1. Chemotherapeutic treatment.
  2. Radiation radiation therapy.
  3. Surgery.

It is worth mentioning the innovative method of targeted therapy.

Chemotherapy is based on the use of chemicals. For the vast majority of cancer cells are killed, which reduces cancerous growths. But, like radiotherapy, it has many side effects. Together with sick and healthy cells suffer. Besides the chemicals poison the whole body.

obrashenie k vrachuSide symptoms are: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair fall,may develop leukemia.

Radiation therapy - the most aggressive method of any cancer. It is based on the principle of irradiating the cancer cells with radiation. There are two types of radiation: external and internal. External irradiation the patient is placed in a special chamber where there is a direct irradiation of the cancer region. When the internal uses a special radioactive needles or granules, placed in the vicinity of the tumor.

It is often easier to operate on the throat, not allowing the cancer to spread to other tissues. However, it is necessary to remove almost one third of the laryngeal tissues, if not all, of the larynx. Mostly surgery is practiced in combination with other techniques.

Targeted therapy: intravenous administration of a special drug, which is significantly softer than in the application of chemotherapy and radiation exposure.

Laryngeal cancer treatment folk remedies

Curing cancer can be as traditional means, and to combine them with traditional medicine.

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  1. The infusion of sage. To prepare the dry sage 10 minutes soaked in hot water, and the decoction, which is administered orally, it is boiled at least 3 minutes. 2 tablespoons pour 0.5 liters of water and boil for exactly 3 minutes, drain. Sage contains many essential oils necessary to rinse, but the broth they should not be, so it and boil for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes the oil fall, have the necessary substances to fight the disease. After boiling in the broth, you can add St. John's wort, mint, lemon balm, insist 10 minutes. Drink this decoction need throughout life, then many diseases will be a party.
  2. Kidney tea. The ingredients: field horsetail - 5 grams, grass knotweed - 8 g, nettle - 10 g, St. John's wort - 6, the Number is taken from the calculation for one person for three weeks. A pinch of dry collection, you must pour a glass of hot water, to insist 10 minutes, drain the resulting liquid into a separate bowl and the remaining spin pour two cups of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes to mix the 2 liquids. Why is it so difficult? In this collection there are active elements which disintegrate during boiling, but one of them, silicic acid can only be obtained this way. Drink the broth three times a day on an empty stomach, before lunch and before bedtime, 0.5 cups cold, no more than three weeks. Then you need to make the same break. For the period of admission should be excluded from the diet of meat products, especially beef and pork.

Each of the recipes it is recommended to apply a month, then move on to another. Of the most effective to chooseseveral options and make a course of treatment for a couple of years. It is also recommended to consume rose hips, pumpkins, cabbage, berries, horseradish, and parsley.

Treatment Breus

The method is based on treatment of juice diet, and she is the best suited to persons with cancer of the larynx.

The method consists in the complete elimination of any solid food from the diet, because she is, according to the author of the eat cancer cells. The course of the diet is 42 days. At this time you need to eat mostly mixtures of juices, here's an example of one of them: 300 grams of red beets, 100 g carrots, 100 g celery, potato skins. The juice must be cleaned of remaining fibers, and from potato peels to make a decoction and take along with juice.

During treatment is not recommended to adopt any other juices, especially Apple. Encouraged the use of tincture of sage, but without sugar. The author also strongly advises against eating onion soup. After some time there will be results.

Preventive measures

  1. You need to move more.
  2. To breathe clean air.
  3. No Smoking.
  4. Eat right.
  5. To undergo regular medical examination, especially in the elderly.

Human health is in his hands. A disease such as cancer does not appear overnight, it is the result of neglect to their health for many years. A particular risk factor is the bad habits and poor diet.

Emotional state also plays an important role. We must understand that modern medicine is unable to completely overcome cancer, she can only temporarily drown out its effects, often causing their aggressive methods of treatment further damage to the body. Folk remedies, too, play only a supportive role in the treatment of cancer, so it's easier to prevent the disease, leading a healthy way of life, than then long and unsuccessfully to deal with it. No doctor and the healer will not be able to regain lost health.