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How can I treat bronchitis at home?

To have an idea on how to treat bronchitis at home, you need to possess enough information regarding this issue. The disease itself is the inflammation of the trachea - one of the organs of the respiratory system, leading to bronchi and larynx. The inner part of the trachea is lined with mucous membrane, which has a tendency to become inflamed if you get an infection. According to many experts, the agents of the disease are streptococci and staphylococci. With regard to the major causal factors that may cause ingress of harmful bacteria in the body, they can be attributed as transferred earlier diseases such as bronchitis, rhinitis, tracheitis, and weakened the functional characteristics of the immune system, allergic reactions, renal and heart failure, lung disease. The weakening of the body resistance can be caused by hypothermia or alcohol abuse, and Smoking.

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Symptoms of tracheitis manifests itself quite clearly, although the overall clinical picture is reminiscent of other diseases of the respiratory organs. When tracheitis patients voice becomes hoarse, the disease is accompanied by the beginning of the dry paroxysmal cough, which eventually goes in the wet (with copious sputum).

Very often, these patients complain of General malaise, drowsiness. Usually the state with the development of the disease is compounded by increased body temperature, and in many cases, swollen lymph nodes, onset of runny nose nasal congestion and sneezing.

The need for treatment of tracheitis

Like many other diseases of a catarrhal nature, without treatment, tracheitis, acute forms tend to become chronic. Therefore, to treat the disease, it was mandatory, and the sooner you start, the better. Given the fact that tracheitis is a disease that often manifests itself by accompanying other diseases, one of the highlights is the establishment of an accurate diagnosis and identify all the pathological and inflammatory processes in the body.

pereohlazhdenie kak prichina traheitaTo assign a therapy can only be the attending physician depending on the form of tracheitis, its severity, the General condition of the patient, given the history of transferred and related diseases.

Most often the mainstay of treatment is antibiotics in combination with antihistamines. Also includes the application of methods of folk medicine, many of which tightly fit into the official and used with success asadditions to the system complex approach to the healing process. As to the therapy at home, it is quite possible under the strict guidance of experts and a strict adherence to certain necessary rules.

Treatment of tracheitis in the home

Home treatment of tracheitis in compliance with all medical recommendations is considered more acceptable than stationary. First, this is due to the fact that the disease is not deadly and does not require immediate resuscitation. The patient should be aware that when trachea shows bed rest and plenty of fluids.

In addition, the rule should be a daily airing and wet cleaning. This approach is intended not only to provide maximum comfort to the patient, but also time to get rid of the accumulation of bacteria, which significantly affects the course of the disease in General. Prescription of medicines with a wide spectrum of effects produces doctor.

nastoj shalfeya pri traheiteCan be treated with antibiotics penicillin group, such as Solutab, Amoxiclav, but are hypersensitive to treatment is adjusted by means of antibiotics tsefalosporinovoy group and macrolides. These include Zinnat, Axetil, Azithromycin and others. With regard to the treatment of bronchitis in pregnant women and very elderly people, doctors consider it appropriate in some cases, antibiotics to eliminate or to carry out their selection individually. In addition to these medications also prescribed the antihistamine antitussive reception means. These include Efferalgan, Mucosolvan, Sumamed.

Traditional medicine in virtually every case serves as a subsidiary effective measures in an integrated approach to the therapeutic process. However, there is a perception that some recipes are created on the basis of active natural components, it can become the mainstay of treatment, as their effectiveness has been repeatedly proven and tested in practice.

Treatment of tracheitis.

At the moment there are so many methods of alternative medicine, without which no cost, the treatment of the most serious diseases. Regarding the tracheitis, it is here in the first place should include pulmonary and mustard, use and application of which allows to get rid of the disease much faster. Inhalation is carried out 3-4 times during the day. Moreover, traditional treatment involves the preparation of different kinds of decoctions, tinctures, compresses and lotions that can greatly relieve the patient's condition and expedite the healing process. Here are the recipes of the most popular of them:

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  1. Medicinal drink against the tracheitis. Technology of preparation: in a glass of milk put 1 tbsp of dried sage. Put on fire and boiled on slow heat for 15 minutes. After cooling the decoction should strain and add 1 tbsp of honey. Medication to use is recommended 3 times per day for one serving. It is worth noting that pregnant women Clary sage is contraindicated. They can just drink warm milk with honey.
  2. Expectorant decoction for cough. Technology of preparation: 1 tbsp marshmallow root zaparivat Cup of boiling water and boiled on slow heat for 5 minutes. Then the mixture needs to drain without waiting for cooling. Make the medium 1/3 Cup 2 times a day. You can also gargle.
  3. Compress based on bee honey. Preparing the means of a mixture of 1 tbsp. of honey and 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil. Rubbed into the chest in its pure form, then covered with polyethylene, and top with a warm cloth. The poultice is usually made at night. When trachea has a warming impact, dilates blood vessels and promotes the discharge of mucus.

What else can you use?

As a compress for the night to provide the same exposure, you can use boiled potatoes in their skins.

It should be mash fresh and hot, put on a diaper and wrapped in it. During this procedure, you must be very careful, especially if a poultice is children. Potatoes should be enough to cool and be warm, but not hot, otherwise there is a risk of burns. In order to check, you should make it to the hand and hold so 1-2 minutes. If normal sensation, the compress is placed on the night on his chest and wrapped.

Gargle with tracheitis can be a decoction of medicinal chamomile and marigold.

For the preparation of dry grass is taken at 1 teaspoon with a slide, pour 250 ml boiling water and leave until cool. Then is filtered. The tool perfectly removes inflammation of the throat and prevents further spread of bacteria. To get rid of a cold in the trachea by using potted medicinal plants, such as Kalanchoe and aloe. To do this periodically to bury your nose the SAP of plants. Can be alternated.

Treatment of tracheitis is a long process, especially if the disease has time to develop into a chronic form. Although the disease with the right approach, is treatable in any case.