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How to make solution for inhalation?

Depending on the type of disease requires the use of various substances for inhalation, solutions or powders. In bronchial asthma the most commonly used steroid means in the form of fine powder, which the victim inhales. For colds use a few varieties of solutions. The effectiveness of inhalation therapy depends on a properly selected means, therefore, in infectious diseases you need to contact the pediatrician or the therapist, to choose the right medicine.

provedenie ingalyacii

When to use the inhalation?

Apply inhalation is not at an elevated temperature, as this stimulates the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. The infection can spread to deeper layers of tissue to get into the lymphatic and circulatory system and provoke inflammation in other organs. Incorrect use of inhalation for bronchitis leads to otitis media and pneumonia. The use of a nebulizer is valid on the next day after the temperature returned to normal.

konsultaciya vrachaRespiratory disease in which recommended inhalation may include:

  1. Allergic. This primarily bronchial asthma. Solution for inhalation should choose the pulmonologist.
  2. Bacterial. In order to make the treatment maximally effective, it is possible to take antibiotics.
  3. Virus. Used antiviral and immunity-boosting tools.

A separate category of diseases - dystrophic changes in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract as a result of chemical burn, Smoking or chronic diseases.

How to help an inhalant?

In order to moisten the mucous membranes or stimulate tissue regeneration, used antiseptic solutions, mineral water, water with added essential oils. Colds too it is possible to use these solutions, they contribute to a more rapid airway clearance of mucus. Together with phlegm leaving the body of pathogenic microorganisms and dead cells-helper cells.

kalendula dlya ingalyacijHelps inhalation for colds as follows:

  • due to the expansion of blood vessels improves blood flow to the focus of the inflammatory process that promotes local protective forces of organism;
  • increased secretion of mucus from the nasal passages and the mucus contains components that inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • the use of inhalation reduces the likelihood of complications in diseases suchlike sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis;
  • by increasing humidity increases productivity of cough, more sputum departs, respiratory tract actively cleaned;
  • mucus has an antibacterial effect, prevents the spread of infection into the lungs;
  • inhalation does not affect other systems of the body, so the use of antibiotics in solution promotes rapid and targeted delivery of the drug directly to the destination.

While most colds inhalations are a great auxiliary treatment. You need to consult with your pediatrician regarding the use of a nebulizer for a child. Audiologist or therapist can help an adult to choose the best solution in each case.

How to choose the right solution?

romashka dlya ingalyacijTo moisturize and increase the mucus and phlegm used the following tools:

  • solutions based on medicinal plants, such as breast collection;
  • preparations containing propolis, calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus;
  • essential oils of medicinal plants;
  • mineral water, mineral water, Seltzer and other brands of water, which is extracted from mineral springs.

You need to keep in mind that herbs may occur an allergic reaction. Normal inhalation contributes to short-term increases in nasal discharge and increased amounts of phlegm. If a person feels severe difficulty breathing, you need to stop the inhalation and seek medical attention.

Allergy to medicinal plants is most often found in people with diseases such as:

  • urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, tinea and other skin autoimmune and contact dermatitis;
  • bronchial asthma, hay fever, a reaction to flowering plants;
  • food intolerance to certain types of food.

borzhomi dlya ingalyacijPeople have no inclination to allergic reaction to herbal drugs is very rare. All fees medicinal plants, infusions and ready-made solutions need to be purchased only at the pharmacy, check the expiration date and stored in accordance with the instructions. Sometimes improper storage of medicinal plants leads to the growth of fungi inside the package.

Finely chopped the stems and leaves are affected by the spores, when brewed, the people do not pay attention to it, and then inhales the fungus. This leads to the fact that in addition to bacterial or viral infection can join and fungal. Solutions for inhalation need to produce only fresh and qualityproducts.

What drugs?

Inhalations help to accelerate the recovery. To use the inhaler 2-3 times a day, according to the testimony of the attending physician. In order to improve productivity of the cough and to stimulate the production of sputum, created a lot of drugs, the most popular being:

  • Ambrobene;
  • Sinupret;
  • Mukaltin;
  • Pertussin.

furacilin dlya ingalyacijTo disinfect the cavity of the nasopharynx, you can use a mild antiseptic solution on the basis of Furatsilina or Miramistina. Bronchitis also used: Atrovent, Salbutamol, Berodual. The inhalation as other physical treatments there are some contraindications and limitations. When you cannot use inhalation:

  • for otitis media;
  • children up to 1 year;
  • children under 6 years can use a nebulizer only under the supervision of adults and by the physician;
  • if the sputum is found the blood red or slime;
  • if increased body temperature (even at 0.5 degrees).

There are different types of inhalers: steam, compression, ultrasonic. For children the most unsafe is the steam inhaler.

Known cases of hospitalization of children with severe burns to mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. If inhaler your child uses, you need to carefully take care of him. Another dangerous phenomenon is the swelling of the throat if you are allergic to herbs. The parents get a low-quality raw materials, improperly store it, brew, oblivious to the obvious unsuitability of the plant, and then a little kid starts to choke. Safety is the responsibility of each parent personally.

How to use the inhaler with the maximum benefit? It is important to remember:

  • the duration of the procedure should be no more than 10 minutes;
  • half an hour before inhalation need to stop the intense physical activity and outdoor games;
  • inhalation carried out in 1.5 - 2 hours after a meal;
  • immediately after the inhalation is undesirable to drink plenty of fluids and to eat foods;
  • breaths during the procedure should be measured, deep and calm.

If the attending doctor prescribes several different medicines, the sequence should be the following:

  • first, the solutions of drugs to expand the bronchi to make breathing easier;
  • in the second place, after 15-25 minutes, the funds for the expectoration and sputum discharge;
  • then anti-inflammatory, antibacterial or antiseptic solutions.

Should comply with the dosage of the drug and use exactly the amount of the drug is recommendeddoctor.

Before using the medication you need to read the manual to familiarize yourself with the contraindications. Treatment of colds through inhalation reduces the risk of complications and promotes faster recovery. Immediately after the procedure is necessary to protect the throat, not SuperCool, not to breathe cold air, tightly closed mouth and less talk. Eating better only in 1.5 - 2 hours after inhalation.