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The use and recipes of aloe with honey

Aloe (century plant) - a reliable assistant in the fight against many diseases. To strengthen its action to help the other components. Aloe with honey - a versatile combination for improving the overall health and treating a variety of ailments.

aloe s medom - lekarstvo ot mnogih boleznej

Useful properties

The national medicine widely uses in his recipes honey is a tasty cure for many ailments.

The combination of it with the agave is a kind of charger, stimulating the biological processes of the human body.

kosmeticheskoe primenenie aloe s medomIs a healing source of many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, necessary for normal functioning of our bodies.

The action, which has aloe with honey, the following:

  • normalization of secretion of digestive enzymes;
  • providing strong antibacterial action;
  • the suppression of itching and painful sensations of the skin;
  • stimulation of healing processes and skin regeneration.

In addition to medicinal purposes, aloe with honey are widely used in cosmetic for skin care face and hair. Allantoin contained in the agave, has an effective nourishing and moisturizing effect. It penetrates even the deepest layers of the skin, resulting in processes of recovery and regeneration of cells in them aktiviziruyutsya. A honey product is used to enhance these processes. So widely established industrial manufacturing of cosmetic products based on them. But in the home women having fun doing the mask, improving the skin and hair and giving it a healthy, radiant appearance.

Peculiarities of preparation and contraindications

samaya cennaya chast aloe - myakot listevIn recipes aloe Vera can be used in a certain form: in the form of juice, chopped pulp, pieces and infusions. Maybe biostimulatory form when freshly cut leaves are placed in a linen bag for a few days (10-12) are left on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. And it is important to use the type specified in the recipe. Folk medicine for centuries honed their knowledge in the treatment of diseases, and not only proportions, but also offer raw material.

In the Wellness and cosmetic purposes use the leaves of plants 3 years old or older, the best option is 5-7 years. The lower leaves have a strong healing power.

To obtain aloe Vera juice is simple: just wash the leaves, cut them lengthwise into thin strips, and then the raw material is folded in a gauze layer orjuicer and get the juice.

It is impossible to accept the proposed mixture with aloe to those people who have allergies to bee products or other components included in the recipes.

Other contraindications for use of the product:
protivopokazanie primeneniya aloe - beremennost i kormlenie grudu

  • the presence of benign and malignant neoplasms;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • hypertension;
  • exacerbation of any chronic disease;
  • the presence of bleeding, including hemorrhoids.

Before using folk remedies you need to consult with your doctor to find out how useful the proposed composition. This will prevent undesirable effects or deterioration.

Use a mixture of honey and aloe

To treat the agave with honey in various diseases:
lechenie kashlya aloe s medom

  1. Let's start with the healing of wounds, suppurations in the skin. Lubricating mixture place abrasions or cuts that can speed up healing. The components of the mixture has bactericidal and wound-healing effect. For preparation of ointment squeezed out the juice of 2 fresh cut leaves of the agave, add the same amount of honey. Stir. Treated the wound with a thin layer of the mixture. Leftovers stored in the refrigerator.
  2. The treatment of gastritis. Grind to a pulp of the aloe leaves. Then take 2 parts of the obtained raw materials and add 1 part of honey. Stir. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day with a glass of warm water. The course is 3 weeks. Then do 2-week break and, if desired, repeat the course.
  3. Treat constipation. A mixture of agave juice and honey in equal ratio is a light natural laxative if taken on an empty stomach 1/3 Cup.
  4. Cough. The agave juice and quality honey mixed in equal parts. Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Stored in the refrigerator in a container with a lid. To cure chronic or hysterical dry cough, the tool can be in the shortest possible time.
  5. For the eyes. For this recipe you will need the juice from the aloe leaf biostimulating lain 10 days in the refrigerator. The juice is mixed with honey and purified water in equal proportions until smooth. The mixture is then placed in the fridge for 5 days. Instilled into the eye should be 1 drop 3 times a day. It is used to treat conjunctivitis, cataract, keratitis and corneal ulcers.
  6. Clean the body of toxins. For the preparation of mixtures need be crushed leaves of the agave, butter and honey in equal amounts. First, we take raw aloe and oil to mixin a saucepan. Then you need to put on the heat and bring to a boil, immediately put in a water bath and simmer for 20 minutes. Then remove from heat and allow to cool. The cooled mixture is added honey product. Take 1 tsp 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Keep cleansing the mixture in the refrigerator.

Make a tincture

Tincture of the agave with honey made several recipes. They all include the components of alcohol (wine, vodka), which allows to significantly increase the shelf life of the product. Take this infusion significantly strengthens the immune system and treats diseases of the digestive system and respiratory system.

Here are some recipes:
nastojka iz aloe s medom

  1. 4 parts aloe juice, 6 parts of wine and 6 pieces of honey are thoroughly mixed, hermetically sealed and put in the fridge. Take 1-2 tablespoons 3 times a day before meals. This is an excellent General tonic and a cure for asthma, sinusitis and diseases of the stomach.
  2. Aloe half a kilo of mince. Then, in the resulting slurry add ¾ Cup of honey, mix and put to steep in a dark place. After 2 days, pour 750 ml of Cahors and insist 2 days. Take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. Helps with bronchitis, acute respiratory infections and other respiratory diseases.
  3. 700 g of honey is taken to 0.5 liters of vodka and 0.5 kg of pulp from the leaves of agave. All mix and put in a dark place for 2 months. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day an hour before meals and a snack a small amount of butter.

Important: to prepare tinctures taken only high-quality products, including alcoholic beverages.

Masks for face and hair

Based on biostimulating agave and honey products make masks for face and décolleté. They are suitable for any skin type. The honey color makes the skin smooth and nourishes it with vital energy and strength. Aloe smoothes fine lines, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. For preparation you need to take 1 part crushed leaves of aloe and 2 parts of liquid honey (heated in a water bath). Mix everything and apply on face, neck and décolleté. After 15 minutes, rinse with cool water. To do the mask is recommended once a week. More frequent use can lead to an overabundance of active ingredients.

To enhance hair growth and fill them with energy, help mask prepared from honey, egg yolk, aloe juice, lemon and garlic. All take 1 tsp and mix thoroughly. Rubbed into the hair roots, and then distributed along the length. Put on a plastic cap and insulated with a towel. Keep for half an hour. Then wash off and opolaskivaniem hair is prepared with herbal decoction (chamomile, nettle or oak bark).

Hair mask for dandruff:mix equal ratio of liquid honey, aloe, egg yolks and grapefruit juice, apply on scalp and hair. Leave for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.