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What you can treat tracheitis in an adult?

Before you decide how to treat tracheitis in an adult, you should know that in this situation much will depend on the stage of the disease. In addition, it is worth considering that it has become a prerequisite for the development of such a disorder, tracheitis often develops on the background of other inflammatory processes.

problema traheita

The problem is localized in the mucosa of the trachea. Typically, the inflammation affects the lower respiratory tract, but attributed it to the category of diseases of the upper ways. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic, develops on the background of laryngitis, bronchitis, rhinitis or sinusitis. Therefore, in the treatment an integrated approach is used.

Why is there tracheitis in an adult?

Before you can treat tracheitis in an adult and how to treat it, is to understand the causes of the development of this disease. The trachea is a hollow body that resembles a tube. It connects the larynx and bronchi, and the inner part has a surface covered with mucous membrane. If the body begins the inflammatory process, the trachea starts to redden and appear swelling.

In modern medicine, most experts are of the opinion that bronchitis develops due to infections. This opinion is based on what tracheitis develops on the background of bronchitis, rhinitis or laryngitis. But, nevertheless, the disease may start due to the following points:

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  1. If a person is experiencing hypothermia. The fact that the low temperatures provoke a sharp contraction of the vessels of the mucosa. This spasm provokes the activation of pathogenic microflora. Hypothermia is dangerous to health not only in tracheitis, but also because of other diseases, not only cold in nature.
  2. A weak immune system. The reasons for this situation can be many: for example, the people often perenapravljaetsja, not only physically, but also psychologically. The immune system suffers due to frequent or prolonged exposure to infection. No wonder doctors consider that to be healthy you need to eat right as the saturation of the body with all the nutrients and useful vitamins and microelements is the pledge of health. Tracheitis often develops on the background of vitamin deficiency.
  3. Allergy symptoms Mucous membranes are very sensitive to various stimuli, including and the trachea. The disease may be the result of food allergies or inhaling harmful chemicals. If some foreign particles fall on the mucous membrane of the trachea and starts to irritate, then it will entail inflammation and redness of the body.
  4. A way of life. The trachea is involved inbreath, so Smoking is hardly a useful phenomenon. In addition to the cigarettes on the immune system adversely affected by alcohol, as these two factors have always an irritating effect on the mucous membranes along the entire length of the respiratory tract. A constant such exposure creates favorable conditions for infections.

Very important is the presence of an adult other diseases. Good soil to create tracheitis acute respiratory infections, rhinitis and sinusitis. But, nevertheless, problems with the heart, kidneys, or emphysema can cause inflammation of the trachea.

All these causes can be a trigger for bronchitis, so the treatment depends on why people got sick. Accordingly, tightening with his condition in any case you should get professional help.

Symptoms of the disease

kashel - simptom traheita

In adults tracheitis can be determined by the husky voice, sore and pain in the throat. But if to judge objectively, these symptoms are characteristic of many colds, and if the person is on the eve screamed a lot (for example, rooting for your favorite team), then it is likely that just lost his voice. Accordingly, the treatment of tracheitis is not relevant.

In order to choose the right medication for bronchitis, it is necessary to verify the true disease. This disease is characterized by the following signs:

  1. Cough. The symptom appears suddenly and comes and goes in bouts. At this moment the patient feels pain in the larynx. After 2-3 days people can pay attention to that cough of dry became wet. Therefore, the body tries to get rid of harmful substances.
  2. Pain. This symptom affects the interscapular region behind the breastbone. The discomfort occurs during a paroxysm of coughing and some time lasts after the patient coughed. The character of the pain - stabbing.
  3. Temperature.In this disease the General condition worsens. Initially, fever of 38-38,5°C, after which the patient begins to constantly want to sleep. Lymph nodes begin to take on greater dimensions.

These symptoms are characteristic of bronchitis as a separate disease. If it goes in parallel with the development of another disease, the signs can either dominate, or "hidden" for the other manifestations of the disease.

Tracheitis in an adult - than to treat it with medication?

Treatment of tracheitis should be preceded by a trip to the doctor. The fact that aid may be granted only after will be given a specific diagnosis, because this disease also has its own varieties.

If the nature of the development is of a bacterial nature,for adults prescribed antibiotics. The most convenient form of these medications and aerosols. Thanks to them medicinal substances deep into the body, so the treatment is more effective. The most popular drugs in tracheitis - "Sumamed", "Bioparox", "Bad", "Pour" and "Mucosolvan" (syrup). But all these drugs are prescribed only after a doctor's visit. Moreover, you should know that antibiotics if taken alone may not provide adequate treatment, and will only aggravate the situation.

Treatment of tracheitis with the help of folk medicine

If for any reason you do not want to take medication at tracheitis, you can always remember grandma's recipes. Although it should be noted that the maximum effect can be obtained only with an integrated approach.

But nevertheless, you can try the following tools.

The compresses. For this procedure helps the mustard and honey, especially if the patient suffered from a cough. For such purposes, and is intended mustard. This procedure has a warming impact, as mustard essential oil highlights. Thanks to them, the irritation of the nerve endings, causing pain and inflammation stop.

Good compress to use honey-mustard complex.

Equally components are mixed with each other, put a little vegetable oil, vodka and flour. All kneaded into a homogeneous mass, vyluplivajutsja one pellet. Such a tool is placed on the chest and is covered with a package or cellophane wrap to create a sauna effect, over wrap a warm scarf and wear a t-shirt. In this position will spend the night.

Inhalation. In this case, also achieved a very profound effect. For such purposes it is necessary to choose herbs with antibacterial properties, for example, mint or eucalyptus. Inhalation has a positive effect on inflammation in the trachea, helps to fight coughs. Her very well to spend the evening, then the patient will sleep much calmer.

You should also take herbs that will enhance expectoration of sputum, for example, marshmallow. But in this case it is better to use the root of the plant, not its leaves. Don't forget about the rinse: these treatments help to reduce swelling of the soft tissues and mucosa. Herbal rinse to help fight bacteria not only in the trachea but also in the oral cavity, where they can go lower. For such purposes using onion peel, calendula, chamomile and oak bark. This procedure is recommended in the evenings and in the mornings and on an empty stomach.

All of these procedures to perform better in combination with medication. As already noted above, in this case, the disease will pass easier, and ashealth get better faster. If you use all the appropriate methods, more problems should arise, after all, hurt tknaruto.