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All about the disease of acute tracheitis

The development of acute tracheitis, on average, at least once in their life are diagnosed every tenth person on the planet. After hearing the verdict of the doctor, not to be afraid or to put on their own health cross. Of course, the healing process will be quite long and exhausting, but the chance to get rid of the disease is also quite high. The most important thing is to believe in the success of the treatment and perfectly fulfill all that says doctor.

problema ostrogo traheita

What is characteristic of acute tracheitis

The vast majority of cases, acute bronchitis is a consequence of the negative effects on the Airways are too hot or too cold air. These reasons cause inflammation of the mucous membranes and difficulty in breathing, accompanied in some cases by the formation of mucus.

To contribute to the progression of the disease may well a number of harmful habits such as alcohol abuse and Smoking. Therefore, learning about the problems associated with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the person should once and for all to abandon their negative habits. In addition, acute tracheitis, it is vital to recognize in time, to develop a timely and systematic treatment. Because only this approach is the key to success.

Among the most characteristic signs of acute tracheitis leading positions in the following symptoms:

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  1. Pain and discomfort in the respiratory tract. Patients is usually a dry cough, actually "fighting" the throat. Simultaneously may arise and the pain that occurs mainly when making swallowing movements, laughter, crying and deep breaths.
  2. The formation of mucus. Tracheitis is usually accompanied by an increased expectoration, which at first simply impossible to completely remove coughing. Takes only a small part of it, even despite considerable efforts. On 4-5th day the sputum becomes much more, however, and she begins to move much more intense. The patient has a short respite.
  3. A slight increase in temperature. This symptom is hardly typical, because there are cases where such a diagnosis and does not affect the patient's state of health. If necessary, he can use antipyretic agents, but to resort to their help is necessary very rarely.
  4. The lack of voice. In the period of exacerbation, most patients complain of hoarseness, which may even lead to loss of voice. Faced with such a phenomenon, you should not worry. As recovery will beto come back and voice.

Tracheitis is quite bright's disease, not to notice which is impossible. Should not delay going to the doctor and to resort to self-medication. With timely qualified medical aid to cope with the disease will be much easier.

How to treat tracheitis

medikamentoznoe lechenieFirst and foremost treatment of acute tracheitis involves complete abstinence from physical activity and immersion of the body in a state of complete relaxation. Even if the patient does not complain of the deterioration of the General condition. The body should feel absolutely no stress! In the room where the patient is located must be significantly humidified air. Occasionally open the window to admit maximum fresh air. The patient during ventilation should be in the other room.

During treatment, the person is usually thirsty. To quench their thirst can drink fresh fruits that contain high nutrients. If necessary, in parallel with them in the diet can be enabled and mineral water without gas. Thanks to them provided early discharge and razzhizhzhenie sputum. To facilitate rapid recovery can and heat treatments, including a mustard foot bath and is well known to many from his childhood mustard. To conduct such manipulations can be no more than once per day and only in the case if ill no problems with the heart muscle!

However, in the treatment of acute tracheitis is not the last role plays and the fight against its cause. For these purposes may contain specific antiviral drugs, which take to be strictly as directed by your healthcare doctor. Remarkably, they can be taken as orally and topically. To ease dry coughs, the patient may be given mucolytics to thin phlegm and soothing the inflamed mucosa. As an alternative method you can use traditional medicine, to resort to be followed only after receipt consultation with the attending physician.

Starting treatment, you must remember that the selected method should not only remove any visible symptoms, but also to influence from the inside, completely eliminating the problem.

How to keep out disease

Bronchitis, like any other disease, it is much easier to prevent than later cure. To treat tracheitis, require a significant amount of time and effort, while prevention does not require any supernatural action.

In particular, you should protect yourself by dressing for the weather and avoiding hypothermia oroverheating. Cold air, icy drinks or a desire to boast of their own "staying power" without wearing a winter hat or scarf, may not cause any hazardous impact immediately, but the health of such reckless actions will inevitably undermine. Even unnoticed. In addition, significantly affected and the immune system, which may fail at the most inopportune moment.

Health should be protected from an early age! Only in this case the person has a chance that many unpleasant and even dangerous diseases, including tracheitis, will pass it by.

A key role in the promotion of health is and food, which should be more fortified products. If in the body there are visible problems should not be neglected and systematic use of vitamin complexes to support the work of all organs and systems.