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Turpentine ointment: features and application for children

Recently quite popular remedy was turpentine ointment application for children which gives a very good result. This stuff is all natural, so it can be used to treat even small children. The main feature of the turpentine ointment is that it provides a therapeutic effect for colds. Especially good turpentine ointment cough. But before resorting to this treatment, caring parents should be sure to become familiar with the application and the main contraindications of this ointment.

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The composition of turpentine ointment

Turpentine ointment is composed of very strong components, the main of which is a turpentine from the turpentine. As a rule, they often treat rheumatism and other joint diseases. But from cold it helps. Another very important property of turpentine ointment is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. It helps the body cope with the infection, eliminates the pain in chest and throat during the cough, and prevents the development of complications.

To use this ointment for the treatment of children is still very useful because it has quite a pleasant smell, it distracts the child from the process of treatment, which often is uncomfortable for the baby. In addition, this product has a strong warming effect, so as to actively irritate the skin receptors. This is achieved through the allocation of ointment of specific substances that cause minor swelling and redness of the skin that provides a therapeutic warming effect. But it is also very important for colds.

How to apply

kompress so skipidarnoj mazuIt is very important to know the basic features of the application turpentine ointment for the treatment of children. Usually in pharmacies this product is sold in individual tubes or small jars. The consistency is always the same. The tool is intended only for external use, rubbing it into the chest or back will give expectorant effect cough.

For kids turpentine ointment can be used in the form of compresses and rubbing as in diseases of the joints and the flu. This tool is used in the fight against lice and fleas. Peculiarities of treatment in different cases differ slightly from each other.

So, if the child has sore muscles and joints, a great effect will be rubbed into the sore spots turpentine ointment. Before using, sore spot washed with warm water and Pat dry. After that, apply ointment gently. RUB it should be within 3-5minutes and then need to take the parchment and wrap the sore spot. On top of the parchment it's good to put a warm woolen shawl - this will provide maximum warming effect. Such healing rubbing should be carried out twice a day - morning and evening before bedtime. The course of treatment depends on the child's health, but must be coordinated with the attending pediatrician.

If the child has lice, it is also possible to try to bring them with turpentine ointment. To do this, first thoroughly wash the head with mild shampoo and wipe with a towel. When hair is slightly dry, but will still be slightly damp, start rubbing.

rastiraniya skipidarnoj mazuOintment intensely in circular motions must be rubbed into the scalp and to distribute a small amount through hair and then immediately wrap the head with two layers of plastic film, then a towel and leave it for 2 hours. After this time, must all be carefully washed off with warm water and shampoo. It is best to rinse hair a few times that the tool does not remain in the hair. Only have to brush the child.

But with this getting rid of lice should be taken into account that if the mind of the child has even a minor wound or abrasion, use is not recommended. At least until these wounds heal. Otherwise, the skin will be very irritated.

Good effect gives the ointment cough for children with bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. But be sure to know the basic rules of child rubbing turpentine ointment, so as not to cause health more damage. So, first the baby needs to atone for and wipe dry. Then you need to put your baby to bed on his back and taken for medical treatment. To start intensively RUB ointment in heels, while trying to massage. It will act as a kind of mustard. While a gentle massage will calm the child, he will relax and not be cranky.

After rubbing the ointment into my legs immediately wrap feet with a warm blanket and start to RUB the medicine into the upper part of the body. You must first apply the ointment to the chest. This should avoid getting the drug on the nipple area and heart. On the neck getting this tool also undesirable.

temperatura - protivopokazanie k ispolzovaniu skipidarnoj maziYou can then turn the baby on his stomach and start to RUB the ointment into the upper part of the back. This is especially effective if the child is not a simple cough, and bronchitis of any degree of complexity. After rubbing shouldthe baby immediately wrap in a blanket, give a warm medicinal tea, sea buckthorn or honey to the warming effect increased, and the child quickly fell asleep.

But it should be understood that if the rubbing turpentine ointment is made for a toddler, you need something to mix with soft baby cream in a ratio of 1:1. This is necessary in order to prevent even very delicate skin of chemical burns from medication. But if the child is under 1.5 years, turpentine ointment must not be used.

If the child's treatment turpentine ointment correctly, the effect will be noticeable the next day. And after 2-3 days, the cough completely disappear. First, start strong expectoration, and then completely normal the health of the baby.

Contraindications to the use of ointments

Need to know basic contraindications, which apply both to adults and to children. In the treatment of children should be extremely careful not to hurt even a strong enough body.

Consider the main contraindications for the use of turpentine ointment.

astma - protivopokazanie k ispolzovaniu skipidarnoj maziIn any case can not be used for warming friction, this means if the person has fever. The thing is that so she can rise even more. However, instead of facilitating people start to feel worse. This is due to the strong warming effect.

If your child has asthma, which manifests itself in periodic attacks, then apply this treatment for also not recommended. Here is a matter in a strong smell. Though he is nice, but for asthmatics can be disastrous. And all because of the high concentration of the medicine the essential oil.

It should be understood that the course of treatment turpentine ointment for baby must appoint a physician. But we should not forget that it should not exceed two weeks provided daily rubbing.

If you start rubbing turpentine ointment in the early stages of the disease when the symptoms only began to manifest itself, then it is enough one procedure to go.

Do not apply turpentine ointment for children, if there is any pathology of the kidneys or liver. Because the ingredients of the drugs tend to absorb into the skin, and thus enter the body. And these bodies, if they are sick, ointment effect is not very good.

The taboo on the use of the ointment is for children who observed idiosyncrasy of this tool. It usually shows up as rashes on the skin, semiconscious state, convulsions, suffocation and violation of pressure. When you are promptedminimally these symptoms should immediately stop treatment with this remedy and find a replacement.

So, especially turpentine ointment, as the rules governing the treatment of children this medicine has been fully considered. We should not forget that this medicine is intended for external use only.

In this contact, even accidental, mucous membranes can not in any case prevent. Because on sensitive areas of the skin and mucous membranes can develop small burns, which then some time will be torture.

And again, always consult a physician before treating your child at home.