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The symptoms and treatment of bronchitis in pregnancy

A disease such as tracheitis (treatment during pregnancy which just need to be under the supervision of experts to avoid injury to the fetus), is one of the most common diseases. What is tracheitis? Is an inflammatory process in the mucosa of the trachea, affecting all the tissues, which are located near the center of emergence.

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In rare cases, bronchitis occurs independently, often the disease is accompanied by the emergence of diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis or bronchitis, forming laryngotracheitis or bronchitis and so on. In medicine it is accepted to divide tracheitis acute and chronic. Usually chronic bronchitis is a consequence and a complication after the transfer of acute.

Pregnancy is a special time in any woman's life. At the time of development of the fetus the woman is trying to protect their unborn child against all possible diseases and complications. Therefore, noticing in his body any deviations or violations in the work, you should immediately seek help at a health facility. Do not try to recover by resorting to folk methods of home treatment, also do not need to wait until the disease will pass by itself. It may be that the pregnant woman the disease will not affect, and here her baby at risk of serious complications. In order to provide your future child a good and healthy life, you must fully comply with all prescribed by the physician measures and to regularly conduct surveys.

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Because at the time of pregnancy the expectant mother is most often susceptible to various diseases, tracheitis can occur because of hit of a virus in the body. The first and most dangerous is the penetration-to-child viral infection through the placenta with the blood of women.

Tracheitis can not only give complications and weaken the already fragile body of mother and child, but also affect childbirth, giving certain complications. If time does not pay attention to the symptoms, not diagnose the disease and start appropriate treatment, tracheitis threatens to turn into bronchitis, which greatly undermine the health of the future baby. Seen on time and completely cured the disease in women at the time of pregnancy is not the health of the child any threats. The main thing carefully monitor your own body and to do regular checkups in the clinic.


The causes of bronchitis in pregnant women can be attributed to the ingress of viral infections in a weakenedthe fruit of the body. Getting on the mucous membrane of the trachea, the infection causes swelling, inflammation and irritation. The factors contributing to the emergence of this disease can include such common factors as:

  • hypothermia;
  • inhalation of cold and dry air;
  • the abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • Smoking tobacco and drugs;
  • chronic diseases of heart, lungs;
  • inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity;
  • inhalation of gases or any other chemical substances that irritate the mucous membrane of the pharynx.

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As tracheitis pregnancy divided into two kinds, each variety has its own characteristics and the occurrence of. For example, acute tracheitis in rare cases occurs independently. As shown by statistics, this subspecies accompany diseases such as bronchitis, rhinitis or pharyngitis. Merging into a single form, both of the disease cause discomfort to the patient and can influence the further course of pregnancy, if not in time to start the necessary treatment. Chronic bronchitis is a consequence and a complication of acute, if he had not been treated properly or not treated. In order to avoid any complications, it is always necessary to bring the treatment to its logical end, i.e. to full recovery, and the recovery of the patient.

In some cases, the cause of tracheitis in pregnant women may be passive Smoking, namely the inhalation of tobacco smoke. Once in the mucosa of the pharynx, cigarette smoke causes irritation that leads to this disease. The following cause could be the simplest an allergic reaction to pollen or other plant, or of the dust and dander. This is why some expectant mothers to avoid the occurrence of such diseases and complications, doctors recommend during pregnancy to give Pets. In order to best protect your unborn baby, it is necessary to take preventive measures, such as regularly ventilate the room, try not to be around smokers and more.


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In most cases, bronchitis in pregnant women occurs or develops on the background of other viral diseases. Symptoms of tracheitis may vary slightly from any other infectious disease of the respiratory tract, as well as the causes.Tracheitis pregnancy has different symptoms that characterize the acute and chronic form. But in the initial stages of the disease symptoms are similar. The most common signs of disease appear immediately:

  • increased body temperature;
  • cough that is accompanied by severe pain in the chest;
  • full or partial hoarseness;
  • General weakness of the body;
  • strong and long-lasting cough;
  • noisy and labored breathing.

As a rule, the disease symptoms occur 2-3 days after initial infection. Pregnant women can begin a short depression because of fear of fetal loss. However, you must remember that when the first symptoms of illness should immediately seek the advice of a doctor. After all, the sooner the disease is diagnosed and will begin treatment, the better the chances for a positive outcome.

Diagnosis and treatment of bronchitis in pregnancy

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In order to make a correct diagnosis, the doctor conducts an initial examination and listens to patient's complaints. The process of diagnosis of tracheitis consists of a number of procedures such as:

  • the study of anamnesis of the patient;
  • General inspection;
  • General analysis of blood;
  • urine;
  • sputum;
  • radiography of the chest.

In some cases when the doctor has doubts about the correctness of his diagnosis, the patient may be referred for a consultation by a pulmonologist. After determining the diagnosis of patient is attributed to the appropriate treatment.

Many people wonder how to treat tracheitis and whether it is possible to use folk remedies. To answer such questions can only be highly qualified in their field specialist.

The treatment itself is complex and is aimed at elimination of violations and restoration of normal body functions.

There are medical and prophylactic therapy:

  • drink plenty of liquids (tea with lime, chamomile, honey);
  • avoiding harmful habits;
  • physiotherapy;
  • good nutrition in which the diet consists of proteins and vitamins necessary for the normalization of the body;
  • antiviral drugs;
  • in some cases, antibiotics;
  • mucolytic drugs;
  • antitussive drugs;
  • alkaline inhalation;
  • antipyretic drugs.

With the full and proper compliance with all prescribed by the doctor measures the baby's health is not threatened. But if you don't dolezite to end the disease or not starting treatment, thenthere is a risk of harm not only your health but also your unborn child.

Should not be abused in folk medicine, because without the complete picture of the disease, you can weaken already fragile body, thus causing complications during childbirth. In addition, tracheitis can give complications in the form of a long and protracted coughing, escalating the acute form of chronic disease and the development of pneumonia. In repeated manifestations of the symptoms of this disease should immediately contact your doctor in order to prevent carry-monthly examinations at the clinic.