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What is the tracheitis in a child?

Bronchitis - is an inflammatory process localized in the trachea, and resulting from mucosal lesions or viral infection. Tracheitis in a child, as a rule, develops on the background of viral infectious diseases. Especially susceptible children of preschool age and pupils in primary school.

problema traheita

The main reasons

The main reasons why there is a tracheitis in children are considered to be microbes and viral diseases, but the disease can develop due to external influences on the mucous membrane of the trachea. The top infectious disease may occur for the following reasons:

  1. Flu, SARS and infectious viruses.
  2. Measles, whooping cough.
  3. Influenza, or in some cases the pneumococci.

Also tracheitis in children can cause the following external non-infectious factors:

plohaya ekologiya - prichina traheita

  1. High temperature difference. Frequent changes between cold or hot air.
  2. Bad ecological environment. The presence in the air of various chemicals, the evaporation of harmful substances. The possible reaction during spraying of chemical components of aerosols, evaporation of varnish, paint or household chemicals.
  3. The possible reaction of allergic type in present in the air stimuli.

The development of tracheitis may occur in two forms - acute and chronic. Bronchitis in the acute form occurs suddenly and causes can serve not only viral diseases, but also inflammation in the oral cavity (caries, stomatitis) or sinusitis. Disease in the chronic form develops due to incomplete cure of the acute stage of the disease.

What are the symptoms

stroenie legkihThe first and main symptom is a cough. If he develops on the background of absence of infectious or viral diseases, it is necessary examination of doctor who will set an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a comprehensive treatment. The examining doctor will allow to exclude the presence of other respiratory diseases or lung problems.

Usually the cough in tracheitis is the nature of the attacks and is accompanied by quite severe pain, dryness and lack of air. The pain is localized in my chest and lungs. The cough mainly occurs in the evening, at night or during extended finding of the body on one side. Signal another attack of the cough is sore throat, irritation of the larynx and a strong urge to coughing. The pain lasts only a short time after the weakening of the attack.

Selection when trachea are quite rarephenomenon and sputum is often of a minor character, viscous consistency and is easily expectorated.

A very common companion of the disease is fever and headaches in the occipital region. After attacks in children there is a strong weakness, lack of appetite, possible vomiting. All this is accompanied by excessive irritability and apathetic state as a whole. Also the coughing can cause insomnia.

golovnaya bol - simptom traheitaCharacter of cough changes in case of development of inflammatory processes in the larynx. However, he becomes a barking or croaking. In times of attack, there is a shortage of air whistling when you inhale (exhale). Frequent attacks may appear crackling voice or changing its timbre. The reason for the strong attack can be emotional changes in the child's behavior (crying, strong laughter, excitement). The bulk of the seizures occur during the first days of the disease.

In chronic development of the disease there are alternating sequences of States. Stage a strong exacerbation of the disease are replaced by the short-lived subsidence of the disease. During remission cough is almost not observed. It appears only in the period after sleep or when a particularly deep breaths. The sputum in chronic course of the disease occurs more frequently and may have a purulent character.

Timely diagnosis

For examination you need to contact a narrowly-focused specialist (pulmonologist) or to a leading pediatrician. Diagnosis does not require studies in the laboratory and is conducted as follows:

  1. A survey of parents of the child.

proslushivanie rebenka dlya diagnostiki traheitaThe survey contains basic indications about the state of health, character of cough, presence of temperature and complaints on the General condition of a sick child. In addition to General issues you will need to establish contact with the child disseminators of disease (sick kids), the possibility of hypothermia, allergic reaction, contact with chemical substances.

  1. Listening to the chest.

The audition is held to identify and wheezing noises in the chest, perhaps too rough breathing. When trachea bronchi and lungs in children clean and when breathing in they do not cause noise.

  1. If a strong increase in temperature of the body is given the assignment to conduct blood and urine tests. This is necessary to avoid the development of infection.

If you have experienced allergic reactions is analyzed to identify the allergen. If the cause of the disease is an Allergy to external stimuli, diagnoseallergic tracheitis.

With timely diagnosis of the disease treatment is carried out in a short time.

The chronic form of the disease develops only in the case of a running acute tracheitis and is accompanied by periods of exacerbation and remission.

The applied treatment methods

polza poloskaniya pri traheiteDisease treatment folk remedies can only be done in conjunction with the prescribed therapy and in consultation with the attending physician. Self-treatment of tracheitis may lead to undesirable consequences and complications of the disease.

  • rinse;

When the disease cope well with bouts of cough help gargle. Suitable for this procedure are antiseptic solutions. You can use herbal teas based on chamomile, mother and stepmother, sage and raspberry.

  • inhalation;

For inhalation, you can apply a compressor or a steam inhaler with a special saline solution. It is important to remember that the temperature for carrying out steam inhalation should not be high, it can cause burns to the trachea and significantly worsen the condition of the child.

  • antibiotics;

When tracheitis caused by microbes, treatment with antibiotics. The use of such drugs can serve as the presence of purulent sputum and a high fever. An antibiotic is not prescribed in case of diagnosing a viral form of the disease.

  • medicine;

polza «acc» pri traheiteEssential drugs in tracheitis aimed at reducing the cough. Therefore, the disease requires the use of antitussive syrups. Well suited for children's cough medicines "Remens", "Ambrobene", "Mucosolvan". From natural remedies to combat cough - chest collection and licorice root. For a quick recovery and good help means removing phlegm from the lungs - "Kagocel", "ACC" , to accelerate suitable alkaline water and tea with honey and lemon.

  • warming.

To warm the respiratory tract and chest, you can use such drugs as "Wheezy", regular mustard, warming ointment "Doctor mom" and ointment "Asterisk". The procedure is best done just before bedtime, this will allow the body to warm up well.

At the temperature it is possible to use antipyretic drugs for children in the form of syrup, emulsions or powders ("Nurofen" or "Paracetamol").

A little bit about prevention

To prevent diseases it is necessary to take some measures:

  1. If possible, the development of tracheitis onallergic soil avoid contact with the allergen in the environment for children.
  2. In the room where children are often required to carry out wet cleaning and to maintain a suitable microclimate. Daily to ventilate the room.
  3. Walking every day is necessary, it is important to avoid hypothermia.
  4. Hygiene.
  5. Vitamins for immune support.

Basically follow the recommendations of the attending doctor and be healthy!