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Disease stomach flu: symptoms and treatment

Knowing what stomach flu symptoms and treatment is, it is possible to timely identify the disease and to quickly recover. It is important to understand that this disease is quite serious. If you do not give it proper attention, to avoid serious consequences.

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Causes and symptoms of stomach flu

Stomach flu (gastroenteritis) is caused most often by certain groups of viruses that are the active breeding cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Most often this disease occurs because of eating unwashed or poorly washed vegetables and fruits. The disease can provoke malnutrition (starvation, overeating, food dry), antibiotic therapy.

Gastric flu-prone children and adults. And the child is the disease is often severe, and recovery is long. It is important to detect this disease. The main symptoms of flu - sore throat during swallowing, redness of tonsils, runny nose, sneezing. As bacteria to grow the patient has diarrhea. Bowel movements generally have a strong odor, gray-yellow, but they are not present mucus and blood. Diarrhea may occur up to 5-10 times a day.

Other symptoms of intestinal flu - abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, rumbling, increasing weakness, high temperature. This disease can trigger dehydration, so it is important to start treatment.

Conservative therapy

konsultaciya vrachaNoticing the symptoms of the stomach flu, you should immediately consult a doctor. Because without treatment this disease will not pass. Professionals typically prescribe conservative treatment. It is aimed at reducing the negative impact of viruses on the body. Therapy should help remove toxicity, to restore the functioning of the cardiovascular and urinary systems, as well as to prevent the secondary development of this disease.

Conservative therapy necessarily involves the use of Regidrona. A bag of the drug is diluted according to instructions and drunk during the day in small portions. Sorbents are also appointed, including:

  • Activated carbon;
  • Enterosgel;
  • Smectite;
  • Filtrum-STI.

If the patient has severe diarrhea, accompanied by fever, the doctor may prescribe Furazolidone, Enterofuril or Enteral. In this disease the necessary medication with digestive enzymes, such as Pancreatin, CREON, Mezim Forte.Less is assigned Ftalazol, however, it is important to remember that it can be used not more than 3 days.

lineks pri kishechnom grippeTreatment should include rehabilitation therapy. It is necessary to normalize the intestinal microflora. To do this, your doctor may prescribe:

  • Linex;
  • Zoflora-Balance;
  • Bifidumbacterin Forte.
  • Bifiform;
  • Bioflora Immuno;
  • Hilak Forte.

Rehabilitation therapy may include vitamin complexes, for example:

  • Undevit;
  • Dekamevit;
  • Pangeksavit.

To speed up the healing process, you need to stay in bed, it is desirable to take a child's pose. To avoid dehydration, need to drink more fluids, at least 2 L.

polza aktivirovannogo uglya pri kishechnom grippeDoctors recommend to drink mineral water and mint and ginger tea. The patient must adhere to therapeutic diets, which should be based on the 4 products: rice, apples, toast, bananas.

For quick recovery it is possible to pass physiotherapy. They can provide ultratonotherapy in the projection area of the stomach. Your doctor may prescribe warm compresses, paraffin baths and inductothermy. In severe cases may require intravenous infusion of colloid solutions.

Treatment of folk remedies

In agreement with the doctor can resort to traditional medicine. Here are the most effective ones:

  1. Take 20 grams of mint leaves and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Leave it to infuse for 30 minutes, then strain and take 70 ml every 30-40 minutes.
  2. Pour 20 g of berries cranberries with boiling water and place on low heat. Bring medium to a boil and let stand for 20 minutes. Then strain it and take 90 ml 3-4 times a day.
  3. Take 2 tubers jatryshnika, chop them and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Will have to get kiseleobraznogo mass. It is necessary to consume 50 grams per day, it is possible to improve the taste add a little honey.
  4. Pour 15 g of dried Chernogolovka and leave for 3 hours. After that, strain the remedy and take every 2 hours for 10 ml.

To use the people's money should be up to full recovery. They are suitable for the therapy along with the medicines.

Complications and prevention

If you ignore the stomach flu symptoms, the patient may experience serious complications, including:

  • collapse;
  • peritonitis with perforation of the intestine;
  • liver, heart and other organs due tointoxication;
  • dysbacteriosis of the intestine;
  • toxic or hypovolemic shock;
  • gastrointestinal bleeding.

To avoid complications, you should immediately after the occurrence of the first symptoms to visit a doctor and start treatment. To reduce the likelihood of such a disorder must be prevented, which consists in the following:

  • personal hygiene (washing hands after toilet, before eating, and so on);
  • thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits;
  • there are well roasted and cooked foods;
  • not to take medicines without a doctor's prescription (especially antibiotics);
  • reduce your consumption of alcohol;
  • adhere to proper nutrition.

It is important to understand that stomach flu is a serious disease. Curing it yourself is not recommended, because complications can occur. So be sure to contact your doctor if you suspect this disease.