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Causes of yellow phlegm when you cough

Yellow phlegm coughing may occur in cases where in the lungs has accumulated a large amount of discharge. Cough is the natural attempt of the body to cleanse itself of the excess. A similar mechanism can be called the same sneezing. That is why it is important not to restrain yourself, but it is good to cough during the period of such attacks. But here it is important that the sputum was splevyval and not returned by slatinany.

problema kashlya s zheltoj mokrotoj

Remembering the rules of decorum while coughing should cover your mouth and not your hand for such purposes to use, and always have a handkerchief or tissue. First, behave like cultured people, and secondly, thus prevents the spread of infection. In fact, coughing is a reflex reaction that occurs in response to irritation of the respiratory tract and respiratory system. But if there is sputum, then it may be a sign of allergic, respiratory, or infectious diseases. It all depends on the nature of such secretions.

What is the sputum?

This definition in medicine are moist mucous secretions, which are formed on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and organs. The sputum may consist partly of saliva, which is mixed in the process, salivary gland, immune cells, and various microorganisms, blood cells, dust, plasma, and products remaining after the collapse of the cells. It should be noted that this slime manifests itself only in case, if the body has started the pathological process. Accordingly, if a person is healthy, its such a nuisance to pester will not.

zheltaya mokrota v bronhah

As noted above, the sputum may have not only different color but also different texture. There are a number of laboratory studies that allow us to determine the cause of the illness it is for the analysis of the secretions. This helps the doctor to identify a number of remedial measures. In fact, what is the percentage of a component in the sputum, can be judged not only on the type of disease, but also about at what stage it is. Also attention is paid to how sputum viscous.

As for the yellow discharge, they usually are odorless. But if he begins to assume unpleasant odor, it is a direct sign that the lungs began the cancer process, or gangrene. Therefore, the sooner action will be taken on the treatment, the better for the health of the patient. As if to delay the decision of this question, the probability of surgical intervention will be very high.

As investigated yellow sputum?

As already mentionedabove, in diseases that are accompanied by expectoration, and the doctor always takes a sample of sputum for tests. Usually this procedure is carried out in the morning, while the patient still had not eaten anything.

For maximum information specialist usually assigns his patient a bronchoscopy, which is performed only in stationary conditions. Using this method it is possible to assess the condition of bronchi and trachea. This procedure is performed using the bronchofiberscope, which allows you to take a "clean" sample, i.e. without mixing with saliva and other microorganisms that reside in the oral cavity.

Yellow sputum may indicate such diseases as:

konsultaciya vracha

  1. Bronchitis. If the patient has bronchitis, an inflammatory process in the organs was initiated as a result of a virus or harmful bacteria. The disease may become chronic, especially after acute bronchitis. Also, such a danger awaits those who long is in the conditions of strong pollution, for example, when a large concentration of dust or air pollution.
  2. Sinusitis. As for sinusitis, the disease causes inflammation in the paranasal sinuses. This situation may occur as a complication of infectious disease contamination or if the person received a severe injury associated with the face.
  3. Inflammation of the lungs. In this case, the disease develops on the background trapped in the lung tissue infection. This disease, if not timely take action can result in death.
  4. Asthma. This abnormality is often congenital, it affects the Airways and is triggered by different cell elements.

To put a more accurate diagnosis, laboratory technicians pay attention not only on color but also on consistency, presence of odor, amount of discharge during the day, etc.

analiz mokroty

Yellow phlegm can still be not only a symptom of the particular disease, but also evidence that the person has decent experience of Smoking. This is because cigarette smoke has tar, which during combustion give a yellow color and painted all surfaces with which in contact. The same can be observed with the fingers of smokers: the nail plate often have a yellow-brown hue.

Mucus that nature is full of eosinophils, which besides that give such color to the discharge, and are a direct sign of the presence of infectious, allergic or chronic onset of the disease. Special attention deserves the cough, which starts for no apparent reason.

Therefore, if a person starts coughing andcough sputum yellow, then he should immediately consult the doctor.

It should be given attention by the discharge, because, except for color, they may contain purulent or bloody include.

How to get rid of the problem?

You first need to undergo a series of examinations on the basis of which a doctor can determine the therapy. The fact that each disease requires its own approach, and if it is pneumonia, then the treatment will have one orientation, but if it's TB, then the issue will be decided quite differently.

sirop ot kashlya

General recommendations indicate that a patient needs during this period, do rinse the mouth. For this purpose, antiseptic solution, after which the mouth is rinsed ordinary boiled water. With regard to medical treatment, the patient is prescribed:

  • expectorant drugs that help to cleanse the lungs from harmful savings;
  • mucolytics aimed at dissolving mucous formations;
  • antibiotics that kill bacteria.

In fact, mucolytics act in such a way that the mucus remains in its amount, but liquefies itself gradually out of the lungs. Specialists are typically assigned a "Ambroxol", "Acetylcysteine", "Bromhexine" and syrups on the basis of licorice root. These medicines are good for asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and similar diseases that are associated with the upper respiratory tract.

The main purpose of expectorants is to help remove mucus from the surface of the upper respiratory tract. These drugs provoke cough, that sick you can not hold back. From this popular category "Thermopsis", "Trypsin and sodium benzoate.

For more tips

To the recovery process took place is better, you have to contribute to the expansion of the bronchi. This will make it easier to pass mucus output and increase the permeability of the bronchi themselves. For such purposes, discharged to receive "Bad", "Taste", "Bromhexine" and "Geelix".

If the sputum is yellow, then there is need medicines more narrow focus. These are the same antibiotics and medications antibacterial effects.

It is important to know that treatment should be directed not on elimination of symptoms, and to fight the cause that such signs shown. It is therefore advisable to seek the help of a specialist who will prescribe a course of tests and on the basis of the results will carry out the fight against disease.