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Effective nebulizer for children

Nebulizer for kids is a special design for spraying fine particles of active substance. Another name for nebulizer inhaler. In order to best help children with a variety of infectious and allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, there are different types of designs.

nebulajzerTo select a nebulizer for a child, consider the following factors:

  • the particle size of the drug needed for each particular disease;
  • the fundamental type of spraying;
  • the ease of use.

In order that the child happily agreed on inhalation, producers of children's nebulizers make the design as attractive as possible. Often used baby bits and embellishments in the shape of animals or cartoon characters. To acquire a nebulizer at the pharmacy or in a specialized store of medical supplies.

In what diseases can be used nebulizer?

shema rinitaDue to the inhalation of the drug cannot help directly the immune system in inflammation. Inhalation be useful as a complementary treatment for the following diseases:

  • sinusitis, rhinitis;
  • pharyngitis, laryngitis;
  • tonsillitis, bronchitis.

The inflammatory process in the upper respiratory tract can be caused by different types of microorganisms, to choose a drug should work with the pediatrician. The effectiveness of the treatment primarily depends on the solution for inhalation, then by the type of inhaler. The next type of diseases in which used inhalation, is allergic reactions: hay fever and asthma.

To find the solution for inhalation is necessary, on the recommendation of the children's allergist. There are individual inhalers for children with asthma, which contains a fine dispersion of steroid a means to prevent and stop the attack. Hydrating inhalations contribute to the recovery of children with degenerative changes of the nasal mucosa and oropharynx.

What are the types of nebulizers?

vidy ingalyacionnyh ustrojstvThe bulk of the nebulizer atomizes the particles of strictly defined sizes. A small part of the devices has a nozzle that can change the size of the dispersion is typically such structures are used in hospitals hospitals to help children with different respiratory diseases. As particle size affects the ability of a substance to penetrate into the respiratory tract:

  • the larger the particles, the less the depth of penetration;
  • particles larger than 10 µm cannot penetrateon the oral cavity;
  • particles 5-8 microns are retained in the throat and mouth;
  • particles of 3-5 µm are deposited in the bronchi and trachea;
  • particles 2-3 µm are to bronchioles;
  • particles of 1-2 µm reach the alveoli.

In infectious diseases does not require particularly small dispersion, the effective particle size of the drug - 3-5 microns. Nebulizers spray liquid or powder according to the following principles:

  • ultrasound passing through the solution creates a fine suspension of liquid - ultrasonic nebulizer;
  • heating of the solution of the drug to vapor - steam nebulizer;
  • compression air jets, which sprayed the liquid - compression nebulizer;
  • increased pressure inside the can of compressed drug, sputtering when pressing the aerosol nebulizer;
  • crushed the drug in the form of fine powder, which the patient draws through its own bow thrust - powder nebulizer.

For children with asthma are best suited pocket inhaler powder type, because they can always carry with them small size. After the acquisition of nebulizer you need to carefully read the instructions and make sure that the child has learned to use it properly. For the treatment of colds are best steam inhalers: they are relatively cheap and a great help to cope with many unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

How will the inhaler for colds?

konsultaciya vrachaColds can be caused by bacterial or viral infection. To apply solutions of antibiotics for inhalation should be only as directed by your pediatrician, when a known pathogen of the disease. Otherwise it can be ineffective. Viral infections can enhance the immune system with antiseptic and moisturizers and solutions based on medicinal plants. What is the effect of the nebulizer with a cold:

  • increases the amount of mucus, mucus from the nose has a depressant effect on pathogenic microorganisms;
  • together with mucus removes dead cells-the defenders and the causative agents of disease;
  • heat dilates the blood vessels in the nasal passages and stimulates blood circulation in this area and enhances immunity;
  • as the child gets better, the swelling of the nasal mucosa, it becomes easier to breathe;
  • inhalation accelerates the recovery and reduces the likelihood of complications in sinusitis and rhinitis.

Steam nebulizer for children spray large particles of liquid, so it's perfect for moisturizingmucosa. As inhalation effect at prostudnyh diseases of the throat and bronchi:

otit - posledstvie nepravilnogo primeneniya nebulajzera

  • warming up stimulates blood flow to the site of inflammation, immunity increases, it is possible to quickly deal with pathogenic agents;
  • due to moisturizing and antiseptic treatment fails to reduce the soreness in the throat;
  • thinning phlegm drugs or water vapor improve the expectoration, with mucus excreted pathogens;
  • dry cough turning into productive, stimulated production of mucus, which inhibits infection and helps to stop its spread into the lungs;
  • quality treatment reduces the possibility of adverse effects, for example, the transition disease into a chronic form.

To liquefy phlegm inhalation of perfect breast collection or use of drugs. It is impossible to apply inhalation in case of bacterial tonsillitis. Bacteria multiply rapidly in warm and wet environment that can cause the spread of the disease to the bronchi and into the lungs. Known cases, when the child with bacterial purulent tonsillitis did inhalation, and then in a short time had the pneumonia. To what doctor to address with a question, is it possible to do inhalation for colds:

  • pediatrician;
  • pediatric otolaryngologist.

Another unpleasant consequence of improper use of the nebulizer is otitis media. Oropharynx communicates with the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, in which pathogenic microorganisms enter the ear cavity. There begins the inflammatory process, the child complains of pain in the ears, headache and hearing impairment.

Treatment of otitis media should be carried out by a professional doctor. If you use a nebulizer for children in appropriate cases, no complications occur.

How will the inhaler in bronchial asthma?

Basic therapy of bronchial asthma requires regular use of medicines. Most often it is the steroids. In order not to affect other systems of the body, great for local targeted delivery of the drug to the bronchi.

There are several fundamental varieties of inhalers for asthmatics:

  • nebulizer, electric powered, stationary;
  • powder nebulizer;
  • the spacer, which allows you to adjust the breath under the release of medications.

For children perfect the design of the spacer as it reduces the likelihood of incorrect use.

What should be the safety?

waiver of a nebulizer" alt="High temperature - cause of the refusal of the nebulizer">Despite the fact that inhalation is a very good auxiliary measure, it does not negate the primary treatment drugs, which has appointed a pediatrician. What are the main precautions that must be followed to get from inhalation of benefit, not harm:

  • children till 7 years old use a nebulizer only under the supervision of parents and the recommendation of the attending physician;
  • children under one year of inhalation are not assigned;
  • you can't use the nebulizer at a high temperature in a child;
  • since the reduction temperatures and to the use of inhalation must pass a minimum day.
  • you cannot use the inhaler, if the sputum appears rusty blood or mucus;
  • it is impossible to do inhalation with purulent inflammatory processes.

If the parent is insufficiently attentive to safety precautions, the child may be hospitalized with burns of the mucosa of the oropharynx, with allergies on the herbal remedies, swelling of the throat. Such cases are not uncommon. The main reason of Allergy is the acquisition of uncertified and substandard solutions. All medicines, herbal and herbal remedies you should only buy in a pharmacy, where monitoring of product quality.

Before to give the child to inhale any tool, you need to make sure that he doesn't have allergies.

Steam inhalers heat the fluid to high temperature, therefore it is necessary to control the use that the child does not get burned. With the right pedagogical approach is not too difficult to persuade the child to inhalation.

The noisiest are the compression inhalers, they can frighten children. All other device types work quite silently.