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Recipes and ways to use complex nose drops for kids

When prolonged for a few weeks cold, but also with sinusitis and sinusitis ENT can advise on the complex nose drops for kids, the recipe of which should be adjusted in accordance with age.

problema nasmorka u detej

Please note that to make such a tool at home according to the recipes found on the Internet - very dangerous thing. The ingredients are far from harmless solutions that may exacerbate the child's condition.

Why write a complex nasal drops?

nazoneks pri nasmorke u detej

Some doctors-otolaryngologists are of the opinion that the complex composition of the drops to combat the common cold have a high efficiency. Their composition is chosen individually by the condition and complaints of the patient. Pharmacies can find drugs combined composition: Vibrocil, Polideksa, Nasonex and Nasobek. About difficult drops unfairly overlooked, because the prepared prescription medicines cheaper, especially since they include components that have an impact on the detected patient infection.

Complex nose drops is prepared exclusively in pharmacies with a prescription Department. To find a pharmacy in a big city is easy, and in small towns it is problematic. Either the drops have to drive to the next town or have to make them yourself, using sterile technique and proportion.

It is hoped that the qualifications and experience of the doctor allow him to correctly choose the composition and dosage of medications designed for complex drops. He takes responsibility in case of treatment failure, deterioration of the patient's condition or complications. Often, these drops help those who have tried everything, but I never recovered. Sometimes help is given only second or third part of the prescription drops.

When prescribed drops difficult?

shema rinita

  1. In protracted rhinitis and nasopharyngitis.
  2. If the lack of efficacy of other single or combined means from a cold.
  3. With individual intolerance of some components of the combined drugs.
  4. In the case of severe forms of the disease.

Depending on what type of rhinitis tormented by patient: viral, bacterial or allergic, the doctor selects the composition of the drops. In order to identify the causative agent, you need to pass the doctor recommended the tests. After receiving the results, the doctor can compose a prescription for making her son, and the appointment he will note the dosage, frequency of instillation and duration of application. A reduction in the frequency of instillation can pushrecovery, but the increase is dangerous to health.

What funds go into the complex drops in the nose?

Combined nasal drops include medications from pharmaceutical groups such as:

deksametazon pri nasmorke u detej

  1. Vasoconstrictor, relieving the swelling from the mucous membrane of the nasal passages. Thanks to them, easier nasal breathing. Part of pharmacy drops may include metaSAN or adrenaline. At home, these drugs can be replaced with naphazoline, especially when the tool is designed for the treatment of the child. Vasoconstrictors can not be used longer than 5-7 days, because atrophy of the nasal mucosa.
  2. Antihistamine, relieving the allergic factor. This component is relevant in allergic rhinitis. Usually use a solution of a Dimedrol or suprastin.
  3. Bactericidal components (including antibiotics) designed to disinfect the mucous membrane of the nose and stop the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. An example is Gentamicin, Lincomycin, Cefazolin and others. These medications are intended to treat the common cold, having only a bacterial nature. As an antiseptic can include a solution furatsilina. If the patient has a predisposition to sinusitis or other serious problems related to obstructed nasal breathing in the recipe include Dioxidine has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and decongestant effect. However, the use Dioksidina in children is not permitted by the instructions to the drug.
  4. Corticosteroids hormones with anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antihistamine effect. Most often used Dexamethasone and Hydrocortisone. Please note that prolonged use of these hormonal agents inhibits adrenal function. For a child older than 6 years can be recommended to Nasobek and 2 years of Nasonex is permitted.

galazolin pri zatyazhnom nasmorke u detej

The approximate composition of the droplets can look like this:

  1. Galazolin 0,1% 5 ml, dexamethasone 0.1% of 2 ml, dioxidine 1% - 5 ml.
  2. Mezaton 1% 1 ml, dioxidine 1% 10 ml, aloe Vera juice, 1 ml, hydrocortisone 2,5% 2 ml.
  3. Only 0.05% of 5 ml, dioxidine 0.5% of 5ml, hydrocortisone 2,5% 2 ml.
  4. Only 0.05% of 5 ml, diphenhydramine 1% 1 ml, 1 vial Cefazolin, hydrocortisone 2,5% 2 ml saline to 10 ml.
  5. A long time, 10 ml, sofradeks 5 ml, Lincomycin 10% 1 vial, dexamethasone 0.1% of 1 ml.
  6. From flatulence 15 drops, dexamethasone 0.1% of 1 ml, dioxidine 5 ml.
  7. Naphazoline 10ml, dexamethasone 0,1% 1 ml - 10 ml.

For children as a vasoconstrictor drops you need to take the drug, rightage. If the patient has unsuccessfully used over a long period Galazolin, your doctor may include in the recipe a long time, instead of dioksidina - Miramistin.

Sometimes otolaryngologists are inserted into the complex of nose drops, medicinal plant extracts: aloe Vera juice, oil of eucalyptus, pine, menthol and other. This is acceptable provided that the patient confirmed the absence of Allergy to these components.

The dignity complex drops from a cold:

  1. The tool is adapted to the individual patient and takes into account the neglect case, a form of rhinitis and sensitivity to drugs.
  2. The relatively low cost of manufactured drug.
  3. The use of components to which the patient has no allergies, which will reduce the likelihood of a negative effect.

konsultaciya vracha

Disadvantages of prescription drops in the treatment of rhinitis:

  1. These funds were not clinical trials, so the doctor can know about all side effects and contraindications, as well as the extent of their safety for children and adults.
  2. The complexity of manufacturing and the unavailability in small towns.
  3. In the manufacture of homes could be at risk of overdose due to mistakes and carelessness.
  4. Some components have a systemic effect on the entire body.
  5. Individual components are not intended for introduction into the nose.
  6. The possibility of development of negative processes in the mucosa of the sinuses – change in pH, status and functioning of the cells.

The negative effects from taking complex drops:

  1. High blood pressure.
  2. Heart palpitations.
  3. Irregularities in the heart.
  4. Overdrying of the nasal mucosa.
  5. Lowering the ability of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages to fight allergens and pathogenic bacteria.
  6. The appearance of bleeding from the nose.
  7. The transition of acute rhinitis chronic.
  8. Deterioration in patients with glaucoma.

It is worth mentioning that these symptoms may be absent in your case, but better to be warned than to face something incomprehensible. If you have side effects from the use of complex drops, you should immediately stop them and consult your doctor.

The procedure

  1. Before the burial complex drops, the nose should be cleaned of mucus (good to blow your nose, make a rinsing with saline). A small child can drip drops Akvamaris or saline, and then suck the mucus nasal aspirator.
  2. Prescription drug instilled 1-2 drops by one in each nostril. If the child rests, you can instill the product on a cotton swab and insert it for a couple of minutesfirst one nostril and then the other.
  3. After investment of the breath in the right and left nostril dripping a drop of vegetable oil.

Pay attention to the shelf life of complex drops, it usually does not exceed 1 month.

If the pharmacy the bottle has no mold and you use a dropper to store the drops in for 12-14 days.

Difficult drops for the treatment of prolonged cold – workable, but serious drug that requires attention from the doctor. The patient should carefully follow the dosage and frequency of taking and pay attention to the slightest deterioration of his condition. Treatment of complex drops, children do not always justify the potential risk of complications.