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Effective treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis folk remedies

Long period of time pulmonary tuberculosis treatment of folk remedies was widespread in society method. Many years ago a disease known as consumption, our ancestors were treated by climate change, "overseas potion" or other seemingly strange in our ways. Since then, the medicine, of course, took a big step forward today in the first days of life the newborn is administered a relaxed, cultured strain of mycobacteria tuberculosis, which causes the body to produce antibodies to the infection.

zabolevanie legkih

One of the biggest dangers in the diagnosis of “pulmonary tuberculosis” is that it can be transmitted by airborne droplets from a patient with an open form. Multiplying in other organs, it leads to atrophy and further loss of their viability. That is why medicine is trying to diagnose TB in its early stages. Everyone knows that every year people over the age of 15 it is recommended to conduct fluoroscopy, and from school children remember the intradermal Mantoux test or popularly referred to as "the button", the response to which was measured with a simple ruler. Upon the slightest suspicion of infection were sent for inspection in tubdispanser.

To identify tuberculosis in its early stages by yourself is almost impossible, because its symptoms are very similar to other diseases of the lower respiratory tract. The main symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis is:

diagnostirovanie zabolevaniya

  • protracted cough;
  • increased body temperature and sweating;
  • loss of appetite;
  • weakness;
  • dizziness.

At the first symptoms and suspected pulmonary tuberculosis should immediately consult a doctor, after the common signs of a coming difficult phase of the disease in the form of allocation of blood with sputum during cough, constant chest pain. After a series of tests and seeing the patient, the doctor can make the decision whether to treat pulmonary tuberculosis folk remedies and medicines at home or required hospital in a hospital.

Causes of pulmonary tuberculosis

The main cause of a human disease - the penetration of the body of a Bacillus, the causative agent of tuberculosis by respiratory infection or penetration through damaged skin. The main factors of the appearance of the patient such a diagnosis include the following:

virus tuberkuleza

  • lowered immunity;
  • environmental pollution;
  • poor nutrition;
  • unsanitary living conditions;
  • drug abuse, Smoking,alcoholism.

Statistics this disease is very sad, because the mortality from pulmonary tuberculosis ranked second in the world after AIDS, and most infection it occurs in places with a large crowd of people.

What is pulmonary tuberculosis treatment?

The treatment process is very long and involves a number of factors that affect the improvement of the condition of the patient. The main of them are: peculiarities of development of the disease patient, the fortress of his immunity, the adequacy and efficiency of the prescribed treatment and the patient's behavior in terms of adherence to taking doctor prescribed medications.

slabyj immunitet

The treatment of this disease is the whole complex of actions aimed at improving the General condition of the patient by making several drugs simultaneously, when the effect of one drug is fixed by the action of another. To determine methods of treatment and prescribe the necessary treatments should only doctor on the basis of information on stage of disease, sensitivity of the patient to certain substances and extent of disease involving other organs. No time to provide treatment or is waived may lead to the explosion of infection throughout the body, including infection of the bones and brain of the person. Very often, patients are administered treatment in sanatoria with pine forests and clean air, the adoption of various vitamins, hardening, breathing exercises.

How to treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis with folk remedies?

At home treatment such a diagnosis is possible only with medications, a healthy lifestyle and obtaining permission from the doctor. Worldwide, there are many ways to overcome this disease and to suppress it of pathogens by restoring the damaged tissue.

Very good help to maintain the normal condition of the patient bee products. Many are treated using the recipes of propolis. It insist on alcohol, make an ointment with different fats, used in inhalations. Used for treatment Royal jelly and it is its action to stimulate recovery of the immune system. Not less effect in the fight against disease gives pollen (bee bread) that can help with recurrence of the disease and protects the liver from the aggressiveness of the application of various chemicals. Simple honey is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent that helps to strengthen the human body. However, the use of bee venom is strictly prohibited. Due to the fact that it dilates blood vessels, stimulates the recovery of tuberculosis infection and the lesions of this disease can flare up againforce.

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Often the popular treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis offers recipes and tools, which include fees of various herbs. The most famous of them are the leaves of plantain, knotweed, reed, St. John's wort, the color of lime and other components such as walnut, birch buds, aloe Vera juice, rosehips, horseradish, lemons, etc

Are quite unusual or even seemingly extravagant treatment of the disease. These include the treatment of tuberculosis badger fat, useful components which is very rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and help the body to increase immunity and improve metabolism. Equally known is a method of treatment using the wax moth. Its larvae are very rich in zinc, magnesium, and can destroy the protective waxy shell sticks - the causative agent of the disease. Another offbeat way of treatment is mole cricket. It is an insect, the blood leukocytes which is capable of rapidly dissolving tubercle Bacillus.

Very effective in the treatment of tuberculosis is a respiratory gymnastics. It promotes expectoration, improves the airway. If you can set the respiration resistance to infections and bacterial disease significantly increases.

The diet in tuberculosis should be dietary. Due to the fact that when illness impaired functioning of the liver and stomach, foods should be taken in small portions, to eliminate most animal and vegetable fats. Small amounts are advised to eat potatoes, bread, sugar. But the use of table salt should be increased significantly, because it helps with bleeding of the lungs.

Prevention of tuberculosis

A full recovery from tuberculosis, the patient may take many years. In order to avoid long-term treatment with medicine there are different ways to prevent this disease. The main factors are:

sobludenie pravilnogo pitaniya

  • normal, acceptable sanitary conditions of life;
  • the improvement of working conditions and the abandonment of hazardous industries;
  • the annual passage of x-rays;
  • quitting bad habits (alcohol, Smoking);
  • proper nutrition;
  • healthy lifestyle (sports, healthy habits).

Also, special attention should be paid to chemical prophylaxis the people who are constantly in contact with patients with tuberculosis, people with chronic diseases (diabetes, ulcer), children with high reaction to tuberculin. It uses a special medication that the physician prescribes.

The presence of tuberculosis leads many women to abandon motherhood to full recovery, and the definition of thisdiagnosis in pregnant women requires careful monitoring from the experts.

To conquer and cure tuberculosis completely is very difficult, but adhering to the basic rules of living with this diagnosis is completely full to build their future in the modern world.