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Why you need the lungs in tuberculosis?

The lung in tuberculosis is mandatory, which are recommended to every person, regardless of whether he had suspected the disease or not. It often happens that this dangerous disease does not manifest itself in the early stages, therefore, the only way to recognize it is to see a specialist.

problema tuberkuleza

What is TB?

Tuberculosis is a very infectious disease that is transmitted mainly by airborne droplets.

Lately in the world suffering from an epidemic disease: more and more people learn about what their body is struck by a terrible disease. Simplifies the distribution process and the fact that some animals are also carriers of viruses that cause pulmonary tuberculosis.

The classic symptoms are very simple: cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat and some other complications. Often patients are unable to distinguish serious illness from the common cold or SARS, so seek medical attention too late. But if the time to go and take a picture, the healing process will not be very difficult, and the forecasts are quite positive.

vysokaya temperatura pri tuberkulezeIn this case, the patient's life is in his hands: indifference to their own health can lead to tragic consequences. Often, after tuberculosis, which at the time were not cured, comes death.

Diagnosis is based on x-ray and Mantoux samples (they have been doing in school practically all children), as well as blood tests and sputum. The drug is prescribed by a doctor who watches the patient all the time. If you found out that he was sick, then try to go to the hospital and follow all instructions. Do not self-medicate.

Why do I need to do the TB?

It needs to be done, because only this view shows the nidus. A specialist can determine how the disease started, how to deal with it and what areas to direct the action of drugs. X-ray greatly facilitates the patient's life and, in addition, confirms or denies guesses specialist. The procedure is completely painless.

Usually diagnosis is carried out once a year: the radiation dose received during the examination is not secure. That is why doctors strongly suggest to go to the radiologist as necessary. Although in some cases at the request of a TB examination conducted more often. In the office you will be only and after consultation with the attending physician. X-ray diagnostics is the key todisease, a complete picture that allows you to help the patient and return him to an active and healthy life.

Where can you take a picture?

snimok legkih dlya diagnostiki tuberkulezaThe can be done in public and in private clinic, where there is a Cabinet x-ray. The procedure also provides a tuberculosis clinic, which treats most patients. There are doctors who know about the difficult illness of absolutely everything and can render competent care to the patient. Usually you take by appointment or by referral from the school, University, work place, etc.

Many people are registered in the tuberculosis clinic. This does not mean that they are sick. Just in the body is a virus that does not manifest itself and is not dangerous. However, if in time not to get advice, neglect to health and to neglect the recommendations, the TB may occur. Then the disease will begin to destroy not only the lungs but the whole body, which will result in death when not treated. And even the virus is transmitted to other people, so serious disease are liable to contract all family members of the patient.

Typically, a snapshot is made for a short time. But I do say only a doctor, he will tell you when to come for the result and what to do next. The procedure is expensive, painful and long.

What to do after received the?

Once you got the go to the TB. Your doctor will tell you what to do next, what tests need to pass, and prescribe the right treatment if the disease does find. Don't worry if you have been diagnosed with tuberculosis he treated. Try to limit your contacts with people, wearing a gauze bandage and do not appear in public.

Are usually prescribed strong medicines that kill the tubercle Bacillus and the effect on the nidus. They can be very different - it all depends on the severity of the disease, complications and other factors. Recommended are trips to sanatoria, fresh air, avoiding harmful habits, especially Smoking. After diagnosis, the patient is put on the account and regularly monitors their well-being.

It is important to remember that this disease is not a sentence. Every year it is revealed millions of people who are trying to be treated and do not start the disease.

What happens if you don't see a specialist?

If the patient does not contact a specialist and do an x-ray, waiting for his death. Medical statistics are very sad: the number of deaths from tuberculosis is inferior to that figure only AIDS. Every year this disease getting sick 9 million people and 2 billion totalthe population of the Earth are in your body this difficult virus.

Russia is the leader: on the account is 300 thousand people, and the problem of disease is considered to be nationwide. Unfortunately, many cases are fatal. This is due to the fact that the patient went to the doctor too late. Some lumpen (addicts, women of easy virtue, homeless people) absolutely do not pay attention to your symptoms and spread the disease throughout the city. In particular, the issue affects the cities and small villages, which are not always possible to get to the clinic.

To change the statistics can be improved. To do this, hold volunteer events, meetings with doctors, school and Mantoux test (it is defined by the presence of the virus in the body). Do not refuse vaccinations - it could save your life and keep you healthy for years to come.