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What you can treat the cough in tracheitis?

How to treat the cough in tracheitis? The disease often occurs in conjunction with rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. The etiology of the tracheitis is of infectious nature begins to emerge after entering the body the virus, stafilokokkovi and streptococcal infections. If you miss the incubation period, the inflammation reaches the trachea. In the absence of action, the disease tends to become chronic.

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The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, untreated tracheitis always characterized by the appearance of coughing, and an infected person can infect a considerable number of people, in the event that is with them in constant contact or public room that is not ventilated. Despite the fact that the disease can cause weakness, many, not knowing about the presence of serious illness, transfer it onto the legs. For example, eating three times a day, acetylsalicylic acid can be used to improve overall health, but the disease is not treated and gradually being pushed inside.

Features of the cough in tracheitis

It should be noted that the trachea appears not once, rather, it is a clear indications show often rooted disease.

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Runny nose and dry cough I will say as an acute and chronic form of the disease. The attacks of coughing are accompanied by painful sensations in the lower part of the chest. Inflammation triggers the secretion of viscous mucus, and in the case where tracheitis occurs not in a single form, its contents mixed with pus. Selection Mikrotik formations may be different as scarce and abundant. However, the gathered mucus separates easily, and with the process of expectoration, there is no problem.

Depending on the disease, joined tracheitis, in medical terminology, there are concepts such as rinofaringita, laryngotracheitis, tracheobronchitis.

In the case when the disease is accompanied by coughing, is already beginning to experience a fever, often a headache, a weakness and fatigue. Cough gives the person great discomfort. These symptoms becomes impossible to ignore, so you need to seek medical help at least to alleviate the condition and then cure of existing disease.

How to ease the cough in tracheitis

The worst manifestation is when tracheitis with paroxysmal cough, accompanied by some blunt, heavy, burning pain inthe lower part of the chest. To relieve the patient for some time from cough in tracheitis can a drug like Bronchipret. It was created on the basis of medicinal plants and its efficacy and safety has been repeatedly tested in practice. Manufacturing license for medicinal product belongs to a German company of Bionorica.

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As shown by clinical studies, the drug can be administered to people of all age categories without exception. Output is produced in tablet form and as a syrup for children. When used combination with other drugs Bronchipret does not give adverse events and reactions, which makes the most appropriate determining the right dosage of the drug in each individual case.

Tablets and syrup contain two main ingredients: extract of thyme and ivy leaves. These two components enhance the effect, interacting with each other, which makes it quite for long periods of time to get rid of coughing. Bronchipret has a strong inhibitory effect and is actively fighting against inflammation, bacteria has a pronounced secretolytic and a bronchodilator effect. It is prescribed in other diseases associated with inflammation and disturbances in the organs of the upper respiratory tract. The third component, which is part of the drug, it's the extract of primrose root, performs the stimulation of the process of expectoration of sputum.

Improvement comes almost immediately after the first. A treatment generally varies in timing from 10 to 14 days, and, as prescribed, with a possible extension of the use of this drug.

Treatment and prevention of bronchitis

Bronchitis itself can't pass, it should be treated. After the diagnosis by visual inspection to determine the condition of the trachea with a laryngoscope, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment.

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The process of cupping of the disease is directed to the suppression of precipitating factors and eliminate the causes of disease. First appointed mustard, antibiotics and sulfa drugs. In this case it is necessary to consider features of the organism and its susceptibility to the combination of sulfonamides with antibiotics. For some patients the simultaneous use of these drugs is strictly contraindicated, as reaction may be unpredictable and lead to a coma. If the patient is aware of this fact, the doctor must know that.

Drugs can be used in the most diverse forms: in the form ofsprays, aerosols, infusions of marshmallow root, licorice, anti-inflammatory decoctions and teas. As physiotherapy can be assigned to inhalation with the addition of herbs and alkaline components.

The holding of the inhalation can be done using special ultrasonic inhaler or allocate for this purpose any enamel pot small size, which is filled with a few cups of boiling water and added herbs to facilitate the removal of inflammatory processes. The inhaler is allowed to add a few drops of iodine, eucalyptus or anise oil.

When using pans made of cardboard funnel with a hole at the narrow end, through which this design allows to breathe through the mouth. You can certainly use the old-fashioned method of a hot dense steam covered with a towel, the person need to keep at a distance of 25 centimeters from the pan, to avoid burns.

The procedure of inhalation is recommended when trachea three times a day for 10-15 minutes during the week.

Completely cure tracheitis is possible only if the full rate, which was based on antibiotics and sulfonamides.

To facilitate exhausting cough it is advisable to take such drugs as codeine, pektusin, I have libeksin and glaucine.

In the case of difficult waste sputum is assigned expectorant medicine or other effective means. But if the discharge of pus as time prescribed sulfa drugs and antibiotics. In addition, in the complex treatment of tracheitis include vitamin therapy, provided the patient has no allergic reactions. Mainly given oral vitamins A and C with individually selected dosage.

Preventive measures include procedures to strengthen the body, such as hardening, fortification, correction of the immune system and the proper and rational diet.