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Do I need to do inhalation with tracheitis?

One of the most popular and effective methods of treatment are pulmonary at tracheitis. They are considered one of the most important ways, relieving people of heavy suffocating cough. In addition, they can improve the overall health of the sick. If the disease is accompanied by inflammation of the bronchi, also appointed by inhalation. This method of treatment has a positive impact. Medicamentous method of treatment of tracheitis is needed only in the situation when the disease is caused by bacterial infection.

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Whether inhalation with tracheitis?

Tracheitis is not serious or life-threatening disease, but to treat it seriously should not be. This disease can cause a variety of complications, the most complex of which are bronchitis and bronchopneumonia.

In addition, the disease can be very lengthy, especially when it becomes chronic. Therefore, the question of how to treat tracheitis, is of concern to all who have been diagnosed. Even the most severe, that is, the viral form of this disease is treated primarily without the use of antibiotics. However, when the disease is caused by bacteria, treatment of tracheitis is not without antibacterial variation. In this case, it is sufficient that the appointment of one of such drugs as Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Azithromycin.

ingalyacii s pomoshu priborovIn any case, the choice of medication, dose and intake peculiarities are directly dependent on the type and level of pathogens, the form and severity of the disease. A prerequisite of controlling the disease is to drink plenty of liquids. As beverages, you can use all the warm infusions of herbs, vitamins fruit drinks, traditional teas. You can drink mineral water, but without gas and always at room temperature. The room in which mainly resides the patient, the need to ventilate and regularly carry out wet cleaning. Indeed, such a parameter as humidity is very important, especially if tracheitis is accompanied by a cough. A dry cough is removed by application of different antitussive drugs: Sinecod, Mucosolvan, Libexin.

Although your doctor may prescribe and other. If the result of the cough and sputum difficult moves, shows the use of drugs that can thin the phlegm. For example, Ambroxol or Acetylcysteine, better known under the abbreviated title of the ACC. If during the illness the person has a high temperature (over 37.5 degrees), treatment of tracheitis suggests antipyretics (e.g., such asParacetamol or Ibuprofen).

The most effective variation of medical treatment require the use of aerosols, since this form of the drug can permeate into all areas of the trachea and bronchial tree.

Therapy is a comprehensive. It combines several procedures, one of which is inhalation.

The advantages of inhalation for the trachea

The main advantage of inhalation with tracheitis is that this is a very simple, cheap and sensitive method of treatment.

ingalyacii rastvorami iz trav i maselPulmonary operate locally, only in the respiratory tract, without affecting other areas of the body. They are harmful effect on viruses and stimulate the hairs in the Airways, helping to clear the bronchial tubes and lungs. For inhalation can be used as modern inhalers, and the means at hand - the usual utensils and towel.

Inhalation as a method of treatment of tracheitis are among the most important procedures to get rid of suffocating cough and improving the human condition in a short time. Plants or pharmaceutical means, rich in phytoncides, and various volatile essential oils to great effect on the bronchi. As a rule, among the plants that are suitable for inhalation, there are:

  • eucalyptus;
  • pine;
  • fir;
  • juniper;
  • ginger.

Inhalation can be as specific devices, and using a number of popular methods such as steam inhalation over a pot of healing potion.

provedenie ingalyacij s rebenkomInhalation for children under 3 years have their own specifics. To do this, heat the pan, which contains water and efirosoderzhaschie plant, close the Windows and the door to the room where the child is. He will have to breathe the fumes for about 10 or 15 minutes. In the role of mini-nebulizers, which are more similar to aromatherapy, can also be well-known lamps.

One should not lose sight of another very popular and simple method to provide useful vapors. You need to slightly damp cloth to apply a drop of fragrance oil (it may be eucalyptus, fir, pine or spruce) and have it running of the battery. Under the influence of heat the air will gradually evaporate, filling the room along with nutrients.

No less effective are inhalations with steam inhaler. The mixture in this case can be made from the essential oil in the amount of 3-5 drops, which is added in very hot water. Then there is the need to add 1 tsp. of baking soda with 2-3 drops of an alcoholic solution of iodine. However, it is contraindicated for those inclined toallergies. When the mixture is ready, you need to lean over the tank where the water evaporates, and the top covered with a diaper, to deeply inhale the evaporation of at least 5 minutes.

Inhalation is more convenient to perform through different models of inhalers, which are now very much. The simplest of them, but no less popular, is a nebulizer, providing almost one hundred percent hit the volatile deep into the respiratory system.

Inhalation nebulizer at tracheitis

shema nebulajzeraNebula is a word of Latin origin meaning "cloud", "cluster of vapor" or "mist". The nebulizer was named a specially designed device, which are held inhalation. Treatment of bronchitis of any severity nebulizer is ultra - modern process, which is very convenient and efficient. Its use is very different from home various methods in which a person must lean over the steaming pots and pans. Mixtures for inhalation can be varied. However, it is important to prevent asthma attacks.

You also need to remember that the modern pharmacological industry offers a very wide selection of instruments that best match needs. They are ultrasonic and electron net and help to make the inhalation very quickly and effectively.

Basic rules of conducting inhalation

Inhalation is a simple procedure, and its correct execution, you only need to follow some simple rules:

  1. Inhalation make through an hour and a half after a meal.
  2. During the procedure, you need to concentrate and to correctly inhale and exhale the drug. To do other things (read a book or chat with someone) this is not.
  3. After the procedure it is advisable to talk within the hour, no singing, no eating, no Smoking and not to go out into the cold air.
  4. Very carefully to treat inhaler in which to boil water, because you can get burned. This is especially true of young children.
  5. You need to follow the recipe adding essential oils because overdose will cause opposite effect. You do not need to mix the essential oils together.
  6. You need to check if someone is allergic to drugs and essential oils included in the inhalation.
  7. The procedure of inhalation is carried out for 3 minutes for adults and 1 minute for children. For the smallest procedure time can be shortened.

For effective treatment to repeat the inhalation need 3-5 times a day.