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How to treat complications of pneumonia?

Since the diagnosis of pneumonia the doctor will need to decide in what conditions to treat the patient at home or in hospital. Complications of pneumonia is very serious, so it is important to start treatment in time. What will be the consequences? It depends on what stage of the disease were treatment is started.

problema pnevmonii

The consequences of pneumonia

Pneumonia is a very dangerous disease that affects the lung tissue. Particularly severe is the pneumonia in adults. If treatment is not started in time, can cause irreversible processes in the body, such as:

  • blood poisoning;
  • gangrene;
  • anemia;
  • infectious-toxic shock;
  • psychosis (due to lack of oxygen in the body);
  • pericarditis;
  • endocarditis;
  • acute pulmonary heart.

patogenez pnevmoniiSuch diseases are often incompatible with life in most advanced cases it ends in death. Therefore it is so important to consult a doctor and start treatment. In 99% of cases complying with all instructions of the treatment the patient there comes a full recovery.

Bilateral inflammation is dangerous because with this diagnosis may experience the following complications of pneumonia:

  • asthma;
  • violation of respiratory function (dyspnea);
  • abscess of lung;
  • pulmonary edema;
  • pleurisy;
  • pain in the chest.

To the likely consequences of pneumonia is also affected by the following factors:

  • age of the diseased.
  • immunity;
  • the type of causative agent;
  • lifestyle;
  • General health (hereditary and innate factors).

In order to avoid a protracted course of pneumonia, it is necessary to perform additional diagnostics to identify pathogen, undergo bronchoscopic investigation, consult a TB doctor. To search for the causative agent is usually taken on a swab from the throat of the infectious agent, thus further explores the sensitivity of microbes to antibacterial agents, thus allowing you to choose the right drug for treatment. After complete diagnostics of protracted pneumonia is assigned the necessary treatment.

The types of complications of pneumonia

povyshenie temperatury tela pri pnevmoniiIn modern medicine there are two types of complications of the disease:

  • pulmonary complications;
  • extrapulmonary complications.

To determine the exact diagnosis and form of the disease in medicine, the use of x-rays. It with higher precision shows the degree of the inflammatory process. It mayto be either partial or complete defeat.

Sputum and blood will determine the causative agent. The presence of a large number of white antibodies in the blood indicates bacterial pneumonia. Often for the treatment of this form of the disease using antibiotics. Oxygen therapy is prescribed for breathing difficulties.

Pulmonary complications of pneumonia after breaking the tissue of the lungs, turning it into a airless dense tissue (forms scar).

High activity of white blood cells in the blood is more likely to get lung abscess.

Extrapulmonary complications occur when exposed to infection. If exposure occurs to the lymphatic vessels, can cause inflammation of the abdominal cavity, pus formation on the joints and the brain.

Death may occur in pneumonia from breathing dysfunction. Such at risk people with alcohol dependence, the elderly suffering from persistent severe disease.

Chronic pneumonia

opasnost hronicheskoj pnevmoniiIn chronic pneumonia affects the lungs and bronchi. There is direct tissue damage in several areas of the lungs. Disturbed function of the heart and respiration. Cough, rales in the lungs - a sign of chronic pneumonia. In the sputum of such patients often contains Haemophilus coli, at least - pneumococci. For the treatment prescribed antibiotics. In the recovery period is recommended massage with a combination of respiratory gymnastics. In the case of lobar lung lesions with persistent purulent bronchitis the use of surgical intervention.

Prevention of pneumonia is a timely treatment of cough, i.e. inflammation of the respiratory tract in the initial stage. Well in this case, it will help decoction of raspberry, rose hips, plantain, violets, thyme, or any other expectorants.

Subject to certain rules and appointments for treatment, the risk of complications after pneumonia is minimized.

Conclusion: you need to carefully monitor your health throughout his life, to the extent possible, to protect themselves from harmful factors, play sports or hardening.

You should never close your eyes on the "bells" of the body, which actually may indicate starting issue. People who are bedridden or sedentary lifestyle, prevention you need to perform regular breathing exercises.