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Find out: basal pulmonary fibrosis – what is it?

Influenza, acute pneumonia, lung cancer, tuberculosis, pulmonary fibrosis, basal pulmonary fibrosis what is it? That's what happens when social or domestic factors prevent people from freely breathing.

problema bazalnogo pnevmoskleroza

What is the disease

Accumulating in the soul emotional wounds are considered not physiologically, but psychologically. That's why it's hard to understand that it is essential to return the tissue of the lung to its normal structure. Spasticity in the lungs occurs not because the person was suffering from an infection and so ill, and because of frequent irritability, nervousness, scandals. Also the crash occurs in the lymphatic system, and as a result, the stagnant fluid. Even if the person is melancholic by nature and not accustomed to throw out in a day pent-up emotion out, now suffers from heart, it gets very hard to beat. As a result, the lymphatic system is overloaded, and there is swelling of the lungs.

Cells are not receive the necessary nutrients, there is stagnation in hemocirculation way. Gradually the cells begin to develop in the granulation tissue, because it is getting old. Here it is with this disease such as pulmonary fibrosis, respiratory organs begin to develop connective tissue that occurs in acute pneumonia, acute bronchitis, tracheitis and pleurisy complicated, which was not timely cured. Fibrosis of the lungs often develops from lung sarcoidosis simplest viruses, bacteria. In many ways, this disease is a consequence of other diseases.

tuberkulez - prichina razvitiya pnevmosklerozaPulmonary fibrosis is a lung condition in which lung tissue is replaced by connective tissue. The reason for such replacement are acute inflammatory processes in the lungs. Also observed pathological degeneration. In addition to the lung when pulmonary fibrosis is often observed violations of elasticity in tissues and in complete violation of gas exchange.

Pulmonary fibrosis a lung disease that causes deformation of the bronchi, resulting in lung tissue is sealed. Light decrease, they have a custom size. Pulmonary fibrosis the lungs are not necessarily diagnosed in the elderly, but this disease affects men.

Causes of disease

Rarely pulmonary fibrosis as the disease develops itself. Often it is the result of complications of previous diseases, such as:

  • tuberculosis;
  • viral pneumonia aspiratory;
  • foreign object inbronchi;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • radiation damage to the lungs;
  • the environment is polluted with gases, industrial waste;
  • sarcoidosis;
  • the lung parenchyma;
  • injury of the sternum;
  • fibrosing alveolitis;
  • emphysema of the lungs.

plohaya ekologiya - prichina pnevmosklerozaThe enumerated list of diseases is not exhaustive as there are other factors that contribute to the rapid development of pulmonary fibrosis. The main reasons for the development of the disease doctors call weak immune system of the patient, the exposure, frequent reception of the combined medicines and antibiotics having pantropic properties.

That's why treatment is not always chemical medicines give the desired effect. Though without it, especially in difficult stages of development of fibrosis, is not enough. Can treat pulmonary fibrosis and folk remedies, but only at the initial stage of its development. This should not put off seeing a doctor as pulmonary fibrosis of the lungs requires serious treatment and hospitalization.

Nowadays, the subtypes of pulmonary fibrosis, based on the principle side effects of the disease: basal, local, focal, apical, age, and net basal pulmonary fibrosis. The last type of pulmonary fibrosis is given to a special place.

What factors precede the development of the disease

Still, there are professions that are considered to separate the high risk to human health. This most likely relates to industrial and manufacturing areas. The risk to health was, and is, mine.

The risk of reduced life expectancy is high in welders, mechanics, plumbers. A great danger lies in asbestos that causes fibrosis of the lungs. Even fewer are those who work with marble and cement.

rentgen pri pnevmosklerozeIf you constantly breathe floating in the air, the oxides of silicon, the worker can easily get silicotuberculosis. If the person suffered a severe lower lobe pneumonia, the probability of development of basal pulmonary fibrosis. The danger of Contracting the disease threatens more of all miners, masons, laboratory chemical analysis. To have at least basic information about the subtypes of pulmonary fibrosis, disassemble such a thing as a "basal pulmonary fibrosis".

If lung tissue is replaced by connective tissue, mainly in the basal division (division apicalnam opposite, ie at the base), this state is called the basal pneumosclerosis. Often the disease is evidence of transferred patientsearlier lower lobe pneumonia.

As with most lung diseases, pulmonary fibrosis in patients observed complex changes in the structure of the respiratory system, and cardiovascular system. Basal pulmonary fibrosis - a very, very severe disease, accompanying respiratory failure as one of the main problems of the complications of the respiratory system. If the disease is diagnosed late and wrongly treated, life-threatening very large.

Therefore, every patient who has a suspected pulmonary fibrosis, must be carefully examined, that confirmed the diagnosis.

In this regard, the patient is immediately drawn to the clinic, the TB doctor, a deterioration in health is placed on the examination in pulmonology.

If in a local hospital, in the city or village where the patient lives, there is no specialized Department, the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of basal pulmonary fibrosis is held in the therapy Department.