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The best remedy for nose pencil from a cold

Pills, potions, sprays and drops – these funds are in every home and in every medicine Cabinet. But not everyone knows what a pencil from a cold will make their task much better than the other drugs. Handy and compact device for inhalation easily fit even in the smallest women's purse and using a pencil is possible at any moment. Only 10-12 breaths per day and a stuffy nose doesn't bother his master.

problema nasmorka

This tool has a menthol aroma and perfectly eliminates germs and inflammatory processes in the nasal mucosa. After you apply the person will feel significant relief of: itching and pain will decrease, vessels narrowed. However, after the inhalation the patient will feel cold in the nose, which gradually becomes a burning or tingling, little perceptible. Additionally, the pencil will relieve headaches and restore the normal human condition.

Instructions for use

This tool is available in the form of a pencil for inhalation, an oil solution for topical application or in the alcohol solution for external use.

The product consists of a cotton filler and paraffin, which are impregnated with active additives of vegetative character.

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So after each use it is necessary to tightly close the pencil cap, to avoid weathering of nutrients. Filter pencil secured with a plastic casing. At its base has holes for air passage. Save a drug is best in a well-ventilated room where the humidity is normal.

To convert breath need to put a pencil tip to nostril, closing the other with your finger and take a deep breath. During the manipulation of the air, mixed with essential oils will be sucked through the bottom of the pencil, and to enter through the upper nostril.

The drug has a local irritating effect on the body: through irritation substance distracts from pain sensations, coping effectively with the microbial pathogen.

The tool does not affect the brain, but effectively fights the symptoms of migraines. The pencil is an irritant on the sensitive receptors in the skin, mucous membranes, stimulating the process of formation and release of biologically active substances that participate in the regulation of pain and vascular permeability.

In case of irritation of the lining of the mouth is the expansion of coronary vessels (spasm). When you receive the funds in high doses in humans can be diagnosed low blood pressure and depressionthe Central nervous system.

polza mentolovogo karandasha pri nasmorke

Menthol pencil use in diseases of the respiratory tract inflammatory and infectious-inflammatory nature:

  • rhinitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • tracheitis.

Shows a tool for use in neuralgia and angina pectoris, myalgia and pruritic dermatosis, arthralgia. Effective drug and migraine.

Depending on the disease is assigned to a specific way of ingestion and dosage of the drug. For example, angina, the doctor will prescribe menthol means subhyaline, neuralgia and myalgia – externally. If the patient has migraine, then a pencil should be lubricated temporal region, and injection drug use in the treatment of itching dermatosis.

Diseases of the respiratory tract is best treated with steam inhalations. For this purpose, a certain number of drops of menthol oil diluted with water. But when rhinitis should bury the tool in each nostril.

Contraindications and side effects

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Since the composition of the substance is alcohol, the pencil is contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to composite resources, as well as children at an early age. Do not use the applicator when purulent diseases of the skin on the injured areas.

Harmless enough drug for treatment of the nose can cause side effects that manifest in the form of allergic rashes, vertigo, contact dermatitis, and fatigue.

The intranasal application, which is used to treat young patients, the drug may cause collapse or oppressed breathing, apnea. While taking menthol oil inside patients can cause nausea and vomiting, pain in the abdominal area.

If after using the patient is diagnosed redness of eyes, irritation of the nasal mucosa or increased secretion of tears, you must stop taking the drug.

The technique of using tools

For the treatment of cold cold is very good at helping point massage with menthol oil. With a pencil you should apply it to such areas of skin, such as:

  • earlobe;
  • the temple;
  • the area of skin between the eyebrows;
  • the chin area and the nose;
  • the area of skin between the upper lip and nose.

After applying menthol oil every active point it is necessary to lightly massage the fingers clockwise. Motion to commit for 2-3 minutes.

You should never apply the medication directly to the nasal mucosa, because it will causesevere burns. Treatment of such inadvertent use of the drug will take a few weeks. Correct and careful use of the natural composition of the pencil helps you to get rid of a cold for adults and children.