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Used when trachea antibiotics?

When tracheitis, antibiotics are prescribed only in the case when inflammation of the trachea has a bacterial or viral-bacterial nature. In other cases, for example if the inflammation of the trachea caused only by a virus or fungus, antibiotics will not produce positive therapeutic effect.

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A few words about the disease

It should be noted that, as a rule, among the diseases of the trachea, which is the initial division of the lower respiratory tract and is located just below the larynx, tracheitis occurs most often. The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • the increase in body temperature to subfebrile (37-38°C);
  • dry hacking cough, appearing usually in the morning, evening and strong breath;
  • pain behind the breastbone and in the throat;
  • the presence of comorbidities (rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, etc.).

Needless to say, isolated tracheitis, i.e. inflammation of the trachea only, is rare. Typically, the disease is a kind of "continuation" other infectious diseases: rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, etc. Often, bronchitis is a complication of and occurs laryngitis. In addition, often the cause of inflammation of the trachea are the same pathogens that under the above-mentioned diseases.

povyshenie temperatury tela pri traheiteHowever, the reasons for the pathological inflammatory process affecting the trachea, may be exposed to vapours of aggressive chemicals, nicotine, alcohol influence, and a number of allergens, etc. as for the types of tracheitis, distinguish acute and chronic forms. And chronic bronchitis is a consequence of the acute form of the disease. In addition, chronic bronchitis is common in Allergy sufferers, smokers, those who abuse alcohol, and people whose professional activity is connected with the vapours of aggressive chemicals.

Based on the foregoing, in case of suspected bronchitis, you must contact your doctor to establish the true causes of disease and the appointment of adequate treatment.

Antibacterial treatment for tracheitis

It should be noted that antibiotics are prescribed only in the case if the causative agent identified according to the results of bekbosunov smears and sputum, are caused by bacteria. Often it also happens that an infectious disease caused by a virus, but in the course of the disease and the weakening of the body to viral infection compounded bacterial or fungal.

If the tracheitis is caused only by viruses, fungi, chemicals orallergens, therapy of such a disease would not include antibiotics. In any case, it is necessary comprehensive treatment of the disease, to which it should appoint a physician on the basis of necessary laboratory tests and medical history data.

The most commonly used antibiotics for tracheitis

amoksiklav dlya lecheniya traheitaTypically, antibiotics for tracheitis bacterial nature doctors prescribe penicillin and cephalosporins and macrolides. It is believed that the best result in the treatment of tracheitis are the antibiotics penicillin, cephalosporins and macrolides are assigned only in case of individual intolerance of various forms of penicillin or resistance of the pathogen to the antibiotic penicillin.

Needless to say, usually for the treatment of tracheitis bacterial nature prescribed the following drugs aminopenicillin (semi-synthetic varieties of penicillin):

  • "Flemoksin Solutab";
  • "Amoxiclav";
  • "Augmentin" and.

Are hypersensitive to penicillin drugs and bacterial resistance to penicillin antibiotics of cephalosporin series with such trade names as:

  • "Cephalexin";
  • "Ospexin";
  • "Leksin", etc.

In addition to antibiotics based on penicillin and cephalosporins, bronchitis is also treated with macrolides. When prescribing a given chemical series, generally used preparations of azithromycin, and josamycin spiramycin:

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  • "Azithromycin";
  • "Azitroks";
  • "Rovamicin";
  • "Vilprafen".

I should say that the correct choice of drug and regimens with antibiotics for inflammation of the trachea - it is the prerogative of the doctor as the right treatment of bronchitis with antibiotics depends on the specific pathogen identified by the results of bacterial cultivation. Only a medical specialist has the necessary skills and knowledge for the correct selection of medications based on clinical data analysis, results of external examination and complaints of the patient. In case of incorrect self-medication with tracheitis can cause different side effects due to medication, allergic reactions, complications of the disease (transition of acute forms to chronic, the development of pneumonia in the case of further spread of infection, etc.).

The principle of action of antibiotics

It should be noted that the principle of action of antibiotics is that these substances in varying degrees, blockthe vital processes in bacteria that cause tracheitis. For example, the cephalosporins inhibit cell wall synthesis of bacteria, macrolides disrupt protein synthesis in the ribosomes of bacterial cells and the antibiotic penicillin inhibit the synthesis of biopolymer peptidoglycan, which is the main component of the cell wall of the pathogen.

The inhibition or blocking of different processes of synthesis in the cell of the bacteria under the action of the antibiotics, in turn, leads to the death of bacterial cells.

In addition to the bactericidal properties of certain antibiotics in tracheitis, for example, macrolides also have anti-inflammatory effect that relieves inflammation in the upper and lower respiratory tract and accelerates the recovery.