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Than it is possible to treat cough with pharyngitis?

In order to answer the question about how to treat cough with pharyngitis, you should at least possess some information regarding the entire clinical picture of the disease.

problema kashlya pri faringite

Pharyngitis is a throat disease with inflammatory character of the course. Infection when it is used to spread along the mucous membrane of the larynx is reflected in the increase of lymph nodes, and invasion of the upper respiratory tract.

One of the characteristic symptoms of the disease are dry cough paroxysmal character, which can occur even at night. When the disease are the elderly, pharyngitis, quickly develops into a chronic form, accompanied by a prolonged cough and pain in the throat. In children, the disease is somewhat easier and is a very common disorder which is treatable with proper and timely approach.

The development of cough in the pharyngitis

povyshennaya temperatura pri faringiteSymptoms of pharyngitis are a fever, General malaise and weakness. The throat is inflamed, there is a constant desire to cough, his mouth felt dry. On the back of the throat pharyngitis is a constant formation of large amounts of mucus, which constantly have to swallow.

As a result, people become nervous and irritable, sleep badly at night, which in turn, manages to affect the General condition of the patient during wakefulness. The symptoms of the disease appear after being hit in the throat viruses, bacteria and fungus.

One of the trigger factors is mechanical damage to the pharynx in the form of injuries that can cause an allergic reaction in the entire mucosa. The coughing is due to irritation of the tissues, edema is exacerbated because of the expansion of blood vessels and inflammation of the mucous sites at the local level, which usually appear on the lateral and posterior sides of the pharyngeal wall and the nasopharyngeal vault.

If a pharyngitis has become a chronic form, there is an increase in thickness of the mucosa, which contributes to the emergence of a predominantly dry cough or podkrashivanija. This hypertrophic pharyngitis. In atrophic type of the disease like cough and sore occur, on the contrary, due to the dryness of a mucous membrane, which also severely thinned.

nedomoganie - simptom faringitaCough is very different fromnormal: it is pronounced, dry and barking (this is the main distinguishing feature of this disease). He does not provoke Mikrotik discharge, and therefore requires a special approach to treatment. Bouts of coughing cause quite noticeable and painful discomfort throat itches and itches at the same time, clearly felt the presence of excess foreign education. In children these symptoms often provoke a gag reflex. And do the attacks affect the gain of the cough and the development of pharyngitis. Therefore strongly advised to take measures to rinse the throat or to use sprays.

Cough with pharyngitis appears at any time of the day, and at night he is wont to grow, eventually disrupting sleep. As a result, may develop permanent insomnia. Throughout his illness he occasionally passes in the wet, but in a very slight degree. In this case, there is a small amount of sputum.

Causes of cough

Paradoxically, but strep throat often appears on the background of pathological processes of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, diseases such as gastritis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis. With regard to Smoking or the removal of the tonsils, both of these factors have a negative impact and contribute to the development of pathological changes of atrophic character in the whole area of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. The disease can get a favorable soil for development, with the difficulty of nasal breathing, and is invoked as in the frequent use of drops for constriction of blood vessels, and breathing through the mouth.

konsultaciya vracha Except for dry cough, especially in children, there may be wheezing with whistling. In this case, it is assigned a screening of bronchial asthma.

The disease can affect the following causes:

  • the differences of the constitutional peculiarities of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and gastrointestinal tract;
  • frequent exposure to harmful chemicals and other irritants, long-term their impact on the respiratory system;
  • cough, pharyngitis, obstruction of the natural process of breathing through the nose;
  • bad habits (Smoking, frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages of any strength);
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • disorders associated with the activity of the endocrine system;
  • decrease in immunity and vitamin deficiency;
  • the presence of diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, impaired renal function, pneumonia or pulmonary edema.

Pharmacological preparations for the treatment of cough

Treatments should be aimed at the destruction of the symptoms of the disease and to eliminatecausal factors contributing to inflammation, reproduction and spread of pathogens and viruses. To medical drugs in this case are:

poloskanie gorla pri faringite

  1. Funds depressing the centre responsible for the process of coughing. In this case, there is no therapeutic effect, however, the human body is resting and regaining her strength, he restored sleep efficiency, improves overall health. It tusupreks, Codelac and pour.
  2. Drugs that reduce the sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, for example, carbocisteine or prenoxdiazine.
  3. Very effective to use in combination with other drugs oil drops, e.g., drops. They reduce throat irritation and reduce coughing.
  4. Beneficial gargling with a solution of water with sea salt, baking soda, or a decoction of chamomile calendula.
  5. Special sprays and absorbable tablet with a concentrated content of components a wide range of activities, relieving the sensation of pain and inflammation in areas of injury. These include septolete, faringosept, Strepsils and others.
  6. Use of appropriate antihistamines in allergic nature of pharyngitis and cough. These include claritin, larison, agistam, lorfast, Carolyn, ewijk,-MD, lorano.

Antibiotics are prescribed in the form of the disease, when the cough goes into barking. The course of the disease is accompanied by increased body temperature, which clearly indicates a bacterial pharyngitis.

Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment

The practical application of physiotherapy techniques occurs when the transition disease into a chronic form.

Relapses of cough are eliminated by cauterization of the hypertrophied areas on the mucous membrane, are cryotherapy laser, and radiowave coagulation.

In addition, this type of treatment include electrophoresis region under the jaw with the presence of iodide, radiation of lymph nodes with a laser of a certain frequency, the application of the mud masks. To treat the disease with the use of physiotherapeutic procedures is possible only after doctor's prescription.

National treatment is included in the complex treatments effects on pharyngitis, provides for the observance of a few simple rules. From the diet in the first place to exclude hot and cold food, spicy and pickled products.

Furthermore, it should be taken as a rule, the use of honey three times a day a tablespoon. Good help warm, but not hot tea with honey and mint, and warmed homemade milk. It hasthe property for some time to envelop the throat and eases cough. Be healthy!