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Proper nutrition in pulmonary tuberculosis

Nutrition in pulmonary tuberculosis plays an important role because it can help remove the extra pounds that have a negative impact on the health of the patient. Due to the observance of certain rules in the meal is reduced intoxication of the human body and resistance to disease increases. For this reason, a proper diet is considered one of the most important elements that are needed in TB treatment.

problema tuberkuleza legkih

The peculiarities of nutrition of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

First of all, when this diagnosis is important to increase the number of calories, but this is not to overfeed the patient. Only if his body is exhausted, should prescribe a diet which involves increasing calories. Otherwise, you need to eat a balanced food that contains vitamins such as b, C and A. But if you prefer the diet with excess calories, the obesity in this case is inevitable.

stroenie legkihThere are a number of products which are very useful, if a person has pulmonary tuberculosis. It is primarily that food has a high protein level, because an unhealthy body is a substance decays much faster. For this reason, it is important that the food contained more protein. It is present in dairy products, eggs, fish, veal and poultry.

Not last place is occupied, and foods that contain fats. According to experts, the nutrition of the patient with this diagnosis should be saturated fats, slightly above normal. However, at the same time, it should be remembered that an excessive amount of this substance leads to digestive disorders and liver disease. Required number of fats consist of olive oil and butter, cod liver oil. Strictly prohibited such fats as beef or pork. Lamb is also undesirable.

We should not forget about the food, which is enriched in carbohydrates. It is therefore necessary that the daily diet included cereals (perfect buckwheat, rice, semolina), a variety of flour products (white bread) and sugar (jam or honey).

And, of course, impossible to present a correct and healthy diet without a variety of vegetables, berries and fruits. So, when the disease weakened body is in dire need of vitamin C (it must be taken in especially big amount). It is in the lemon, orange, kiwi, strawberries. If we talk about vegetables, these bell peppers, cabbage or onions. By the way, they are used fresh and cooked. For example, perfect dishes such as stews, a variety of vegetable soups, mashed potatoes etc. The morethat these products have no contraindications.

tipy tuberkuleza legkihThe diet of the patient, TB patient, should look like the following. Morning intake should be fairly high in calories. You can fry fish and cook mashed potatoes, make a salad and eat a little butter with tea.

As lunch is perfect soup dressed with sour cream, meat (preferably baked), porridge. We should not forget about vegetables. It is better to prepare vegetable or fruit juice.

Dinner should not contain so many calories. For the evening meal suitable for such dairy products as cottage cheese and sour cream, add mashed fruit or jam. You can drink tea or coffee with milk.

Before going to sleep, too, you can eat enough Cup of yogurt.

During pulmonary tuberculosis are great bee products, but it's not just honey, you can use the bee bread, bee pollen, propolis and drone jelly. Such substances have a positive effect on the immune system of the patient, increase the protective strength of his body.

In addition, you should take a variety of herbal teas or tinctures. These drinks not only help quench thirst, but also for coughs, struggling with hemoptysis.

Diet in pulmonary tuberculosis

effektivnaya dieta pri tuberkuleze legkihOf course, at the time of detection of tuberculosis or exacerbation required an intense regimen of special drugs that a doctor prescribes. Medicines you have to take very much, they can have various side effects. Moreover, the body must eliminate the infection completely. He handled it, he should help, and this can be done through targeted compliance with the diet.

Diet in tuberculosis must first ensure the patient's complete food, that is the important carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins, because while this disease is very often decreased appetite.

Besides, it is very important with the help of food to strengthen the protective force of the organism, which acts against infectious disease. At this time is another task that should be aimed at reduction in the rate of metabolism and removal of secondary eating disorders, which are caused by tuberculosis. The products should help the body to repair the tissue damaged by disease.

The food is very much depends on the course of the disease and weight of the patient, as well as disability rights. This applies to caloric diet. So, if pulmonary tuberculosis is manifested by a fever, it of 2400 calories perday, and when the aggravation subsides, the diet should consist of about 3100 calories.

polza moloka pri tuberkuleze legkihIf tuberculosis became chronic, and we are talking about young, but exhausted body, the energy value should increase at least 15%. But no need to greatly exceed the norm, because strong weight gain only worsens the health of the patient. Therefore, overfeeding and high-calorie diet is not desirable.

Diet during this disease should be enriched with protein (average per 100 g). If the patient is exhausted, there is an intensive decomposition of the tissues, the amount of protein should be about 120 g. Special attention should be given to foods that are of animal origin. In this case, welcome the dishes based on the liver. If there are no contraindications, a diet can include sausage products, smoked sturgeon, herring or ham, canned resolved, you can add a side dish of sprats or sardines. No need to give up eggs and dishes in which they belong.

Necessarily in the diet should include dairy products, especially fermented milk with probiotics and prebiotics.

polza jogurta pri tuberkuleze legkihIt can be kefir or yogurt. You must include dairy products in the diet daily.

If the patient has a great desire and there are no serious contraindications, you are allowed a small amount of alcoholic beverages, that is, doses should be kept to a minimum.

You can make wine from grapes that are acceptable in compliance with any diet, most often they are prescribed to patients who have deteriorating appetite, reducing the ingestion of food.

By the way, there are even so-called wine therapy, which is called enoterapiya. When it is used natural wine from grapes. This treatment was applied during pulmonary tuberculosis.

As a conclusion

Thus, nutrition during a disease like pulmonary tuberculosis, should be enriched with various fruit drinks, jelly products, juices, mousses and healthy herbal teas (e.g. rosehip).

We should not forget about vegetables are allowed to accept in any form, that is steamed, boiled or pickled. Welcome fruits and berries, which also have a positive effect on the health of the patient.