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Learn: chemotherapy in lung cancer and drugs

Chemotherapy for lung cancer is the most effective method of treatment. Today, this form of pathology occupies a leading position among the population. Until recently, the disease was characteristic for the male contingent, but according to current statistics, lung cancer has a tendency to lose and women.

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Chemotherapy treatment method is used in cases where surgery is impossible or as postoperative rehabilitation in people with the disease lung cancer, but chemotherapy is contraindicated in children and is used in the third and fourth stages of the disease when uncontrolled propagation of metastasis.

The main objectives of chemotherapy

stadii raka legkihMethods of chemotherapy involve the injection of medications (orally or by intravenous injection), which are able to paralyze the development of cancer cells. This treatment is used in the period when the cancer metastases are observed in other organs than lungs. With small cell lung cancer is the main type of treatment.

Chemotherapy for lung cancer has a certain pattern of flow. It is carried out in courses of 3-4 weeks, followed by a period of rest for recovery. Primary treatment consists of 5-6 courses. Before prescribing chemotherapy, the oncologists assess the overall health of the patient, age and stage of the cancer.

Apart from the effective result, which is observed in most of the cases, there have been some cases of side effects. Despite the fact that chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells, they can become a threat to healthy cells. It all depends on the duration of curative treatments and those drugs that were used. Side effects can be demonstrated in such a state as:

  • hair loss;
  • the presence of ulcers in the mouth;
  • retching;
  • reduced leukocytosis;
  • bruising and bleeding;
  • fatigue;
  • violation of the nervous system with the characteristic symptoms of numbness of fingers and toes.

vypadenie volos - sledstvie himioterapiiAs a rule, side effects begins in the last stages of treatment when the body receives a large dose of the drug. To adverse reactions did not worsen the patient's condition, the medication dosage is reduced.

Depending on what stage of cancer at the time of treatment, the patient can judge the effectiveness of therapy. If this is the third and the fourth it gives bad result whentreatment and can only weaken the severity of the disease and prolong the patient for some time period of life. In severe cancer chemotherapy helps to reduce pain, relieve cough, and in some rare cases, reduce the growth of metastatic nodes. With the introduction of drugs intracavitary way of influencing the pleura, there may be a reduction or cessation of accumulation of exudate.

In the early stages of cancer chemotherapy can create the conditions for operating the patient. In a period when lung cancer, chemotherapy may be part of the combined treatment. During this period, especially effective are such groups of drugs as chloroethylamine and ethylenimine - Cyclophosphamide, Besomed, Etimicin, Fosfamid. Drugs used in chemotherapy, helping to correct the enzymatic processes, thereby alkylating agents have lactosidase and antitumor effect.

The performance of combined treatment of cancer depends on many factors, including histological structure of the tumor, stage of disease, sensitivity to the drug and dosage. Because of increased toxic properties of many drugs, influencing the formation processes, which are used in chemotherapy, oncologists try to limit their dose.

The main types of chemotherapy

provedenie himioterapii dlya lecheniya rakaDepending on the types of drugs used in chemotherapy and the objectives pursued, it can be:

  • neoadjuvant;
  • adjuvant;
  • treatment.

With neoadjuvant therapy conducted the preoperative preparation, in order to minimize pathological focus. With its help oncologists overcome sensitivity to effects of certain drugs on the course of cancer before surgery and after it.

To completely eliminate the recurrence and metastasis is assigned adjuvant chemotherapy.

For the reduction or complete destruction of metastases prescribe a medical chemotherapy. The only problem may be the possibility of negative consequences.

On the basis of histological indicators of cancers oncologists prescribe a particular group of drugs. In non-small cell lung cancer using chemotherapy as the final stage after surgery, after a successful resection. Small cell cancer responds well to chemotherapy if it is used as a standalone cancer treatment or after surgery to remove it. The complex is in some cases radiation therapy that helpsgreatly increase the chances of success.


tabletki pri lechenii raka legkihProtivoopuholevymi the most effective drugs used in the treatment of lung cancer are Cyclophosphamide, Cisplatin, Fosfamid Methotrexate, Adriamycin, and drugs containing platinum. They are prescribed depending on what stage of cancer the patient at the time of appointment courses of treatment, and how progressive tumor growth. By conducting diagnostic procedures determine the sensitivity of the cancer to drug.

Chemotherapy is an alternative solution when an inoperable condition of the patient. To date, lung cancer is the only disease, in which therapy can replace surgery. Used in cancer drugs used in hemiprocnidae can be divided into several groups:

  • alkylating cytostatics;
  • antibiotics;
  • adjuvant medicines;
  • hormones;
  • antimetabolites;
  • natural ingredients.

Thiotepa is recognized as the most toxic, despite its effectiveness. To reduce side effects simultaneously conduct hemostimulating: transfusion of blood and blood leukocyte and platelet mass. Assigned and hemodialator - Stronger, Thezan and vitamins - Pyridoxine, ascorbic acid, Thiamine. Be sure to apply corticosteroids and analgesics.

Dosage and scheme medical therapy with the use of these drugs depends on the age and General condition of the patient. The scheme includes an indicator that identifies at what time and in what dosage the dose is administered a particular drug. Holds and controls the healing process a doctor-oncologist.

Advice oncologists

In the process of healing therapy using anticancer drugs, patients with lung cancer should care about the General state of the organism, its protective functions. To avoid becoming a victim of various kinds of harmful effects, it is necessary to abandon such harmful habits like Smoking. Adjustment of diet and lifestyle is one of the main directions of the treatment process.

Due to the fact that chemicals have a negative impact on the bone structure, in the daily diet of the patient should be include food rich in calcium. There is a whole list of foods that are recommended to patients of oncological clinics. Despite the fact that patients do not attribute a special diet they must adhere to a balanced diet. It is based including natural juices, fresh and boiled vegetables, cereals, dairyproducts, protein foods and enough fiber and fat.

Great importance for good health of patients having the mode of the day. The fresh air will help you breathe easier. A good habit can become a morning and evening runs that improves oxygen exchange in the lungs, as well as special breathing exercises.

Helps in the period after chemotherapy health-rehabilitation treatment at the resort area, it is desirable that it was a dispensary.