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How is the physical solution of sodium chloride for inhalation

Saline sodium chloride for inhalation is widely used in medicine for the treatment of various diseases. Physiological saline is a 9% solution of sodium chloride (table salt) in distilled water. The sodium chloride solution is prepared in special laboratories of the chemical industry.

rastvor natriya hlorida

You can buy it in any pharmacy. It is placed in a glass bottle, often with a capacity of 200 or 400 ml. On the label stated that the solution sterile. Sodium chloride contains a large number of in the sea water giving it a salty taste.

The application of the physical solution

The solution is used in the following cases:

regulyaciya vodno-solevogo balansa

  1. For the dissolution of various drugs, which are then used for inhalation.
  2. To restore the water-salt balance of the body during dehydration, the cause of which can be different, for example, vomiting or diarrhea.
  3. In cases of poisoning, detoxification for withdrawal from the body of toxic substances.
  4. Constipation - rectal administered the required amount of solution.
  5. For cleansing and flushing wounds, bedsores. They also moisten the bandages and other dressings, which are applied to purulent wounds and furuncles.
  6. For rinsing in inflammatory processes of the eye Allergy or infection of the cornea.
  7. For washing the nasal mucosa in allergic rhinitis, the runny nose after adenoidectomy, to prevent sinusitis and colds.
  8. For the treatment of various respiratory diseases.

Inhalations with saline to help deal with laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, lung disease, pneumonia.

How to use sodium chloride for inhalation?

Sodium chloride is used and how pure the drug for inhalation, and in mixed form. There are a large number of medicines before use must be mixed with saline solution. But the physical solution is not diluted too well and effectively helps to moisturize the nasal mucosa and bronchi.

primenenie natriya hlorida dlya ingalyacijSaline before inhalation to warm to room temperature. For a single session will be enough 2-3 ml of solution. The sodium chloride in pure or mixed form with the desired amount of medication is poured into the nebulizer.
The frequency of the inhalations with saline is several times a day. Duration of one session is 3-5 minutes.

If saline is mixed with any drug in the first place it is diluted with drugs that enhance the bronchi.Then with the tools that help liquefy and cough sputum and only after all the manipulations of the liberation of the Airways of mucus and sputum mixed with antibiotics.

How to use sodium chloride for inhalation in children? Lately, inhalation NAT solution have become very popular. In homes where there are small children, often there is the inhaler. Because this device carries huge benefits: helps to cope with colds.

The most safe and effective inhalations with nebulizer compressor, called a nebulizer. Unlike older models, the new generation devices operate almost silently . This allows young children not to be afraid of the inhaler.

The principle of operation of nebulizer: the smallest particles of the drug solution spray apparatus. When inhaled they get into the Airways and settle on the mucous membranes. These particles help to fight infection, airway inflammation, moisturize and soften the mucous.

rastvorenie hlorida-natriya v vodeIt should be noted that while ordinary steam inhalation, saline is not recommended to use. When steam inhalation therapeutic particles of salt are not able to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. This is due to the fact that it will evaporate only water. But steam inhalation helps in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Cup for the nebulizer and the mask should be washed after each use with boiled water. After processing all thoroughly dry. You must be very serious to come, because after inhalation mask on the deposited microbes.

If you do not handle devices, there is a risk of aspiration into the lungs the infection the next time you apply.

For the full effect of the inhalation mask should be kept, tightly clutching the child's face. When the baby is crying, breathing across my chest. He's breathing shallowly, and therefore the drug does not penetrate in depth and not giving proper relief. To medication was good, need to calm the child, to talk to him, try to get the baby breathing.

What drugs are mixed saline? An aqueous solution of sodium chloride is often mixed with other drugs. They should recommend that the attending physician, after reviewing the symptoms, and considering the type of disease:

  1. Frequent attacks of breathlessness, bronchial asthma use medications Flomax, berotek. They help to expand the bronchi and are prescribed to prevent or relieve paroxysms.
  2. Bronchitis, disease with dry cough - Mucosolvan, Ambroxol, Fluimucil, Ambrobene. They are appointed by thinning mucus and excretion of sputum.
  3. Infectious diseases of the respiratory system -Gentamicin.

Inhalation NAT solution when cold

Inhalation of sodium chloride - the perfect remedy for combating the common cold. Saline is mixed with the juice of Kalanchoe, or aromatic oils such as pine and eucalyptus, with other medicines. But first we need to know if a baby has allergies to these funds.

Before the procedure need to heat the solution. The temperature of the liquid should not be higher than 45-50°, and for young patients not more than 37°. Sessions inhalations should be performed every 3-4 hours.

Inhalation NAT solution when you cough

During colds in children and adults is frequently seen dry cough. Inhalation in the nebulizer will help to solve this problem. Tiny particles of drugs is able to penetrate deeply into the bronchi. Inhalations with saline helps in thinning mucus and successfully bringing her out of the respiratory tract.

fizrastvor dlya ingalyacij s lazolvanomFor best results, doctors suggest to mix saline with drugs such as Mucosolvan, Ambrobene and others. They are mixed in equal proportions. For an adult you will need 2-3 ml of solution, for a child under two years of age 1 ml. the Duration of inhalation is 5-7 days.

Rules inhalation. To achieve the greatest effect of the inhalation of sodium chloride must comply with the following rules:

  • sessions of inhalations is not earlier than 1-2 hours after a meal;
  • after the procedure, too, for some time, you need to refrain from drinks and food, not to go out and preferably not to talk;
  • safely inhale the vapors, do not overdo it;
  • to breathe with the mouth, hold breath for a few seconds and then exhale;
  • after inhalation nebulizer should be washed in boiled water and dry well.

Preparation of the solution physical home. There are cases that you can buy saline at the pharmacy is not possible, then it is possible to cook by yourself at home. You need 9 grams of salt is a teaspoon with a slide, dissolved in one liter of warm boiled water.

The shelf life of this solution in the fridge only 1 day.

Saline sodium chloride for inhalation is a very effective, inexpensive and multifunctional product. It helps not only for preventive purposes, but also for the treatment of various respiratory diseases. This solution moisturizes the mucous, perfectly removes mucus and phlegm from the bronchial tubes, thereby reducing the duration of illness.