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Know – how is the flu?

The source of infection is the infected person, it becomes clear how the flu is transmitted. This disease belongs to the virus. The main lesions are localized in the lower and upper respiratory tract. The flu is accompanied by severe intoxication, which can lead to serious complications. Not ruled out the possibility of the lethal outcome.

virus grippa

The main types of virus

To date, there are three main varieties of the disease:

  • virus type A;
  • the virus of type b;
  • the virus is type C.

Especially dangerous is the first type of influenza. And suffer from it as people and animals. Each epidemic was characterized by his severity. This type of virus had previously prevailed among certain species of animals. For example, is rapidly spreading among birds, it could be dangerous only for them. To date, the viruses mutate, so this pattern is not performed. Now animal influenza dangerous for humans.

opasnost ptichego grippa dlya zdorovya chelovekaThe virus type A2 is distributed among the infected population. It is subdivided according to surface antigen on the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase. Especially dangerous is H5 and H7, they can lead to death. The recent avian influenza virus A(H1N1) excited health experts. After all, it is dangerous not only for birds but also people. Influenza viruses are transmitted by droplets that can lead to serious consequences for the person.

Type V. This type of flu is found only among humans. Is characterized by severe reaction, however, compared to type And much easier to bear.

Virus. This kind of is the most harmless. It does not cause severe symptoms and epidemics. The virus of type C is insufficiently studied. Symptoms easy, sometimes it is not manifested.

The source of the transmission of the disease

The main source of infection is the infected person. The virus is able to stand out along with the sputum, saliva and discharge the secretion from the nose. Often infection occurs when sneezing and coughing. The virus can enter the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. It penetrates into the respiratory tract directly through the air. This is possible by close contact with a sick person.

rasprostranenie virusa grippa pri chihanii Penetrating into the body the virus begins to rapidly reproduce. Because these conditions are favorable forhim. Quite a few hours to complete destruction of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. This place is one of the most popular. The disease affects other organs, he concentrates in the area of the respiratory tract. From this point of view, expressions such as "stomach flu" to apply inappropriate. Because the disease is not able to infect other organs and systems of the body.

To date, not been established the major defense mechanisms that can trigger recovery. After 5 days of virus stops reproduction. It was during this period the person becomes completely safe for the environment. Comes gradually and recovery.

The mechanism of transmission of the disease

Transmission of influenza include several varieties of this process. The disease can enter the human body through the air or through eating contaminated meat is inadequate treatment. Patients allocated viral aerosol contains in its composition of highly dispersed and low-dispersion particles. Besides them, there are drops of different size.

zarazhenie virusom grippa cherez rukopozhatieAs mentioned above, the main way of transmission - airborne. Viruses that cause acute respiratory diseases, localized in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Moreover, they are characterized by their affinity for him. This suggests that the virus is enough to get on the mucous membrane for further reproduction.

Any infection into the body that can cause those reactions that are necessary for successful dissemination.

Respiratory viruses lead to the development of coughing, sneezing and slezotechenie.

During these processes from the human body released part of malicious viruses. In close contact with other people, particles actively settle on their mucosa. Simply inhaling the virus. However, contamination does not always happen, depending on the strength of the immune system and the type of the virus itself.

There is another way of transmission is contact. It can be considered more dangerous than airborne. However, many people are confused upon hearing about this method of transfer. Most of them believe that the flu can be transmitted sexually. Such a proposition is not true. Contact way implies somewhat different. During coughing or sneezing, the man covers his face with his hand. This contributes to settling of the bacteria in his limbs. Hand bacteria people can relate to different objects or to produce handshake. Thus, all virusesbe on the limbs of a healthy person. Not good hygiene is easy to put bacteria into the body. This entails the infection. Viruses are easily spread and multiply in the human body.

It is worth noting the fact that most bacteria are resistant to the external environment. They are able to survive on objects for a long time. This suggests that the infection is able to occur immediately.