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Effective treatment of bronchitis folk remedies

Treatment of tracheitis folk remedies are aimed primarily at the destruction of bacteria and elimination of inflammation. For staph and strep hard to get rid of using herbs and inhalation, so the essence of national treatment is to help the body itself to overcome them, creating the necessary conditions. Tracheitis is an acute infectious disease, which inflames the mucous membrane of the trachea. The main symptom - tearing pain in larynx during bouts of dry cough.

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For tracheitis is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • attacks of cough;
  • burning pain in the throat and chest;
  • a slight increase in body temperature;
  • constant sore throat (man needs a systematic treatment).

In the treatment of tracheitis often use traditional methods of therapy. Use inhalation, decoctions of herbs and berries, milk teas, friction (compression), mustard, rinse.

Tracheitis: treatment folk methods

temperatura pri traheiteChildren's immune system is still weak, it's being attacked by viruses - most often children suffer from colds. First and foremost, the viruses strike the nasopharynx of the throat, moving towards the main goal - the trachea. Experts say that there are two reasons due to which the disease develops in a child:

  1. Infectious tracheitis in children may appear after the child had a cold, laryngitis or flu.
  2. Noninfectious when under the influence of external stimuli protective epithelium dies, causing a "bare" wall of trachea, there is swelling, the baby is suffering from continuous cough.

Treatment of folk remedies effectively and efficiently. But you need to remember that folk remedies for the treatment of tracheitis serve only as a Supplement to the basic therapy and not a substitute for medical drugs.

Folk remedy is the egg-milk mixture. It can replace the antibiotic. It is possible not only to get rid of bouts of severe coughing, but also to treat diseases such as bronchitis with asthmatic component, laryngitis, tonsillitis and tracheitis. Ingredients - milk (Cup), butter, honey (tablespoon), egg yolk (tablespoon), 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. You need to boil milk. Then add equal proportions of butter and honey. Beat the egg yolk and gently add to the mixture. Should get a homogeneous mass, you need to make sure that the egg yolks don't curdle. In the end, add soda.

sok limona dlya lecheniya traheitaA very simple recipe is a milk decoction,which helps to cure a cold in 24 hours. You will need milk (0.5 l) and pine buds (1 tablespoon). In warm milk need to add pine buds. The broth should infuse for one hour. The child needs to give the broth throughout the day. You can repeat the procedure as necessary, use the decoction for prevention in acute influenza.

To prepare lemon syrup, you need to squeeze the juice from lemon, add glycerine (2 tablespoons), honey. You should get a thick sweet syrup. When the "heavy" cough you can give the child 1 teaspoon a few times a day. As the recovery of the drug dosage should be reduced. This medication can make not only adults but also children.

Treatment can help, and onion broth. You will need a liter of water, unpeeled onion, a Cup of sugar. All you need to cook for hours (the onions can be thrown away after the decoction has cooled, then you can drink. To take medicine 3 times a day (at one time an adult needs to drink half a glass of broth, the child - less). The broth needs to be warm before use, it needs to be warmed up.

A mixture of cranberries and honey eases coughing. Unique properties of cranberries allow to treat bronchitis, tracheitis, phlegm. Drinking medicinal teas can adults and children. To prepare the broth is necessary to take 100 g of berries, a Cup of honey. To take the medicine in two ways: have 2 tablespoons or drink by adding the mixture in warm water.

Effective folk remedy for the treatment of tracheitis is hot milk with sage and honey. In need of milk, add sage and put it over high heat. Once the milk boils, ease the heat and cook the broth for 10 minutes. After yogurt has cooled, add honey. Many people add honey into the hot broth, but this cannot be done, because honey when heated loses its healing properties.

Treatment of tracheitis with decoctions of herbs

To remove the swelling and increase mucus production, can be prepared as decoctions.

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  1. A decoction of pine buds and young pine needles (tablespoon per Cup of water).
  2. The infusion of the roots of elecampane and marshmallow. Need to take ingredients in equal proportions (one tablespoon) in a glass of water.
  3. A decoction of oregano. You can buy at the pharmacy "fence chest" and follow the instructions, prepare the infusion. Use thyme, blackberries (berries and leaves). They are well liquefy phlegm and soften the walls of the larynx.
  4. Malva and licorice root - these natural antiseptics are not only successful in struggling with colds (flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis), but also bring stones and sand from kidneys, bile ducts, and protein from the urinary system. For treatment of bronchitis canto drink a decoction or gargle.
  5. To prepare a decoction for gargling can be made from calendula, branches and leaves of raspberries, onion skins. Of dry raspberries, you can make tea.
  6. Will help and anise broth, for which you will need seeds of anise, honey and cognac. Take a teaspoon every 15 minutes.

You can treat inflamed trachea juices: they are added to a broth, is used for making syrups. The key is to use the natural juices, as they effectively liquefy phlegm. Help in the treatment of lemon, carrot juice and black radish juice and aloe. In all the juice you can add honey.

Rubbing and warming up procedures

That the treatment was more effective, the disease to be treated not only inside but also outside (with the help of rubbing and overheating). Usually for the treatment of tracheitis use warming ointment that is rubbed into the chest and back area. The ointment should be irritating.

rastiraniya pri traheiteHelp balsam "gold star". It not only efficiently heats, but also has aromatherapeutic effect.

You can make an ointment of melted butter or badger (or pork) fat and add the essential oil, pine oil of eucalyptus.

Wrap the potato contributes to the warming of the bronchi. Need to cook a raw potato.
Then knead, spread on a soft cloth - should be a "hot zone". Then you need to wrap the Breasts and secure with the shawl or wide scarf mohair. Need to keep the belt until, until potatoes cool.

Treatment of tracheitis with inhalation

Inhalation can be prepared from decoctions. Hot steam relieves swelling of the throat, clears the bronchial tubes. The simplest method is inhalation of hot steam.

You can breathe potato steam: need to breathe over a bowl, covering head with a towel. Fit inhalation of herbal blend. Prepare an infusion of chamomile, plantain and sage. Inhalation of validol or valerianovyh drops are also very effective.

Good in the treatment of onion or garlic, the inhalation. Onions should be crushed and pour boiling water.

Most importantly, what can not be forgotten in the treatment of tracheitis in children is to drink plenty of fluids (juices, warm tea from herbs and berries, tea with lemon). Vitamin C and herbs will help to quickly overcome the disease.

Despite the effectiveness of home treatment, you should consult a doctor who will monitor the progress of the disease.