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For lung cancer stage 4

Lung cancer stage 4 the vast majority of cases is a death sentence for patients, since modern means of treatment only in 15% of cases able to postpone death, while complete cure does not exceed 1-5%. When treating lung cancer of 4 degrees can be considerable difficulties, as airway already has expressed a malignant tumor, which can reach large sizes, and metastasis, affecting nearby organs and lymph nodes.

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Distinctive features of the course of lung cancer of 4 degrees

The problem of treatment of lung cancer is that in the early stages of the malignancy in the respiratory system may not appear symptomatic. It is the absence of obvious problems with the respiratory system leads to the fact that people seek medical help only when they begin to feel discomfort inherent in grade 3 and 4 of lung cancer.

Often lead the patient to the hospital the symptoms observed in the growth of secondary tumors originating from metastases, primary malignant being produced by the formation in the lungs.

shema raka legkihLate diagnosis significantly worsens the prognosis of treatment. Lung cancer 4th degree characterized by the appearance of irreversible and almost not amenable to treatment changes in all the systems of the human body. All the symptoms characteristic of lung cancer of 4 degrees, can be divided into General and specific. In addition, a separate group can be distinguished symptoms associated with the spread of metastases. Common symptoms associated with the General intoxication of the organism. This group of symptomatic manifestations include:

  • weakness;
  • fatigue;
  • chills;
  • unexplained increase in body temperature;
  • apathy;
  • depression;
  • loss of appetite;
  • the decrease in body mass.

Specific symptoms include manifestations of lung cancer of 4 degrees from the respiratory system. It is worth noting that many specific symptoms of cancer of 4 degrees are not a sufficient demonstration, as can be observed in other diseases of the respiratory system. At the same time, the level of intensity and specific symptoms of the respiratory system for lung cancer of 4 degrees may indicate the presence of malignancy.

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  1. Cough. First, the cough may also occur rarely, and in the dry form, but in the future it becomes hoarsea nature that begins to bother the patient. If there is a peripheral form of lung cancer, and at the last stage of the flow can not be observed of cough onset-even in the form of light.
  2. Chest pain. Chest pain can be local in nature, and only in the area of the affected lobe of this organ. Pain can different degrees of intensity, for example, localizing malignancy in the peripheral upper region of the lung can be accompanied by extremely intense pain.
  3. Hemoptysis. In most cases the development of lung cancer first causes coughing up small streaks of blood. In the future the waste of the sputum may be so intensely blood soaked that resembles raspberry jelly. In addition, blood may appear and pus. Under intense cough may be rupture of the large blood vessel that leads to profuse bleeding.
  4. Progressive shortness of breath. As failure of the individual parts of the lungs there is a gradual development of breathing difficulties. In most cases, breathing problems provoke the appearance of strokes and various cardiac rhythm disturbances.
  5. Disorders of the digestive system. Given that over time, the tumor located in the lungs can grow into the esophagus, the affected area may experience difficulty passing food.

krovoharkane pri rake legkih 4 stepeniThe symptoms caused by metastases to different organs may be different. For example, when the distribution of metastases in bone tissue you may experience pain in the legs, ribs and even the back.

In contact with brain metastases, patients may be faced with epileptic seizures, convulsions, loss of vision and coordination, and impaired speech and memory. In the spread of secondary tumors in the liver may be jaundice and signs of liver failure. Secondary tumors in the kidney are often accompanied by back pain and blood in the urine.

Treatment of lung cancer of 4 degrees

To treat lung cancer stage 4 is extremely difficult because at this time affected be a system of the body. It should be noted that full recovery for lung cancer in the later stages of development is unlikely, because even 5-year survival rate of patients able to achieve often. In most cases, when there are systemic violations on the part of many organs affected by metastases is a palliative treatment aimed at restoring lost functions of certain organs, and the respiratory system, and additionally, relieved General condition of the patient.

degree" alt="Chemotherapy for lung cancer 4 degree">To eliminate the tumor or prevent its spread can be used the combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and sometimes surgical impact. It should be noted that the use of surgical techniques not always justified for lung cancer stage 4 development, as at this time, the tumor may reach considerable size, which it cannot be safely removed so as to preserve the viability of the lung or other organs that were affected by metastases.

As a rule, radiation and chemotherapy can briefly improve the condition of the patient, so the use of these means of treatment are justified for all 4 stage lung cancer. As a rule, as the deterioration of the patient's condition in the lungs can begin to accumulate the liquid, then can be shown the operation of the installation in the lungs, drainage tubes, that is, thoracocentesis. In addition, in rare cases, when the tumor even at stage 4 cancer still have limited sizes, may be subjected to removal of lung segments, and sometimes regional lymph nodes and secondary malignant tumors developing in nearby organs.

luchevaya terapiya pri rake legkih 4 stepeniWhen performing such radical surgery the chances of survival for the patients considerably, but even with this favorable period of necessary treatment by chemo - and radiotherapy has an adverse effect on the condition of the entire body, resulting in patients rarely live more than 5 years. Palliative care can facilitate the patient's condition, so it is correct gives the ability to better survive this period.

In the case of lung cancer the fourth degree is observed the development of serious pain syndrome, may require the appointment of narcotic analgesics. To sustain the body you may need hormonal and immunomodulatory therapy. Complex therapy in most cases can only slightly extend the life of the person diagnosed with cancer in stage 4 and to make the last days and weeks patient.

Prognosis lung cancer stage 4

Cases of complete cure for lung cancer stage 4 are extremely rare. As a rule, non-small cell lung forms of lung cancer 5-year survival rate is observed only in 5-15% of cases, while in small-cell malignant entities, it is rarely more than 1-2%.

According to statistics, in patients who did not smoke before the appearance of malignancy of the respiratory tract, the disease easier.

To reduce the risk ofof the disease and prevent its severe, you should stop Smoking and any other bad habits. In addition, if lung cancer of 4 degrees was diagnosed in a man who in General still feels good, it should radically change your habits and start to follow a healthy lifestyle, as this will greatly facilitate the course of the disease in the future.