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Varieties and characteristics of the antibiotic nose drops

Antibacterial nose drops are the "heavy artillery" in the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx and the entire system of the upper respiratory tract. These types of drugs specialists try immediately to assign. But these drops help heal various illnesses in adults and children who are not amenable to conventional therapy.

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The drugs

To alleviate the condition of the child or adult's blocked nose, you can apply various drugs in the form of drops or sprays. Now the pharmacological industry offers a fairly extensive list of drugs with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial or narrowing vessels effect.

Are the most harmless drops of oil-based, but they are very weak on various serious infectious diseases. The most effective and strong are the funds on the basis of antibiotics. Antibacterial drops are composed of strong substances that can fight the infection and eliminate its hotbeds.

These medications quickly relieve swelling of the mucous membranes, normalize respiratory function. When compared with the same drugs in tablet form, the drops have a number of advantages:

polza antibakterialnyh kapel v nos

  • can act directly on the source of infection locally, which allows more efficient and faster to fight the disease;
  • avoid allergic reactions and development of resistance to certain antibiotics;
  • no negative actions on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • do not harm healthy flora;
  • has product locally does not apply to other areas of the body and does not harm the immune system;
  • do not act destructively on the blood vessels and capillaries.

But despite a rather significant advantage, means the type of treatment with antibiotics are not safe. Therefore, they cannot be assigned to and apply yourself. Such funds can unlike other to deal with pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Common tools

The most popular drops with antibiotics are such drugs:

  • Bioparox;
  • Polideksa;
  • Izofra.

All of these drugs can be administered to children and adults. But given that the funds belong to the category of antibiotics, each designed for a specific age group.

polza antibakterialnyh kapel v nos pri nasmorkeBioparox remedy indrops intended for use in the nasopharynx. This drug contains the active tool fusafungine is an antibiotic with a broad spectrum of effects. This substance belongs to a class of potent, so if after two or three days comes a significant improvement to change it to another group of antibiotics. Drops Bioparox should not be used in treatment of a cold if an adult and a child is prone to asthmatic manifestations. The tool has anti-inflammatory action. Use children it can only three years.

Polideksa - nasal drops that have antibiotic polymyxin, and neomycin. The uniqueness of the drug is that in one combined members of different groups of antibiotics. This approach allows you to cover more varieties of infectious illnesses. Therefore this tool is most effective in the treatment of children and adults from the viral nature of rhinitis and allergic symptoms.

The main active ingredient Polideksa is phenylephrine, which dilates blood vessels and capillaries of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, and dexamethasone to get rid of allergic reactions. Specialists this kind of drug is considered very effective and pretty well speak about its properties as it possesses a wide spectrum of effects. But when it is applied, especially children, need to closely observe the dosage and be under constant medical supervision.

The drug has a hormonal component, so people tend to appoint in special difficult situations. Children can use the product only after three years.

Izofra - type nasal drop which contain the main active ingredient - framizetin. The drug is used in the form of sprays. The antibiotic of this type is good for certain types of infection. Therefore, it is prescribed in cases where known the causative agent. But it effectively eliminates all groups of aerobic microorganisms. Children can assign since old. When the drug does not work after a week of use, it overturned and replaced by another type of antibiotic.

laringit - pokazanie k naznacheniu antibakterialnyh kapel v nosTo other antimicrobial drops include drops of Protargol and Complex. Protargol - silver solution colloidal type has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can be used from the first days of life. The drug belongs to the category of broad-spectrum, but has its limitations. For viral infections this medicine did not work correctly, which leads to intense multiplication of microorganisms in the nasopharynx. Bacterial infection Protargol resolves quicklyand without consequences.

Complex drops are quite effective and well known tool, but many pharmacies have them do. They can be purchased only in the state pharmacies. Specialists can prescribe such a drug, previously putting in the recipe's individual components, which are suitable to a child or adult. The recipe of this means must include the following components:

  • furacillin as antiseptic substances;
  • special purified water;
  • adrenalin to narrow the blood vessels;
  • diphenhydramine to eliminate allergic reactions;
  • streptomycin or another antibiotic;
  • hydrocortisone to relieve swelling of the mucosa.

But this tool is designed only a week of use. It can be used from the first days of a child's life, as each component of the complex drops can be replaced by more harmless.

When prescribers?

gajmorit - pokazanie k naznacheniu antibakterialnyh kapel v nosAntibiotics for runny nose of conventional type, easily consumed easy treatment, not prescribed, especially for young children. When the disease of the nasopharynx entering a stage of serious development with a number of complications, the experts decide to use the more "hard" therapy.

Drops on the basis of the antibiotics prescribed in case of:

  • occurrence of sinusitis;
  • sinusitis of different etiology;
  • when you get rid of a protracted nature;
  • development rhinopharyngitis;
  • when trachea;
  • laryngitis;
  • occurrence of otitis media and tonsillitis;
  • discharge from the nose and throat yellow or green viscous in its consistency of mucus;
  • discharge is the diagnostic study of the pathogen of bacterial nature.

All these diseases in the early stages of his appearance can be cured without antibiotics. But in case of exacerbation or development of serious complications antibiotic therapy is necessary.

Experts believe that if the disease of the nasopharynx and upper respiratory tract is not five days, it is necessary to appoint a special antibiotics for the common cold.

Topical antibiotics is also the period when the nose begins to run out slimy clumps of yellow or green. In this case, should immediately begin antibiotic therapy. If you start to appear of bleeding, you should apply separately decongestants.

This approach to treatment also applies to children. The baby's immune system is not yet able to cope with serious infections. Therefore often doctors resort to antibiotic therapy. A big plus in the treatment ofnasal drops special is that the child will not have to use drugs that protect the intestine and stomach.

What are the caveats?

Antibiotics for common cold is to eat very carefully for both children and adults. Therefore, they must appoint a qualified technician. To apply the funds to the antibiotics in any form for a long period is impossible, as the body quickly gets used to them. Besides, can appear side effects:

  • the decrease in strength of blood vessels and capillaries in the nasal passages, causing bleeding;
  • allergic reactions;
  • high sensitivity to pressure differentials.

Assign drops based on the antibiotics that the specialist can only after a complete diagnosis and assessing possible risks and the positive sides of this type of therapy.