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Can I use mustard during pregnancy

One of the most popular ways of dealing with common colds are mustard. Can I use mustard during pregnancy? Indeed, in this period of life a woman is responsible not only for their health but for the health of the future baby.problema kashlya

During pregnancy every woman should be especially careful to monitor their health and with extreme caution to make certain medications. The most common disease that is so difficult to insure is cold. The immunity of future mother is weakened, and it is more susceptible to viral diseases such as acute respiratory infections, SARS, influenza, bronchitis and others. The main symptom of these diseases is cough. In the absence of proper and timely treatment of inflammation can lead to serious complications.

For getting rid of cough very often used mustard. They are quite effective, relatively safe and affordable method of getting rid of this unpleasant symptom.

Contraindications to the use of mustard plasters

Mustard is familiar to many and are considered almost a panacea for colds. But they have a lot of contraindications, which are very often ignored because of the flawless and time-tested efficiency of this tool.

Procedure prohibited in the following cases:zapret gorchichnikov pri vysokoj temperature

  • at an elevated temperature;
  • for high blood pressure;
  • hypersensitive;
  • asthma, tuberculosis, psoriasis;
  • on the areas of damaged skin;
  • during pregnancy.

Under the influence of heat released during the procedure, light faster freed from the accumulated mucus, which becomes a cause of protracted cough.

The negative impact of mustard during pregnancy

Although the mustard and are not medication which is taken orally, and so a direct impact on the fetus is not, to use this tool not as safe as it seems at first glance. This is because any heat treatments can adversely affect diffuse changes in the uterus, resulting in its tone and causing cuts that can lead to serious consequences, the most dangerous of which is the miscarriage.

In addition, mustard has a very strong influence on the entire cardiovascular system, which in the period of carrying a child weakens and becomes one of the most vulnerable places in a woman's body. The main objective of any thermal procedure isincreased blood flow and dilation of blood vessels, which in normal circumstances will have a positive impact on the state of the sick person, but not the expectant mother.

konsultaciya vracha pered primeneniem gorchichnikovHeart faces enormous pressure and working at the limit of their forces, and increased blood circulation only increases the load. As a consequence, can occur jumps in blood pressure - both increase and decrease, which is a very dangerous phenomenon, not only for women but also for the fetus. Hypertension leads to narrowing of blood vessels throughout the body, including the uterus, resulting in the baby not getting enough oxygen and necessary nutrients. This can lead to fetal death.

Another side effect of the use of mustard during pregnancy could be a change in uteroplacental blood flow due to increased circulation.

The most dangerous application of this popular method of treatment is the first and last trimesters of pregnancy; in the first case, there is a greater risk of miscarriage, and the second premature birth.

The risk of the use of mustard during pregnancy in most cases is not justified. This tool is rather distracting effect, does not affect the General condition of the respiratory system. Of course, after this procedure a noticeable relief of the patient, caused by the mechanism of action of mustard.

gorchichniki Thermal effect, which is in contact with a paper plate filled with crushed mustard powder, skin, promotes the production of adrenaline, phagocytes and simpatin, which serve as "orderlies" of the human body. This makes the patient feel better. But this has such a detrimental effect on the body of pregnant women and has serious consequences for the developing fetus.

In the annotations to many drugs often indicate that the use of the drug during pregnancy is possible in the case where the risk to the health of the mother outweighs risk to the fetus. In the case of mustard, this risk is not justified. Real medicinal effect of this drug is so small that its use could cause far more harm than good. The vast majority of doctors do not prescribe this method of treatment because modern medicine allows us to use an alternative, modern and safer drugs. And even if your doctor recommends the use of mustard inpregnancy, it is not necessary that hour to run to the drugstore for a magic bullet, better to be safe and consult another specialist.

The use of mustard during pregnancy

Put mustard during pregnancy can be, but not quite in the traditional way. Despite conflicting opinions about this product, nobody is going to argue about his excellent warming properties, which are simply necessary, for example, in the winter cold. The most secure method of application of mustard plasters are a mother-to foot lotion. You should place the cut plastic on the heel and lock it with plastic bag. For best effect you need to wear warm socks. The heat generated at the same time, more gentle and does not impact directly on the cardiovascular system or on placental blood flow. However, this procedure also should not get involved, to keep mustard plasters on the feet can be no more than one hour.

What can replace the mustard during pregnancy

For pregnant women a safe alternative to mustard plasters for colds can become steam inhalations, which have virtually no contraindications. For this method, you can use specialized adaptations, and also simple paper cone. All you need to do this effective way of getting rid of runny nose and cough is boiling water and essential oils such as eucalyptus, fir, tea tree and others. Herbal decoctions can also be a great help in the fight with a cough or sore throat. The best herbs are calendula, sage, chamomile, Linden flowers, plantain and others. In the absence of allergic intolerance of a component can be safely used herbs listed in the collection, or individually.

Every human body is different, and these negative effects can bypass the female side, but justified in this case, the risk? This question can be answered only highly skilled. Pregnant in no case be self-medicate even the most harmless of diseases, because the harm of certain medications, including and mustard, may be irreparable.