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The symptoms and treatment of pertussis in children

There is such a disease as whooping cough, symptoms in children which should know any mother that cares about the health of his child. Now the disease aktiviziruyutsya, the cause of this is mass refusal of vaccination. In recent years, this movement is gaining momentum.

problema koklusha u detej

Of course, a certain reason in the words of its members are. But is it worth the risk? Whooping cough is a disease with a terrible, sometimes unbearable symptoms. The number of deaths, especially children, is growing year after year.

The spread of the disease?

Pertussis is a severe childhood infection affecting the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, namely, the mucous membrane of the bronchi, larynx, and lung tissue. The pathogen is considered Bordetella, pertussis enough toxic wand.

The result starts coughing without allocating any sputum. During very severe attacks of hemorrhage may begin in the mucous membranes. In children during the illness on the face may appear bruised or bruising. At the worst end can begin pulmonary hemorrhage and pulmonary edema, which in the absence of timely and professional assistance can lead to death.

konsultaciya vracha pri koklusheThe wand is quite sensitive to the external environment and does not tolerate direct sunlight. That is why the disease is most often seen flashes from broad groups of children, usually in winter or autumn.

You can become infected after contact with a sick person, as the Bacillus is spread by airborne droplets. Often carriers of infection are adults. They almost never get sick, whooping cough mainly affects children's organisms. An infected person can infect multiple children without even knowing it. Most often these distributors are people working in kindergartens and similar institutions.

Sometimes the source of the illness of the whole group in the kindergarten may be seemingly completely healthy child. The fact that there is a latent form of infection, provides no external and no internal signs. The patient is contagious for another 30 days after the first symptom. For the prevention of disease used the DTP vaccine, because innate immunity does not exist. The vaccine is also not always valid, so it is used at least 3 times over the course of a child's life. Of course, it is not a panacea, but the disease pre-vaccinated child is easy and almost unnoticeable.

The disease

golovnaya bol - priznak koklushaSymptoms of whooping cough resemble the common cold,only a little more than usual. They include:

  1. General weakness, high fever, sweating.
  2. Pain in the head, the muscles, similar to the ones that are usually at high temperature.
  3. Swelling in the nose, its stuffy and the selection of the transparent mucus.
  4. Cough, definitely dry, strong and long lasting. It is not treated by any usual means.
  5. If we carefully examine the patient, you notice the red throat, the pallor of his skin, frequent pulse and breathing. Can be heard in the lungs vesicular breathing hard. Vesicular breathing is a normal noise on inhale and exhale, but with whooping cough, they become violent, stronger than usual. There has also been too long exhale. Thus, shows itself catarrhal (initial) period, which lasts about 7-10 days. Illness in the newborn baby moves to the next stage in just 48-72 hours.

The following period is called convulsive. This is the heyday of the disease, it is accompanied by severe coughing, spasms in the muscles and convulsions. If the infection was not identified in the initial period, now it will detect any physician and non-human at least suspect.

The symptoms of this period are the following:

medikamentoznoe lechenie koklusha

  1. Before another fit of coughing there is a feeling of large foreign object stuck in the throat, which urgently need to be removed.
  2. Cough is a consistent attack, one after the other, usually as a push on the exhale.
  3. After an attack you can hear a long breath, with a hoarse whistle in the end.
  4. After the inhalation begins again a series of aftershocks cough, following each other.
  5. Cough accompanied by expectoration of sputum, which can be some streaks of blood.

After coughing due to sudden spasms of the trachea and the pharynx there may be vomiting. Whooping cough is manifested in the appearance of the patient. The face becomes puffy shape under the eyes and in the corners of the mouth there were bruises on the tongue jump up to a dense white ulcers. Examination reveals hard breathing, and rales, tachycardia, shortness of breath. Throat visible hemorrhage. The development and increase of disease occurring within 2 weeks. The period if the child has received proper treatment lasts 15-20 days.

Finally, there comes a final period. The time between the attacks of coughing gradually decreasing until they disappear completely in 2 weeks. The next 2 weeks the child should be protected from contact, bacteria and infections as it has a weakened immune system.

chesnok dlya lecheniya zabolevaniyaIn fact, the causative agent of toxic andit causes dryness of mucous membranes listed above. The most dangerous symptom of considered spasms of the bronchi, which can lead to a reduction of oxygen in the heart, brain and large muscles, which will lead to unpleasant or deadly consequences.

Antibiotics are the main drugs to combat the disease is not possible. Most often it is Chloramphenicol, but it is quite model Ampicillin or Erythromycin. They are most often taken orally, intramuscular and intravenous methods are used only for very severe attacks, which can cause a gag reflex. If the medicine did not help within 48 hours, this antibiotic changed to another, or add a new medicine.

How to treat such a disease?

The principles of treatment of whooping cough are as follows:

  • isolate the child from society;
  • place it in a room with a constantly maintained level of humidity;
  • to monitor the temperature in the room was not above or below 20 °C;
  • treatment with antibiotics and antitussive drugs;
  • the use of globulins;
  • work to restore immunity;
  • elimination of all the consequences and complications.

Still in the early stages of the disease using a specific globulins with pertussis-the blood proteins produced by the human body. Still applies oxygen (with oxygen bags and oxygen masks). It is necessarily punctuated with the introduction of intravenous glucose and Reopoliglyukina. These methods protect the lungs and heart from pathological changes and damage.

During the spasmodic period, used neuroleptics, which affect the cough, reduce their strength and increase the time between them. The cough usually drink syrups prescribed by the doctor. Finally, during a final step the children take immunopositive medications, vitamins. In extreme cases the use of corticosteroids. Throughout the treatment it is strictly prohibited the use of Prednisone, as it can have a stimulating effect on the respiratory system.

Treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies, it has long been time-tested treatment methods. But remember that no one better doctor to cure your child will not be able. Therefore, use of folk medicine in 2 cases: if there is no emergency access to a doctor, or as a supporting feature. But before applying do not forget to consult to the skilled professional to verify that your chosen treatment scheme does not conflict with prescription drugs.

For not very active mucus discharge usemassage.

You want to massage upper chest and back, gently massaging 2-3 drops of fir oil, juice, radish or garlic. Also used tapping with the fingers and palms. For best effect, place the child on a stomach, the head slightly bowed.

To help weakened body and restore the immune system will approach the solution of Shilajit. For its preparation dissolve 0.1 grams mumie in 50 g of water. To take the medicine you need 10 days 1 time per day and on an empty stomach. Black radish, not too big but not too small, wash and chop into medium-sized grater. Slightly heat 1-2 tsp of honey and mix both ingredients. The resulting mixture put in a cloth bag and apply on the throat as a compress. Cover with a handkerchief and leave for 20-40 minutes, preferably overnight. After removing, wipe the skin with oil.

On the same grater, grate the cabbage and beets. Then add six percent vinegar in the proportion of the glass on the glass. Stir the resulting mixture. Leave alone for 2 hours, put in a dark place. Press the juice and start to rinse their throats. The drug can be taken orally 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Whooping cough is a dangerous childhood disease. Before the wave of mass refusals of immunization it was not widespread and almost unknown. Vaccination is always a risk, but whether there are suffering the child of your principles? But the probability of getting sick much higher chance of getting complications after the vaccination. But it's everyone decides for himself.