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Find out if bronchitis is contagious

Not only the sick are concerned about contagious tracheitis. Others also interested to know what this disease is, how it is expressed and can you get her in the home.

problema traheita

Viral and bacterial tracheitis

Between the bronchi and larynx is another organ - a trachea that is part of the respiratory system. Inflammation in its mucous membrane are the disease, called tracheitis. The patient suffers from severe coughing and high body temperature. There is a malaise of the whole body.

There are two forms of bronchitis - viral (organisms include viruses) and bacterial (caused by bacteria).

Cause of viral tracheitis can be:

  • strains of influenza;
  • adenovirus;
  • respiratory virus;
  • parainfluenza;
  • the coronavirus.

vysokaya temperatura pri traheiteThe symptoms of this form of the disease is a dry cough, sore throat, pain in the trachea of a burning character, dryness of the mucosa, fever.

The human immune system begins to fight viruses once they enter the body. Dead cells of the trachea are replaced by new ones, which begin to actively proliferate. The body fights the virus within a week or two. During this period, he loses the protection to various bacteria. It was at this time there may come a complication that manifested bacterial tracheitis.

Many bacteria that cause tracheitis, live in the oral cavity of the person. In a healthy organism, they are not able to cause any harm, as defenses neutralize them. But as soon as the immune system is compromised, bacteria aktiviziruyutsya, exerting their negative effect on humans.

But the body is the guardian of your health. As soon as bacteria begins to multiply, it includes a new protective means, which are accompanied by phlegm. A cough from the dry into the wet.

What kind of tracheitis contagious to others

The disease can have viral or bacterial origin. After determining the type of disease, it becomes clear how the patient is dangerous to those around him. Viral bronchitis contagious, bacterial and about it's hard to say.

Being infected by a patient with a bacterial form, but only if you directly close contact. For example, kiss is capable to transfer the bacteria from one person to another. The use of a common Cutlery also cause contamination.

golovnaya bol pri traheiteThe bacteria that cause tracheitis, is transmitted through the saliva of the patient. Observingsimple precautions to avoid infection simply. Therefore, it is often possible to hear what bacterial form is not dangerous, what can be said about viral.

Tracheitis, which caused by viruses, often develop along with other diseases also caused by viruses. It's the flu or SARS. And like all viral diseases is transmitted only to the appearance of the major signs - cough and sputum (only in the incubation period). It is about 5-7 days. And as soon as the patient appeared cough, and began to separate a lot of phlegm, it can no longer anyone to infect.

Bronchitis is a respiratory ailment. Its transmission from one person to another person occurs through airborne droplets (coughing is the culprit). A dry cough appears early in the disease, is to protect the body in combating harmful microorganisms. They cause disease when they enter on the mucosa of the trachea. But in most cases, coughing exhausts the patient at night or in the morning, when strangers are not around, so the infection is less than with other diseases.

Babies and elderly people the immune system is not high enough. Therefore, they should not communicate with the patient. If avoiding contact is impossible, the patient should take care of the protection of others. This can be done by using protective medical mask or a simple bandage of gauze, which you must use when communicating with other people.

What would it take not to get infected

A healthy person, in whose environment there are ill should not be in contact with the patient during the period when he begins an attack of dry cough. It was at this time sick especially dangerous to others. What is the cough dry and very painful, can be determined by the patient's face.

Tracheitis airborne. To avoid contamination, should not be around sick. Even if it's not bronchitis, that can't be too careful - it is not recommended to stand in the way of viruses vychislimykh of the patient's body.

You can pre-take care not to catch bronchitis and any respiratory illness. To do this, increase the body's defenses. For example, take vitamins and immunomodulators, particularly in those periods when there's an epidemic of such diseases. In addition to medication, need to be appropriately nourished. For example, liver of beef or seafood increases the immunity. Contribute to this good emotional state, lack of stress. But the most effective way to prevent respiratory diseases is vaccination.

As recommendations to reduce the risk of infection, doctors suggest the following:

  • to keep the daymode;
  • walks in parks or forest areas;
  • physical activity.

A healthy lifestyle is able to repel any illness.

Smoking has a negative impact on the respiratory system - developing congestion, reduces immune defenses.

Smokers are bronchitis can turn into chronic stage. Therefore, they in no case should not communicate with the sick person. If the infection has occurred, it is necessary to undergo a full course of treatment to bronchitis was not chronic.

To be more careful for women who are expecting a baby. The body of a pregnant concentrates on carrying a child, and the woman is left without protection. Therefore, to catch any virus in this state are very easy. And treatment difficult. For these purposes, the expectant mother is unable to take medication in order not to harm the fetus. It only remains for folk medicine in the form of any of the decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs. Possible inhalation of a decoction of potato, alkaline inhalations.

Tracheitis is a disease of the autumn-winter period. It was at this time a person breathes in cold air. But he not only provokes the disease. It may be too hot air, and dust, and various chemicals. Tracheitis caused by cold or damp air, may be contagious to others, but the one caused by chemicals - no.