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What is so dangerous bronchitis?

Know what is dangerous bronchitis, preferably all, after the transition in the chronic form the disease causes significant complications to win which is not easy. If the treatment is prescribed by a doctor, the disease goes on for 4-7 days

problema bronhita

The neglect of the disease: complications

Neglected bronchitis affects primarily the lungs, causing inflammation, that is pneumonia. Dropping down from a bronchial viral infection attacks the lungs, greatly complicating the process of complete cure. Especially difficult people, committed to the pernicious habit of Smoking, the lungs and so are subjected to daily exposure to smoke.

Additionally at risk are people:

opasnost bronhita pri beremennosti

  • working in hazardous work;
  • with a weakened immune system;
  • in old age;
  • children, pregnant women.

Even with a slight hint of bronchitis, they need to seek the assistance of doctors in order to avoid this unpleasant, debilitating factor, such as asthma. Weakened bronchi sensitively react to even the smallest factors that are irritants and cause a painful, lingering, dry cough.

Known almost universal reluctance of patients to visit a doctor or go to the inpatient Department. But bronchitis just refers to those diseases, neglected which is quite dangerous. They "maybe" do not pass, and only develop into a more complex form chronic.

The course of chronic bronchitis is most threatening to pregnant women, because they can not make aggressive medicines, antibiotics. And since homeopathic treatment is a long process, the risk factors include:

  • miscarriage;
  • fetal hypoxia;
  • hypertonicity of the uterus;
  • premature birth.

slizistaya bronhov v norme i pri bronhite

Due to the harmful effect of infection possible pathology in the subsequent development of the fetus.

No less dangerous form of the disease, known as allergic bronchitis. Its victims can become people who long time work in steel mills, bakeries, chemical laboratories and daily breathe the harmful fumes that cause irreparable harm. Over time, does not help them even issued on the company personal protection, a predisposition to allergies is already becoming resistant. Exits from this situation only two: to change jobs or after visiting the doctor at least every six months to take a course with prescribedantiallergic and immunomodulating drugs. Along the way, we should not forget about the rest, frequent walks, fresh air and folk tonics.

Complications in children

Unfortunately, the smaller the baby, the greater the risk that the bronchitis turn into chronic. So for kids especially need to watch carefully and at the first symptoms to literally run to the doctor. The condition of the respiratory tract in children at this time and so weak, the sputum is normal and does not depart promptly, and in conjunction with poor immunity, the body cannot fight off infection. If the mucosa in the course of the disease will grow, inevitably oxygen deficiency due to apparent respiratory failure. The result may be asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease and its chronic form.

shema ostrogo bronhita

A large number of people, who in adulthood suffer from symptoms of asthma, a child had bronchitis in its advanced form. Even after a long time the mucous is unable to fully recover and respond even to slight dampness, vapors, dust, lowering the temperature, drafts.

For chronic forms of this disease is characterized by intense, even hysterical cough, not accompanied by secretions. In the process of coughing there is a feeling that not only the lungs but also the abdominal part is exposed to high pressure. This is because the diaphragm and other nearby internal organs are exposed to, which eventually will cause imminent pathology. In addition, it has long been known that very often a prerequisite for tuberculosis is a chronic bronchitis is not cured in full and on time.

If in the process of treatment, the sputum, otraslevaya child, becomes lighter, then the medication doctor is chosen correctly and the baby gradually will soon recover. But when the inflammatory process with weak secretions sputum, shortness of breath, "sibilant" breath, frequent spasms of lungs, parents need to hammer the alarm: there is a possibility that this is obstructive bronchitis. Urgently need an appointment with the allergist. Even if the diagnosis will receive a confirmation, and treatment will take place quickly and successfully, in order to avoid bronchial asthma a periodic examination by a specialist is required.

The consequences of the disease in adults

Because the body adults, with the exception of allergies and working in harmful conditions, has a high resistance, bronchitis dangerous for them, but not as much as for kids or pregnant women.

rak legkih - posledstvie bronhita

The main expectedcomplication while ignoring their health is obstructive and chronic condition. Chronic case leads predominantly to bronchial asthma, because during the process the mucous membrane becomes more sensitive and reacts immediately to gases of automobiles, high humidity, smoke, unavoidable and almost impossible for modern people not only cities but also villages. Reaction becomes mucosal swelling and secretion of mucus, which accumulates and is not completely removed during a cough. Unfortunately, if you do not resort to systematic treatment, adults can purchase a "bouquet" of ailments, among which may be:

  • of bronchial pneumonia;
  • atelectasis;
  • pulmonary fibrosis;
  • pleurisy;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • cancer of the lung.

The disease has symptoms of the flu, seasonal colds and quite often at first not taken seriously.

The necessary actions are often taken much later, when doctors have to resort to drastic measures in order to protect the health of the patient by assigning a fairly aggressive medicines. All this can be avoided. If after 5-7 days the cough and then worried, and relieved, despite the common treatments, do not come, you need to turn to doctors for further assistance.

Additional points

For obstructive bronchitis is characterized by metabolic disorders in the lungs. The alveoli that are in a healthy condition are reduced when the disease is too stretched, due to which blood gets normal, needed amount of oxygen. At the same time, the alveoli cannot cope with another crucial task – the excretion of carbon dioxide. External symptom indicating problems with the lungs, it becomes very severe shortness of breath even with minimal exertion that healthy people will not even feel. It is the expected consequence of the processes occurring in the body, significant oxygen deprivation affecting the state of the tissues and organs.

Modern medicine has adopted many ways of dealing with such a threat, although seemingly harmless at first, disease like bronchitis. Turning to the medics at first, you can avoid significant complications, not allowing a diagnosis of "chronic". It is known that during the first days of illness can be quickly and easily disposed of. In poor condition the process may be irreversible, and is the maximum that will be able to achieve temporary relief.