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What complications can occur after a sore throat

Often people think that complications of a sore throat can be dangerous, but the pace of life forces discriminate against disease. People at risk available complications after sore throat, shifting once again the disease "on their feet".

problema anginy

This insidious infectious disease, like angina, it is unpleasant not only for its symptoms, but also the possible consequences. Of cases angina in rare cases taking sick leave more often he has to take medications and go to their workplace. Such actions are fraught with consequences of the disease affecting the health of the sick for the rest of life.

Looking for information about angina

Interested in information about what signs has the sore throat, the majority of people understand that this disease is characterized by inflammation of the tonsils of the palate and is accompanied by a high fever and sore throat. Only not everyone realizes that angina that occurred in children or adults, can cause serious complications.

priznaki anginyIf you experience a sore throat the patient is not able to swallow, he loses appetite, his body temperature becomes high, it is experiencing General weakness and intoxication. Moreover, if left untreated, the disease,it will cause quite serious consequences, especially in people with weak immune systems. This can happen even when the illusion of a full recovery.

However, with timely diagnosis of the disease and the correct therapy of the disease is eliminated without any consequences for the organism. Only the working class and lung disease with angina is trying not to break the rhythm, and after drinking the medicine goes to work. So do people who do not know that tonsillitis can attack kidney, liver, can cause chronic tonsillitis, can cause a number of heart ailments, rheumatism and other diseases. Because this disease requires compliance with the pastel treatment and recommendations of a physician. To relieve swelling and pain in the throat possible the use of antiseptics and carrying out rinsing and inhalation, but completely eliminate the disease will help those medicines, which will prescribe a doctor.

What harm does angina heart and joints

Often complications of angina cause organ pathology, and the heart is no exception. The result of the complications can be rheumatism of the heart or even his Vice. Most often this happens when the connective tissue disorganization, when antibodies destroy its proteins. Due to the occurrence of rheumatic fever, the valve becomes unstable, and develops heart disease.

as a complication of angina">angina is dangerous development of inflammation and cardiac (myocarditis). Symptoms of myocarditis characterized by arrhythmia, heart pain, enlargement of the veins in the neck, swelling of the legs and shortness of breath.

All the above complications can occur after suffering a couple of weeks ago a sore throat "on his feet".

Rheumatism can occur in heart valves, and connective tissues. The impact of angina on the joints identical effects on heart valves. Developing arthritis due to the falling beta-haemolytic streptococci in blood.

Is characterized by articular rheumatism acute pain, swelling, redness in the affected joint and sometimes a high temperature. Sometimes the symptoms in one joint subside, others appear, due to which there is wave-like defeat. In this case the patient based on not only medication, but sessions of physiotherapy.

How angina affects other organs

The disease is able to cause such renal diseases such as pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis.

pielonefrit kak oslozhnenie posle anginyPyelonephritis is a kidney inflammation, purulent, destructive, kidney inflammation with a cavity in the body filled with urea, pus and products of tissue decay.

The occurrence of glomerulonephritis becomes a cause of kidney failure and the need for urgent medical treatment, and possibly kidney transplantation. Pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis accompanied by increased body temperature and pain in the lumbar region.

When the patient finished antibiotic therapy or it was discontinued due to lack of symptoms, a few days later the disease may return in the form of paratonzillit. During this period the patient was worried about a high fever and sore throat, which differs from ordinary sore throat, assumes a permanent character, and not just when swallowing.

A sore throat could trigger the swelling of the larynx, the development of sinusitis or sinusitis if you get an infection in the maxillary sinus.

Also this disease may contribute to the development of otitis media or labirintit. A more dangerous complication is the development of meningitis, when the lymph nodes, thyroid gland or the meninges become inflamed. Inflamed lymph nodes, the patient becomes difficult to move your neck due to severe pain and intoxication leads to loss of appetite, insomnia, and even loss of consciousness.

What is dangerous complications for children

porok serdca kak oslozhnenie posle anginyRetrofaringealny abscess is one of the verydangerous complications of sore throat in children. This disease is characterized by the development of an abscess in the vertebral region and posterior pharyngeal Department. In this period young children are lymph nodes that are due to normal physiological changes eliminated up to the age of six years. Dangerous is the disease because it causes a disruption in respiratory functions due to which suffocation occurs. Due to physiological changes regarding the disappearance of these lymph nodes, the occurrence of such complications in adults excluded. That the disease did not cause suffocation of the child sometimes needs an urgent operation, opening festering sores.

Also, late or incomplete treatment of tonsillitis in children can cause the development of heart disease. To prevent complications or to minimize the risk of complications, children and adults need to take the following number of preventive actions:

  1. After the sore throat resolved, rinsing still need to continue to wash out tonsils infection and prevent its spread by blood to other organs.
  2. It is very important after recovery not to get sick again, for this is to avoid walking in the cold, wet weather and consuming cold foods in large portions.

For the implementation of quality of care and eliminate the risk of complications need to be on bed rest and to follow the recommendations of the doctor.