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Causes, symptoms and treatment of bronchitis in children

Tracheitis in children has symptoms, treatment should begin as soon as possible. To properly fight the disease, it is important to establish the true cause of the disease.

problema traheita u detej

Tracheitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea. This files most often occurs in acute infectious diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract.

If not promptly identify the disease, inflammation may spread below, on and other respiratory. Lesions, the larynx (Logotronic) and bronchi (tracheobronchitis). Such a variety of tracheitis can result in serious consequences for the health of the child. That is why a correct diagnosis at an early stage of the disease is very important in time to start the treatment of the disease.

Getting tracheitis can a man of any age. But more often this disease affects children aged 5 years. For a growing body, the danger of the disease is that affects not only the lungs, but the Airways in General. This can cause significant complications in the treatment.

Causes of tracheitis

osmotr u vrachaThe trachea is a tube composed of cartilaginous half-rings. On the one hand it merges with the larynx, on the other - with the bronchi. The wall of the trachea is lined with mucous membrane and consists of many nerve endings.

The signs of inflammation in the trachea of a child becoming the bouts of severe coughing. It is the cough, hoarse, frequent and strong, is one of the main symptoms of tracheitis.

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea is due to the pathogenic effects of bacteria or virus. In addition, there is allergic tracheitis caused by the individual reaction of an organism to a stimulus.

We can not exclude chemical or physical effects on the trachea. As you can see, tracheitis can be infectious and non-infectious, and hence the treatment is different. It is therefore important to establish the root cause.

analiz krovi pri traheiteMost often non-infectious tracheitis is developing under the influence of the following factors:

  1. The impact on the child's body is too high or low temperature is harmful to the health of both hot and cold air).
  2. The environmental factors. At risk are children living in large cities near industrial plants producing many chemical wastes that enter the air. Can negatively impact cleaning products, paints, varnishes, air fresheners and deodorants. A child who is neara smoker is also at risk.
  3. A large amount of dust in the house, the presence of flowers and animals.

Infectious bronchitis caused by viruses that can not manage with the baby's immune system.

In the case of inexpert treatment or self-treatment), the child may develop chronic tracheitis. Also affect the development of tracheitis in the chronic form, can various infections, causing diseases such as tonsillitis, stomatitis, sinusitis and tooth decay.

The children's symptoms of tracheitis

Tracheitis, the child can wear acute and chronic. Each variety of the disease is accompanied by various symptoms.

golovnaya bol pri traheiteAcute tracheitis in children is symptoms: very severe and frequent cough, the child will cough feels pain in the throat and chest. Cough occurs with a small frequency, like small bouts of shortness of breath.

Sputum when coughing is not allocated. Only in rare cases, there is scant sputum production, and this takes place with difficulty. The cough disturbs the child during sleep or in the late morning. The attack may occur after a long stay in one position. In the beginning only concern a small sore, gradually turning into a cough. Over time the attacks have become more frequent and intense. Child during them hard to breathe or speak. In such situations, it is necessary to be extremely attentive and careful. It is very important that the child is not nervous.

After the coughing fit ended, having discomfort in the chest area (makes itself known trachea). Very often after coughing, the child may have a headache; marked such features as the increased body temperature to 39 °C. If the baby starts to cry or to laugh, then cough occurs again and with greater force.

amiksin pri traheiteSometimes tracheitis in children showing signs of change in his voice - there is a loss of the larynx. Usually, the baby begins to quietly speak or cipet. The presence of such symptoms require immediate medical care.

At the beginning of the disease cough is very painful and lengthy. For this reason, the baby almost ceases to sleep at night and eat normally. In the course of treatment after 2-4 days, the attacks become less frequent, the cough is not so dry and lingering. Begins to separate a small amount of sputum.

The disease is of a chronic nature can last the child for years. The child's health will turn to worse, then get better. If the cough does not occur by itself, its aggravation may provoke deep breaths. This files most often duringthe natural course of chronic tracheitis cough occurs in the daytime or after intense exercise.

If the cough becomes aggravated, the can cough and phlegm. It can be normal (slippery and colorless), and to stand out in pus (yellow or greenish). However, in any case for the treatment of tracheitis, you need to consult a doctor.

How to diagnose bronchitis in a child?

stoptussin pri traheiteIn order to properly establish the presence of this disease, it is advisable to use the following methods.

A private conversation with the child and the parents allows to obtain accurate data on the manifested symptoms, how long they disturb the baby and what attempts at treatment were made independently. It is very important to know whether the child in contact with sick children or adults.

Held a medical examination of the child. You need to listen to the lungs during quiet breathing and coughing. Depending on the nature of the wheezing, the doctor will establish the diagnosis.

Sometimes the doctor may prescribe certain laboratory tests of blood and urine. The findings will help to give more information about the alleged disease.

How to treat tracheitis?

Tracheitis in childhood it is very important that treatment of drug drug is prescribed only the doctor. In order to determine the appropriate method of treatment (antibiotics or antivirals), your doctor carefully examines the nature of the disease and its flow. Depending on the type of cough (dry or wet), the specialist will pick up the necessary medicines.

maz doktor mom pri traheiteAntiviral drugs are assigned in that case, if the disease is provoked by the negative impact of the viral infection. A very well established Amiksin and Interferon.

If during a coughing fit, released purulent sputum, it is advisable to treat the child with antibiotics. Pick them depending on the severity of the disease and the age of the child. To take antibiotics should be strictly on the recommendation of a specialist. The length of treatment and the dose determined by a doctor.

If the cough is dry, then for its treatment are appointed special syrups on the basis of licorice root. Often prescribed Glaucine, Libeksin and the Taste. Effective use of mustard plasters and special warming compresses on the child's chest. Relieving effect will give a rubbing, for example, drugs. In house conditions it is possible to do inhalations, after discussing it with your doctor.

During the initial stages of tracheitis, you can use folkmethods of treatment. Don't forget that they will only ease some symptoms, but will not become a full-fledged treatment of the disease.

Having an idea about the disease, it can be easily detected early. No need to wait until the child's condition deteriorates. Diseases of the respiratory tract risk of serious complications, and therefore the manifestation of the first symptoms should immediately consult a doctor.