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How to treat bullous emphysema?

What is bullous emphysema? This is one of the types of diseases of the respiratory system, in which the person is disturbed breathing. Alveoli during illness can be stretched, and this leads to failure of oxygen and excretion of carbon dioxide. When a person breathes, air enters the nose, then the trachea, from there into the bronchi.

hronicheskij bronhit - prichina vozniknoveniya bulleznoj emfizemy legkih

The air inhaled through the bronchi to the lung. Due to the fact that the human body goes bad carbon dioxide, and the blood receives less oxygen, the victim may develop cardiac insufficiency. In this situation, and without enlarged alveoli even more inflamed, which can lead to their rupture, thus lung function is severely limited.

Bullous emphysema is a disease in which the level of air in the lungs is significantly high and disrupted air circulation. This disease injures not the entire lung tissue, and only some of its parts.

What causes this disease?

The main cause of this disease is chronic bronchitis.

Existing infection in the bronchi leads to constant inflammation, although this is not the only factor in the occurrence of bullous emphysema.

shema bulleznoj emfizemy legkihThe risk of disease can increase:

  • transferred human tuberculosis or hereditary factor;
  • advanced age;
  • excessive Smoking;
  • air pollution in places where people live;
  • difficult working conditions conducive to the inhalation of polluted and dusty air.

Bullous emphysema often occur together with chronic bronchitis. Collectively these diseases are called COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The symptoms of this disease

The main symptoms of bullous emphysema:

  • severe shortness of breath;
  • visibly inflated chest, which is barrel-shaped;
  • intercostal spaces is extended and inflated;
  • cyanosis;
  • decreased breath sounds;
  • the supraclavicular region is expanded and inflated;
  • severe cough with phlegm;
  • during physical activity there is severe pain in the chest area;
  • can be morning sickness;
  • possible loss of appetite and feeling of fatigue due to lack of air.

The fact that the oxygen level in the blood is reduced, can facilitate the emergence ofa variety of heart problems. Also the nails on the hands and feet can vary in color. The patient may appear shortness of breath. Frequent can become persistent wheezing, which are directly linked to disease and indicate a significant narrowing of all Airways. The diagnosis is made on the basis of identified symptoms.

Treatment of emphysema

otkaz ot kureniya dlya lecheniya bulleznoj emfizemy legkihSpecially designed programs for the treatment of bullous emphysema there, and existing is no different from those made use of in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.

Prescribe treatment, often turn to secretolytic and anti-oxidant means, prescribe vitamins. None of these drugs has no direct impact on the disease.

During treatment, the patient must change their way of life, giving preference to those activities which will help him to improve the quality of life. It is very important to the smokers to abandon this habit.

If there is a root cause of emphysema, I immediately need to seek the assistance of a pulmonologist. The specialist will examine and give a determination of the severity of the disease, will provide the necessary medical care will tell you what are effective methods for the prevention of disease and occurrence of heart failure, and prescribe treatment.

The use of folk remedies is a Supplement to the main drug treatment, but does not replace it. All kinds of herbal infusions and fees can help in the fight against most diseases of the respiratory system. But taking only herbal infusions and decoctions, you will not cure your body from emphysema and will only be able to reduce some of its symptoms.

A good helper in the treatment of this disease is potato inhalation. This cough method is well known to many from childhood. This is the easy inhalation. You just need to take and wash the potatoes, then cook in the raw form. Couple of potatoes need to breathe. Couples should not be hot, only warm, because otherwise you can burn them the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth.

Emphysema helps aromatherapy. You will need essential oils: chamomile combined with lavender, bergamot and frankincense oils with eucalyptus. Aroma lamp, add a few drops of one of the oils, after adding a bit of water, after which the lamp needs to be heated. The pair will begin to evaporate and thereby get into the respiratory tract of the patient. The procedure should be carried out three times a day for as long as the emphysema will not leave you.

One of the symptomsthis disease is exhaustion from physical exertion. But we should not completely abandon the exercise. The perfect solution would be yoga and breathing exercises that do not cause fatigue, increasing respiratory rate.

Traditional methods of treatment applicable to diseases of the pneumonic form. In conjunction with medication, these diseases are easier to overcome.

Be healthy!