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How to choose a nasal spray?

Breathing problems from time to time every person has. And most people prefer to use the nose spray because of its effectiveness and ease of application. Indeed, if nasal congestion faster and easier to work directly on the mucosa than to take pills. Although in some cases, a comprehensive treatment will be more reliable.

problema zalozhennosti nosa

Nasal congestion occurs for a number of reasons, some of which require surgical treatment:

  • colds;
  • allergic reactions;
  • reaction to dust, smoke;
  • viral or bacterial infection;
  • chronic diseases of the respiratory tract.

In order not to aggravate the problem, to find a cure is necessary, depending on reasons. If you can not see a doctor, you should not buy the very first vehicle with the Latin name, or take the most publicized nasal spray. You should carefully study the instructions for use before starting treatment, because the spray from the common cold vary according to the method of exposure.

By way of effects and composition of drugs for the treatment of upper respiratory tract are divided into:

zadymlennyj vozduh - prichina zalozhennosti nosa

  • vasoconstrictor;
  • moisturizing;
  • mucolytics from sinusitis;
  • corticosteroids;
  • antibiotics.

And of course there is medication combined type, providing moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect.

For each of these types of sprays have their own indications and contraindications. Therefore, before taking should carefully understand these drugs.

How to choose the cure

Depending on the causes of congestion and personal preferences, you can select the most suitable for the effective treatment of cough. Most soft drugs are based on natural components. The most popular among them is the means to the sea water. These drugs are very soft to the mucous of the nose, moistening and cleaning it. Contraindications from the sea water and use to clean the nose of children from a very early age. However, sprays on sea water for some people can be ineffective.

Often the funds from the mortgage using the extracts and essential oils. Thanks to them, the treatment of the common cold will be soft, but may cause personal intolerance of such funds. Especially careful with them should be people with allergies.

allergiya - prichina zalozhennosti nosaDecongestantsthe most popular because of the fast result that is felt immediately after application. Narrowing the blood vessels, these drugs make breathing easier, reduce the swelling of the cavity and dried the mucous membranes of the nose. But such sprays are not recommended for use longer than five days, because they produced addictive. And it can be fraught with aggravation of rhinitis, including its more severe forms.

Mucolytics are a more powerful tool, so use them with the common cold would be wrong. These drugs are active to stagnant in the sinuses the mucus, diluting it. Thus, the sinuses are easy to clean even with severe disease. Use sprays-mucolytics should be exactly in the sinus or the threat of its occurrence.

Sprays-corticosteroid used only on prescription in case of serious problems with a mucous membrane or in the sinus. They have anti-inflammatory action on the mucosa and are used exclusively short-term, so as not to cause the body harm.

Sprays with antibiotics prescribed by the doctor with a viral or infectious diseases. They act on the mucosa directly, preventing the development and worsening of the disease. It is clear that in the case of allergies or mild cold sprays with antibiotics will be ineffective and sometimes harmful.

Contraindications for use

sprej dlya lecheniya zalozhennosti nosaFrom nasal sprays, like all other drugs, has contraindications, which should not be ignored. If sea water is virtually harmless, with the other drugs is not so simple.

The sprays, which is composed of the essential oil may develop an allergic reaction. If they are applied when congestion is in the period of exacerbation of allergies, then the result will be reversed.

Corticosteroids dangerous for those who have problems with the endocrine system and the thyroid gland. Especially should be careful when choosing the nasal spray people with diabetes and pregnant women.

Decongestants should not be taken by people who have problems with blood vessels and pressure. In addition, these drugs are addictive, which is difficult to handle. Acting on blood vessels, vasoconstrictor spray disrupts the natural functioning of the mucosa. So over time requires more and more of the drug to relieve. When a runny nose is actually cured, the nose remains dry, there is a feeling of difficulty breathing and swelling. In such cases, to continue the use of the drug is extremely harmful. And the nose began to breathe freely without drugs, will have to endure several difficult daysor ask for help from professionals.

Treatment with sea water

morskaya voda dlya lecheniya zalozhennosti nosaA relatively recent list of drugs from the problems with the upper respiratory tract joined the preparations based on seawater. Pharmacies sell sprays, consisting only of sea water, without any additives. Nevertheless, these drugs are very effective for many diseases.

Their absolute advantage is that they do not cause allergic reactions and have virtually no contraindications. This makes them an indispensable product for people with allergies and for pregnant women who have nasal congestion, often caused by hormonal changes. It is especially wonderful in these sprays that they are safe for children of all ages, including for babies, because for them it is extremely important gentle and soft cleansing of the nose.

Into the nose, sprays with sea water deeply penetrate, fluidizing the accumulated mucus, so they are often prescribed to patients with sinusitis. Also, due to its ability to spread even in the deep sinuses, they effectively wash away viruses and bacteria. Sea water does not dry the mucous membrane of the sinuses and does not affect the blood vessels, so the addiction to these sprays does not occur and normal operation of the nose is not broken. Moreover, due to the balanced content of salts and minerals in its composition of sea water normalizes the mucosa of the nose, restoring it even after a protracted illness.

How to apply sprays

Modern medicine allows you to choose a good specimen from nasal congestion for everyone. In pharmacies there are always a variety of drops and sprays for the treatment of all diseases and most of them are sold without prescription.

The choice in favor of the spray is obvious because it is most convenient to use and allows the medicine to penetrate deeper into the cavity. In addition, unlike the drops, the spray delivers the medication in the right dosage, which allows better control of the treatment. This property of the spray allows for more economical use of the drug. In addition, the drug in the form of drops less convenient for storage, because it can just spill or dry out.

To be most effective to use any facility costs, pre-clearing the nasal cavity. When spraying the spray should hold the second nostril and make a shallow breath. So the medicine is better to spread inside. If after applying the spray there was a desire to sneeze or blow your nose, it is best to refrain from doing so to give the medicine time to act on the mucous membranes. To misuse a nose spray-it is better to apply itin the recommended dosage to avoid negative effects.

Because an overdose of any, even the most gentle of the drug harmful to the body.

Considering how many types of sprays for the nose exists and what features are at each of them, it is not necessary to scorn to these drugs. And in order to avoid side effects and to get rid of congestion, it is better not to rely on advertising or the advice of pharmacists, and to consult a doctor.