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The symptoms and treatment of tracheitis in adults

When tracheitis in adults symptoms everyone should know and start treatment in time to prevent some complications.

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By the way, the tracheitis is an inflammation of the trachea, or rather of the mucous membrane. This disease can occur due to inflammation of the respiratory system on their own.

Factors that provoke the disease: viral disease, a weak immune system, coccal infections, dusty air. Seasons of illness: fall, winter and spring.

The causes of the disease

There are two forms of bronchitis: acute and chronic.

The acute form occurs against a background of acute respiratory diseases (Haemophilus coli, adenovirus). Against the background of bacteria (assorted Coca). The disease can cause dry or cold air.

The chronic form mostly happens after abuse of alcohol and nicotine, congestive disorders of the respiratory tract, sinusitis. When trachea mucosa swells, becomes red and thickens, begins to stand out mucus, trachea and gradually thins and begins to atrophy.

Important instigators of illness can be:

  • severe hypothermia;
  • on the background of various diseases (heart, emphysema);
  • a weak immune system.

Symptoms of tracheitis in adults

ingalyaciya pri traheiteThe main and the most important in the tracheitis symptoms is severe paroxysmal dry cough, which occurs in the morning or night. It can occur when you laugh, deep breath.

The signs of tracheitis in adults is a sore throat (after a bout of cough), hoarse voice, high body temperature (38-39º), weakness, drowsiness, stuffy nose, enlarged lymph nodes. In the beginning of the disease the mucus may be no or very little. When the disease begins to gain momentum, phlegm begins to move stronger, may even be pus. Symptoms of bronchitis in the acute form of the disease is unwell, poor or complete lack of appetite, muscle and joint pain. If neglected may develop pneumonia and tracheobronchitis.

To make a diagnosis using instrumental and laboratory methods of examination, collection of complaints and anamnesis. Complaint: severe cough that sometimes attacks especially in the morning and night. In the beginning dry, afterwards with expectoration. Pain in the Breasts. History: how and when did that provoked the disease (perished). Inspection: auscultation (listening to) the lung with a stethoscope, you can hear hard breathing, dry or moist rales. Look at the larynx (laryngoscope). By the way, diagnosis is divided into:

  1. Laboratory methods. Blood: using the General analysis it is possible to see inflammation (leukocytes and ESR - settling velocityerythrocytes increased) or not. Analysis of sputum is done in order to determine the causative agent and sensitivity of the organism to antibiotics.
  2. Instrumental methods. Chest x-ray (x-ray). Look there is pneumonia or not. Spirometry - test your lungs as they finish and the air of the airway. This is all done to exclude BA (bronchial asthma) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

In some cases, administered by physician-pulmonologist.

Treatment of tracheitis

temperatura pri traheiteTreatment of tracheitis in adults is based on the fact that the infection did not go further in the lower respiratory tract. To cure this disease used many different methods and techniques: antibiotics, immune, massage, herbs. And now more about each method.

If there is no reason to go to the hospital, it can be treated at home. You need to protect yourself from contact with others (it is possible to infect others and to take extra infection).

You need to follow the simple rules:

  • for 5-7 days strict bed rest;
  • plenty of warm drinks;
  • wet cleaning every day (who cares);
  • frequent inhalations.

Antibiotics is the most popular physician at tracheitis, because without them the disease can not cope (you need to kill the bacteria that cause tracheitis). In mild form: Bioparox (in aerosol form), Amoxil, Sumamed to take for 5 days. Aerosols are good because they immediately exert their therapeutic effect on inflamed mucous membranes of the trachea. Quickly help to relieve irritation. In severe form if there is inflammation of the trachea, use stronger antibiotics: Ampicillin, Ceftriaxone, Levofloxacin, Amoxiclav, drink 6 to 8 a day 2 times a day. The dosage and the right drug is prescribed the attending physician.

On cough medicines are assigned for the rapid separation and removal of sputum. The most popular are considered to be expectorant drugs: Mucosolvan, Ambrobene, Bromhexine, Ambroxol. Dry cough is better to drink the syrups. They will help to cope with the disease and soften the cough. Cough syrups, tablets contribute to more rapid recovery and better overall health. You need to drink 2-3 times over 10 days. Inhalation for the treatment of this disease are very important and a good tool. In the list of medicinal herbs include eucalyptus, pine, ginger, which helps to overcome cough.

Folk remedies

konsultaciya vracha pri traheiteFolk remedies in the treatment of tracheitis can only be applied in the form of light, andif there are no complications of the disease.


  • drink a lot of warm fluids (green, chamomile tea with honey, hot milk with honey and butter);
  • dry Kalina pour boiling water and drink while hot;
  • gargle herbs.

If there is no high temperature, put the compress on 4-5 day of illness. Recipe: 1 tbsp of honey and 3 drops of essential oil, put on 15-20 minutes on the breast for an hour before bedtime.

Also recommended:

  1. Honey and mustard cake. Mix 1:1 mustard (powder), honey, vegetable oil, flour, and vodka. In the form of pellets to put on the chest, cover with a cloth, a towel, and let it lie until morning.
  2. Hot potato in the skin to stretch, to roll up in a cloth, put on the chest. Remove when cooled.
  3. Dry mustard powder pour into socks, dress and leave until morning. You can also soar feet. The message of the powder, pour in hot water and soar for 20 minutes, until the water gets cold.
  4. You can do rubbing your chest (dry cough): mix equal parts of propolis, and honey.

To cure bronchitis using herbs: licorice root, marshmallow.

Same with herbal teas: nettle, peppermint, plantain, sage (for inhalation apply), raspberries (dried), lime, calendula, chamomile, elecampane.

We must not forget that all the herbs have different healing properties, and they need to be careful.

Inhalation can be done at home is to inhale hot vapours (over a bowl, pot) herbs. At night you can take another inhalation simple: damp cloth slightly moistened with aromatic oil (pine, eucalyptus), to hang near the warm battery. Thus, using the heat the air will start to evaporate and the patient can breathe useful antibacterial components. The most commonly used inhaler is the Nebulizer. This is a brand new drug, which is praised and recommended by therapists. The medicine gets to the destination immediately in the form of tiny particles of steam and immediately starts to act. It is convenient to use, especially on the street. There are no contraindications.

Many recommend to do the massage, as it is an additional very effective method in the fight against cough. He contributes to the activation of the immune system. It can be done, if there is no temperature.

After full recovery for a long time there may be a cough. From the acute form, the disease may become chronic. If not treated, can cause pneumonia.

Prevention and recommendations

Prevention is the following:

  • you need not be supercooled;
  • time to see a specialist;
  • do vaccinations (influenza vaccine);
  • drink immunomodulators (vitamins) in the autumn and winter period;
  • avoid people who are infected;
  • stop Smoking (one of the main factorstracheitis);
  • regular wet cleaning in the apartment;
  • active healthy lifestyle;
  • hardening of the body.

Observing all the above tips, it is possible to protect yourself from this disease.

Be healthy!