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How to help in lung cancer 4 degree and how I live with it

If diagnosed with lung cancer of 4 degrees, how many live patients? The exact answer to this question does not know even the experts. The presence and location of metastases and the speed of tumor growth can be estimated a forecast, but ultimately each case is unique. It often happens that the preliminary calculations are incorrect, both upwards and downwards. The survival rate of patients with cancer is estimated at five years.

rak legkihSince the fourth degree is a terminal, for it the forecast is not encouraging: only 9% of people survive after 5 years of disease. However, when you consider that doctors give to patients from a few months to a year of life, this statistic is surprisingly high. It is possible to help a person if found lung cancer the most severe stage? To improve the chances of survival? How to make the rest of my life the most happy with?

What affects survival?

Cancer is characterized by the presence of depression in a patient before he was diagnosed. Here there is a definite pattern, because only a depressed person might not go to the doctor if the following symptoms:
legkie kurilshika i zdorovogo cheloveka

  • steadily reduced mood;
  • the increase in sweating;
  • chronic cough;
  • fatigue;
  • muscle weakness;
  • the periodic increase in temperature to 37 - 37.5 degrees.

More than 80% of lung cancer patients smoke on a regular basis. So they take the first signs of cancer of the usual smoker's bronchitis.

For people over the age of 50 it is advisable to undergo regular checks for cancer, for example, blood tests for tumor markers. Conventional fluoroscopy that mass is held during medical examination helps to detect the tumor at an early stage. The tumor may be located behind the breastbone, device sensitivity may be insufficient to detect small tumor. To give a successful positive prognosis for recovery, unfortunately, it is impossible for any stage of cancer. The probability of relapse exists for 4 and 1 stage, but is estimated differently, depending on:

chetyre stadii raka legkih

  • the age of the victim;
  • the type of tumor;
  • the location of the tumor;
  • the rate of growth.

At the moment it is not known what affects the speed of cancer spreading in humans, but it is possible to observe that some people resist better than others.

Opportunities for patient and relatives

Cancereasy 4 degrees is characterized by the presence of distant metastases, i.e. secondary tumours. Metastases result from the spread of tumor cells through the circulatory system along with blood and lymph. Can also be metastasis of the neighboring light bodies. Metastases may themselves contribute to death, but usually death occurs from respiratory failure.
sem zadach palliativnoj pomoshi
The life time can be extended and can be shortened. The main factor that influences this is the mental and emotional state, and adherence to the recommendations of the oncologist. Therefore, it is necessary to motivate the patient for treatment and to support him in this difficult period. What you need to know the relatives of the person affected by lung cancer?

  1. Calling the methods of folk and alternative medicine is no guarantee of recovery. Time life allows you to extend the optimism and positive attitude of the patient, not the shamanic rituals and incantations. If the appeal to the adherents of alternative medicine is financially costly for the family, should be discontinued.
  2. There are specialized institutions, which provide assistance to dying patients. Hospices are free and paid. Patients prefer to receive quality medical care around the clock and not to bore the relatives with personal care. Free hospice there is a very long queue, which should take in advance. Unfortunately, many people have to die before it is their turn to move into the house.
  3. In lung cancer a person needs medical treatment. All opportunities free medicines should be to find out from the oncologist.
  4. The time that is left of human life, should be used to complete the cases and their own development, whatever that time may be.


Assistance provided to patients with stage 4 cancer of the lungs, called palliative care, that is, protecting and guarding. Some of the activities in which a person needs, can provide the medicine, and some may require appeal to religion or any other system of values, which believes the victim.

What is palliative care?

After the man and his family got the diagnosis, it takes some time to accept this fact and move on. It is advisable to seek psychological support not only to friends and relatives, but also to the professional psychologist. Specialist must be highly competent and have experience with dying. The time of life for lung cancer stage 4can be from several weeks to several years, and it is reasonable to use this term. On life expectancy the most direct way is affected by the emotional state of the victim. What are the opportunities to improve the human condition?


  1. Address to the psychologist, the social worker or other specialist for work with dying.
  2. Interaction and communication with other cancer patients, sharing experiences. Helping other people to understand their diagnosis, people involuntarily working on that experience for yourself that gives a powerful positive effect. Fear of death based on the basic instincts of man, and victory over this fear allows you to get pleasure from even a few days of their lives. Aside from communicating with people in a similar situation, you can watch films about resistance to cancer, which shows a positive approach and active resistance to the disease. One such cult series of films - "breaking bad" in which the hero with end-stage cancer lived 2 very busy years.
  3. Seeking spiritual help from the Church (of any denomination, which is close to the patient), to atheism and science, to the most modern research. Bury your head in the sand can be an unlimited amount of time until death. Courageous people are turning to the information of the death, study the sources and recent studies in order to draw their own conclusions. Each and every person tormented by the question whether there is life after death. For patients diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, this question is becoming very urgent.

Palliative care must include symptomatic drugs. Often patients with cancer of 4 degrees suffer from insomnia, pains, anxiety and even panic attacks.

Usually assigned not only analgesic but also sedative. Many patients complain that they can't remember whether they took the medicines. Therefore, the integration of need to relatives.

A constructive approach to life time

After the victim managed to pull myself together and return to everyday life, you need to consider solutions such as drawing up wills and making legal formalities. To preserve a positive attitude should be as long as possible to help people to be active, don't give up walks, watching favorite movies and socializing with friends. Faster die closed, desperate and depressed patients.


If for medical reasons it is possible to delete a single metastasis or holding of palliative chemotherapy, these measures need to go there. Even a slight relief of physical symptomshave a beneficial effect on the human condition. There is a direct relationship between the condition of the victim and cancer mortality: a good mood, strengthens the immune system and the immune system inhibits the growth of tumors. Therefore, you can not only extend the life time, but to make the last years especially happy. The question of how to live with lung cancer stage 4, has no clear answer. Oncologists often make mistakes in forecasting, and the longest-lived joyful and optimistic patients.