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Prevention and treatment of SARS at home

With the onset of the autumn-winter period, many sick of SARS, the treatment at home which gives very good results. With a cough, sore throat and runny nose can be successfully overcome by home remedies. All the ills of the short and sudden nature usually attributed to acute respiratory viral infections. In medicine it is called SARS. And often the term is confused with the common cold.

problema zabolevaniya orviTo get an infection from other people and even from animals. Basically it is the airborne way, oral (kissing, via mucosa), touching contaminated surfaces, after which the infection can get into the mouth. Basically, the disease affects children at an early age, pulled in the mouth, without observing the rules of hygiene, unwashed hands before eating and after walking.

Easily confused with SARS, acute respiratory infections and the flu. Better to understand the difference already in the early stages of infection, to know how to stay at home with individual treatment, or in time to see a doctor.Acute respiratory viral infection itself indicates infection and infect the respiratory system from the pharynx to the lungs. ARD is acute respiratory disease. It can be a continuation of the common cold.

Have flu there are three categories: A, b and C. the First type is the most flexible and may attack the human immune system, despite the age of the latter. The second and third type are children. Moreover, the type C a little bit childish, and they're only at an early age. The flu feels much worse. Temperature above 38 degrees (unlike SARS), the disease lasts much longer, and complications occur more frequently.

The main symptoms of SARS

oznob - simptom orviSymptoms appear gradually. The first signs are slight malaise, fatigue, chills. The process of infection can last from two to seven days. For example, the consequences of the flu may be felt the next day. Disease of this type is transmitted by airborne droplets.

In the morning the next day throat sore. Also the mucosa is irritated, you will be cold. Can worry headaches.

Treatment should start from the very first hours, then the process of healing and recovery may take only a few days. But there are complications such as otitis media, meningitis and pneumonia. People with chronic diseases may have an exacerbation.

You need to contact the therapist. He will prescribe medicines on the basis of the analyses. In severe disease the patient sent to the hospital.

But don't always have the time and opportunity to go to the doctor for a consultation. Sometimessimply not enough forces because of ill health. It is not necessary to panic. There are many medicines and folk methods for self-treatment.

The main treatment methods

sobludenie postelnogo rezhima pri orviTreatment of SARS in the home - ordinary matter, which causes no difficulties subject to certain recommendations.

The basic requirements that you must fulfill, regardless of the method of treatment:

  1. Bed rest. The body must have a minimum expenditure of energy during this period. It is not necessary to open up when the body sweats, otherwise can proskvozilo and there will be complications.
  2. It should be possible to use more water and tea - it helps to remove the infection from the body through urination. In addition, it improves skin tone.
  3. Do not take antibiotics - they will have no effect. Antibiotics prescribing doctor only if complications.

Each house has a personal Cabinet with a set of drugs. Most likely, there is some usual antipyretic. Use it if the temperature is very high.

goryachij chaj s limonom pri lechenii orviIf you gargle every hour, this will help to clear mucous and relieve redness.

In acute sore throat can be effectively used cocoa butter. It is best to dissolve in warm milk, about a teaspoon (grind on a grater). It is recommended to take after meals. A few hours before bedtime can dissolve a piece of butter the size of not more than pad's chewing gum.

When choosing drops should give preference to drugs oil-based. They are not irritate and not just narrow the blood vessels, and help bring the pus from the nasopharynx. A drop of sea water may cause stinging and irritation.

Essential oils are very effective in severe cough. They soothe the lungs and clears the respiratory tract. Modern heaters there are special containers where you can pour the oil to evaporate. There are special lamps. You can just put a few drops of oil on the battery.

If it's summer time, put beside the bed a bottle or a saucer with a crushed air. The next morning, breathing becomes easier and overall health will improve.

polza naturalnyh sokov pri orviDo not forget to drink vitamins. The natural juices of the citrus will increase the amount of vitamin C. the Usual juices is also nice, the body during colds losing not only fluid, but also quite a large amount of useful minerals that you needto recover.

Nutrition plays an important role. The stomach is also weak, and for him to digest heavy food becomes more difficult. Avoid fried meat, contains many harmful additives. Eating it is better to divide into smaller portions up to six times a day. With no power (and this happens very often, as the heat and fatigue do not want to eat) recovery slows down and the body does not produce enough energy for recovery. In this case, it is necessary to eat through force.

With any illness you should drink tea with lemon. You can add ginger, mint, walnut, cinnamon. Juice and juice too. Sugar balance you need to maintain, so you should drink tea with sugar. Tea warms the internal organs, calms the nervous system and relaxes as a whole.

As antibiotics are useless, you can turn to folk medicine. The same antibiotics contained in garlic and onions. To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is enough to eat a small onion or two garlic cloves a day.

fenistil dlya lecheniya orvi

You can and should take drugs that speed up the recovery and reduce the severity of the disease. The most common and innocuous drugs include Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Coldrex, Theraflu, Fervex. In order to remove the inflammation, you can resort to anti-allergic drugs: Suprastin, claritin, Cost, Diphenhydramine.

Rubbing his back and chest warming up ointments are also welcome. There are a variety of inhalers and throat sprays, which reduce swelling and pain.

Read the instructions and in case of doubt consult the doctor. Self-medication can harm your health or cause complications.

Prevention of the disease

There are times when people are most sick. This is mainly autumn and winter. You should avoid large crowds, close contact with the already ill and humid premises (this is mainly for educational institutions, office buildings). Hygiene is also not necessary to run. The most common source of transmission of the virus to become close friends. Ventilate apartments, jobs.

It is also important nutrition which includes fruits and vegetables. The intake of extra vitamins in pill form and sport activities strengthen the immune system. The stronger immunity and better overall condition, the easier and faster the recovery.

When sneezing is better to cover your mouth with a disposable cloth.

The main thing is to remember that self-medication may not be as effective and complete as the healing process under the supervision of qualified doctors.

All the deaths happen through no fault of the disease, and due to complications and wrongmethods of treatment. If you feel unwell immediately contact doctor.