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As a treatment of pulmonary fibrosis lungs?

Need to know how to treat the pulmonary fibrosis of the lungs - a dangerous disease. First we need to understand what constitutes this disease. Lung fibrosis is a disease that affects anyone at any age. It is a process during which there is no proper replacement of lung tissue with connective tissue. In this disease certain areas of the lung scar, sealed. As a result, deform the bronchi.

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Among patients with this diagnosis most of them represent men of middle age, with the addiction of Smoking.

The causes of the disease

According to the results of clinical trials revealed that among the main causes of fibrosis of the lungs noted chronic bronchitis, lung abscess, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Its appearance the disease has the obligation and other factors. This acute childhood infections, whooping cough, prolonged stagnation in the blood vessels of the lungs, and systemic diseases of the respiratory system.

The disease has two forms: infectious and noninfectious. The first category includes all infectious disease of the lungs, the second - the diseases arising from dust in his lungs, injuries to the chest, hemodynamic disturbances in the pulmonary circulation. An important reason for the emergence of non-communicable forms of light is the absorption of toxic substances.

zagryaznennyj vozduh - prichina pnevmosklerozaThe reasons for the development of this disorder can be called ineffective and insufficient anti-inflammatory therapy. The disease can develop because of disruption of the cardiovascular system, resulting in the stagnant processes and heart failure. Often the cause may be getting pieces of food into the respiratory tract, poisoning by chemicals, severe bruises and wounds.

Not the last role in the development of this disease plays and chronic immunosuppression. The risk of disease may increase as a result of radiotherapy, diabetes, Smoking and prolonged stay in areas with heavily polluted environment.

In medical practice recognizes three basic types of pulmonary fibrosis lung: sclerosis, pulmonary fibrosis and cirrhosis. When sclerosis is the replacement of lung tissue with connective tissue. Fibrosis is a process in which the pathology of the lungs has a partial manifestation, alternating with unaffected areas. The most severe is cirrhosis. When it comes to a complete displacement of the bronchi connectivecloth.

The main manifestation of the disease is shortness of breath, which initially may occur during physical exertion, but in advanced disease it becomes a regular occurrence. With poor distensibility of the lung tissue develops multiple sclerosis, there is a violation of the system of ventilation. This leads to cyanosis, which manifests as a cyanosis of the skin. Distinguish between focal and diffuse pulmonary fibrosis. In focal lung tissue is affected partially affected in diffuse light stuff.

The treatment of this disease

rentgen legkih pri pnevmosklerozeTreatment of pulmonary fibrosis is the process by which the accent must be placed on elimination of the reasons of its occurrence. If there is no inflammatory process, to treat a disease does not make sense, so the treatment is not carried out. In some forms of this disease may experience a dry cough, weight loss, fatigue and shortness of breath. To determine the method of treatment of the disease, surveys are carried out in the form of listening to lungs and x-rays.

Along with medicinal drugs are prescribed physiotherapy and complex of exercises to train the breath. In some severe cases have to do surgery to remove damaged tissue.

At the first symptoms of the disease accurate picture of the disease may give the physician a pulmonologist or a physician while the treatment of the disease depends on the form and stage of its course. In the acute form are appointed bronchiodialator, mucolytic, antimicrobial and expectorant drugs. Very effective is the procedure, which consists in the reorganization of the bronchial tree.

Treatment of pulmonary fibrosis is a long process, which depends on the stage and scale of the process. In severe allergic reactions, doctors prescribe desensitizing agents (Diphenhydramine, Tavegil). In the case of disease progression used antibacterial drugs. If in the process of therapy is not breathlessness, prescribed bronchodilator agents (Aminophylline, Teofedrin). If there are signs of heart failure and pulmonary heart disease education, applied glycosides (Zelenin, Digoxin). Of course, General therapy, do not forget about breathing exercises, which plays the role of rehabilitation after treatment lungs:

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  • strengthens the respiratory muscles, increasing the mobility of the chest;
  • develops diaphragmatic breathing;
  • improves function of the heart muscle;
  • improves the adaptation of the organs of external respiration to physical stress.

Today, one of thethe most effective innovative treatment techniques considered as the use of stem cells that are injected intravenously. Delivered to the affected areas, they contribute to their full recovery. This method of treatment is only effective if used in early stages of the disease and not affected by light.

Cell therapy stimulates, normalizes cellular metabolism, increases the activity of immune and endocrine systems of the body, has an antitumor effect. As a result of this treatment, the cellular structure of the lungs is restored completely. As a result, eliminates shortness of breath, cough. The patient has as a result a healthy body.

Prevention of the disease

Currently, even with the most effective medical intervention is difficult to predict the outcome of the disease, as it is closely linked to the stage of its development, the speed and frequency of cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency. As a side option can be formed lung cell, which complicates the activity of the respiratory. Can occur secondary infection. Formed pulmonary heart appears in the right chamber of the heart. Secondary infection can lead to critical condition of the patient and even death.

otkaz ot kureniya dlya profilaktiki pnevmosklerozaFor prevention of such diseases as fibrosis of the lungs, the patient will have to get rid of the addiction of Smoking, to try to change jobs or residence, if he lived and worked in a place where sanitary standards environmental pollution is above normal. A prerequisite is the timely treatment of lung infections. As a rule, preventive measures are beginning to hold in childhood, protecting the body from colds and flu.

Appropriate for the prevention of disease is the annual x-ray examination, which allows to detect the disease at early stages and adequate treatment.

Traditional methods of treatment

For the prevention and treatment of pulmonary fibrosis use folk remedies.

In combination with therapeutic drugs are used plants, which possess expectorant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

For the treatment of diffuse pulmonary fibrosis use the following method: a few leaves of perennial aloe to put on a week in the fridge. Finely chop the aloe Vera, mix with 2 cups of young wine and 2 tablespoons of honey. Take before meals 3 times a day. This is a great expectorant that will help relieve the patient's condition.

Bestanti-sclerotic funds in this disease have proven thyme and dandelion. Take 1 tablespoon of dandelion root, pour a glass of boiling water and cook for 7 minutes. To insist within hours, strain, pour boiled water and take 3 tablespoons a day.

Tincture of thyme is as follows: 100 g of dry grass pour 1 liter of dry white grape wine, infuse week, heat to boiling, cover for 3-4 hours, drain. Take 2 tablespoons before eating.