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Prevention and treatment of emphysema

Despite modern treatment, emphysema is not completely curable due to pathological changes in tissues of the lung. However, to alleviate the symptoms, should be timely treatment and prevention. In this disease in the lungs, impaired gas exchange, and in the tissues increases the content of air.

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The treatment of the disease

The main treatment for emphysema is to eliminate the disease which was the cause of its occurrence and deterioration of health. Basically emphysema may provoke chronic bronchitis with respiratory insufficiency, and other disorders in the internal organs. How to treat emphysema, should be obtained from specialist doctor. After the diagnosis was clarified, the method of treatment is determined.

Bronchitis and persistent cough prescribe expectorants drugs, antispasmodics (if bronchospasm) and tools to help decongest the pulmonary artery (when available decompression pulmonary heart).

emfizema legkihEmphysema leads to respiratory failure. Before treatment you should quit Smoking and alcohol. It is not recommended to reduce physical activity. A heavy work schedule can aggravate the disease. The workplace for a person with emphysema must be well ventilated and have a stable temperature. When you relapse, when the condition worsens, consult a doctor for examination.

The treatment begins with the simplest and most effective methods of massage and breathing exercises. Develops and strengthens the respiratory system and related muscle. It is important to improve the condition is considered to be in a timely manner underwent a course of oxygen therapy. It allows you to reduce hypoxemia and pulmonary artery pressure. In especially severe cases, prescribe artificial respiration using a respirator. This method consists of several courses of up to 4 weeks. 2 times a day the patient with emphysema is breathing through a respirator is enriched with oxygen and drugs mixture.

In the most difficult cases, when the patient's condition deteriorates, the doctor prescribes the radical treatment using surgery. If it is not possible to remove the damaged area, have resorted to transplantation of tissues.

Typically, patients with emphysema put in a dedicated account. Periodically they should be advised to undergo examination.

The treatment of the disease

the treatment of emphysema">the Most effective to date, the treatment of emphysema is the use of drugs. Write them needs attending.

Bronchodilator agents help to expand bronchial tubes. These include blockers, agonists of different duration, theophylline prolonged action (usually appointed for life).

Glucocorticoids: prednisolone appointed for a short time in large doses. Then the dose is sharply reduced. In the absence of the effect of the drug is more not assigned, and in the case of a positive effect it is administered by inhalation.

All medications must be prescribed by a specialist.

In some cases, medical treatment does not bring positive result or health status is deteriorating, in this case appointed by surgery. It can be used to restore lung function. During the procedure the volume of the lungs decrease. A lung transplant, compared with partial removal of the tissues enjoys great confidence from the doctors.

For the treatment of emphysema folk remedy is used not only decoctions of medicinal herbs, but also inhalation based on them. Help to reduce the symptoms and signs of emphysema compresses on the affected area. The most popular recipe is the infusion of buckwheat. 2 tbsp cereal should pour boiling water and insist 2 hours. You should eat 0.5 cups 3 times a day. To continue such a course, it is possible to relieve symptoms. Especially effective traditional treatments in conjunction with other recommended by the lung specialist means.

Prevention of the disease

To reduce the risk of emphysema, should be timely prevention. Prevention is particularly important for people with a genetic predisposition. Should be responsible to monitor their health, lead a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits.

Upon detection of emphysema should abandon active lifestyle, which can cause aggravation. Increased loads cause the body to work at maximum capacity, thus exposing the affected area to stress. This starts complications, some treatments no longer exist.

Early treatment and prevention will help to preserve health, avoid disease and complications.