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How can you get rid of nasal congestion and runny nose?

To learn about how to get rid of nasal congestion and runny nose in a particular case, it is necessary to know the exact cause of obstructed nasal breathing. However, regardless of the cause, a stuffy nose is the source of many troubles: lack of smell and appetite, fatigue and headaches, sleep disturbances and reduced work productivity.

problema nasmorka

Causes a stuffy nose

Nasal congestion can be unilateral or bilateral, may be accompanied by sneezing and itching, to emerge only at night or in the morning. If nasal congestion can be a runny nose, but may not be.

Common reasons for a stuffy nose:

ARI. The common cold, which goes away within 7-10 days, is one of the most common causes. As you know, the treatment of colds and influenza is symptomatic when the body cope with the cause of the disease, the breathing returns to normal. However, be careful: viruses, suppressing the immune system, may lead to the accession of bacterial infection.

shema rinitaChronic and allergic rhinitis. These reasons are not so harmless and require medical assistance. If the runny nose is accompanied by itching and sneezing, then most likely is allergic in nature. The simplest way of treatment is eliminating the allergen or, if that is not possible, taking antihistamines.

Adenoiditis can cause constantly congested nose in children. An increase in nasopharyngeal tonsils is accompanied by snores, headaches, prolonged and frequent colds. Adenoids are the result of a failure in the immune system and require diagnosis and medical treatment.

Other possible causes of nasal congestion can be boils, bruises, abscesses, growths in the nose. Do not try to treat long-term rhinitis or shortness of breath because it can only be the symptoms of more severe disease, in which prompt medical care depends on the success of the final result.

Rapid methods of combating the common cold

konsultaciya vracha pri nasmorkeTo quickly get rid of nasal congestion try the following methods.

Breathing exercises (effective for runny nose) is a rapid inhalation and exhalation of air by the nose. The frequency of cycles of inhale-exhale - 2-3 per second. Pay attention to the breath in combination with the expansion of the nostrils and trying to keep the air penetrated as deep as possible. After 3-4 cycle get some rest and continue to improve breathing. The method allows to heat the nasal mucosa, activating blood circulation.

Decongestantdrugs, which are widely available in the form of tablets, sprays, ointments, and ear drops. Safe to use them for 5-6 days (depending on medication). With prolonged use give reverse effect and exacerbate swelling of the nasal mucosa, are addictive. In addition, all anti-edematous drugs have possible side effects.

Nasal rinses quickly return you to normal breathing. For this purpose a variety of means, both pharmacy and home. You can wash the nose with saline infusions, decoctions of herbs (chamomile work well), salt water (you can make one at home). To get the herbal decoction, it is sufficient to take a tablespoon of dry grass, pour a liter of boiling water and let stand. For the saline will need a teaspoon of salt and one liter boiled water. And prepare sea water from sea salt by analogy with the saline.

stroenie nosaA hot shower and drink. These methods will also help to disperse the blood and eliminate edema of the mucosa. Traditional drinks are: black tea with lemon, raspberry, honey, green tea. You can also prepare a variety of vitamin-enriched drinks from a dogrose, dried fruits, viburnum. Drink teas and decoctions, slowly and breathing in the hot steam. If you feel good, along with hot tea and a shower, try physical exercise. Active exercises will help to quickly spread the nose and return to the breath.

Modern method independent and quick getting rid of nasal congestion is the massage of active points. This technique can be applied even for kids, it will help little noses to breathe freely, to fight the cold and hard to sleep. The effectiveness of massage of active points (which are located not only in the nose but at the back, under the knees, etc.) due to the same activation of blood circulation and strengthening the muscles of the nasopharynx. This method will allow to remove nasal congestion without drugs. Technology of Chinese massage for nasal congestion you can ask the doctor.

Important! Only properly performed massage can help to eliminate the runny nose and boost the body's defenses.

Other methods of dealing with a stuffy nose

promyvanie nosa pri nasmorkeCommon and effective ways to help blocked nose are pulmonary. Conduct them how to use inhalers, and just over a steaming pot.

The most effective tool for inhalations is a nebulizer, which not only moisturizes the nasal mucosa, activates blood circulation, and delivers drugs directly to the site of the lesion. Treatment by inhalation with a nebulizer can be held as medicinesprescription, and independently of mineral water, salt solutions, herbs, etc.

Anatomical defects that are congenital and acquired. It is worth noting that if we are talking about acquired anatomical curvatures in children, they often appear at birth. As soon as the baby grows, the problem makes itself known.

An important factor for the patient with a stuffy nose is the humidity of the air we breathe.

Wet and cool air can not overdry the mucous membranes and the nose to provide the ability to protect the body from infection inside. That's why first aid with a cold and blocked nose is to drink plenty of liquids, ventilation, humidification. The last task successfully cope humidifiers, frequent wet cleaning, basin with water and wet towels on the batteries.

Traditional medicine has great experience of treating a stuffy nose. Although this experience relates more to cold, as a symptom of ARI. Methods of dealing with not breathing nose: consumption of salty and acidic food, burying his nose in the watered down onion juice, aloe and Kalanchoe, the use of warming ointments and essential oils. Experienced doctors in the treatment of respiratory rhinitis suggest instilled into the nose natural drops, to massage active points, to keep feet warm.

A good way to eliminate edema and an alternative to surgical intervention in the body is laser therapy. This method of getting rid of the causes of a stuffy nose becomes relevant in chronic rhinitis and adenoids. The advantage of this method of treatment is that eliminates not the symptoms of rhinitis and a stuffy nose, its causes. Laser treatments are quick, painless and sterility.

A revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of ENT-diseases and, in particular, if there is a constant runny nose, happened with medical applications ultra-low temperatures. Under the action of liquid nitrogen with a temperature of 196°C diseased tissue wrap, not touching the healthy parts. The advantage of such “freezing” is non-toxicity, accurate treatment, the relief of the patient's condition after the first treatment. Cryotherapy is successfully used in the fight against cancers, in contrast to laser therapy, in which ekoobrazovanie are a direct contraindication.

Thus, there are many effective methods of struggle with shortness of breath. I would like to wish those who are suffering from long-term problems with the nose, quickly find a solution and, finally, breathe.

Be healthy!