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Treated if a disease such as lung cancer?

Treated if lung cancer? In this question correct to give a positive response than negative, but this applies only to the initial stages of the disease. Most likely, you will have to decide to have surgery with one lung. Of course, sports will not do, even simple work is quite acceptable.

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Today for anybody not a secret that in many cases the cancer is fatal. So many people are doubtful refers to the positive result of a long and expensive treatment. Many of them still don't know about is there a cure for lung cancer forever. Modern medicine offers many ways through which treated malignancies, including lung cancer.

What is lung cancer and what are its causes?

Lung cancer is a disease in which there is a development of the malignancy in the body. The main reason that trigger the progression of the disease is tobacco Smoking.

For a long time the disease develops without any particular symptoms, but after a while makes itself known. The person has a cough, which stands out sputum with blood, and pain is felt in the chest, reduced body weight.

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To diagnose the cancer only on the results of chest radiography or computed tomography. To confirm the presence of cancer cells in the tumor is possible only after taking of her land for a biopsy and study it under a microscope. Subsequent therapy will depend on what stage the cancer is. It includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Important causes that trigger the disease are:

  • Smoking;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • environmental factors;
  • chronic lung disease.

One of the reasons cancer is considered a Smoking. The likelihood of progression of the disease in smokers depends on the age, number of cigarettes smoked per day, duration of abuse, habit. If a smoker will forever refuse to bad habits, the probability of occurrence of the disease reduces. As Smoking is not the only cause of dangerous disease, the risk of disease in non-smokers are not excluded.

suhoj kashel kak simptom raka legkihIn addition to Smoking, a special role in lung cancer and plays human genetics. Previously, scientists have identified the gene, the existence of which increasesin a few possibility of occurrence of disease even in non-smokers. Therefore, if in the family somebody was sick with this disease, the risk of its development in relatives is quite high.

The significant role played by environmental factors, for example, excessive dust in the air, poisonous gases, radiation, passive Smoking, and others. In addition, any accompany chronic lung disease (tuberculosis), may increase the probability of occurrence of these tumors.

Symptoms and signs of lung cancer

Symptoms of the disease fully depends on its type, location, stage of disease and level of distribution. There are the following basic symptoms of cancer of the lungs:

  • continuous dry cough without sputum, sometimes containing mucus or blood;
  • shortness of breath, in which not enough air even in a state of tranquility;
  • high body temperature, systemic inflammation of the lungs of smokers;
  • pain in the chest, aggravated by breathing in the air, or coughing;
  • bleeding from the lungs occur during germination of the tumor to large vessels of the lungs;
  • large lung tumors begin to compress nearby organs, thereby causing swelling of the face and hands, pain in hands, constant hoarseness, and hiccups;
  • the spread of metastases to other organs, accompanied by pain in the right hypochondrium, jaundice, paralysis, coma and other symptoms;
  • weakness in the body, weight loss, poor appetite and other common signs.

shema raka legkihThere are cases when lung cancer develops without distinct symptoms and is detected during the passage of conventional fluoroscopy.

As many patients with lung cancer is smokers, in which there is a constant chronic cough, early diagnosis of the disease based on the signs can sometimes be quite rare. As soon as the coughing began to change its character, to grow or become painful, you should immediately visit a doctor and undergo a full medical examination.

If lung cancer is cured?

When the patient has an excellent immune system and is configured for a positive result, cancer can be overcome.

The healing process will depend on certain conditions:

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  • stage the presence of cancer;
  • type of tumor;
  • the ability of the human body to overcome illness;
  • an individual desire to recover;
  • the quality of medicines;
  • therapies;
  • qualification andexperience physicians.

In order not to suffer the question of the cure of a dangerous disease, you should be aware of mandatory measures for the prevention of its prevention. The main conditions which must be obeyed by all people, aimed at strengthening own immune system, rejection of bad habits systematic medical examination and emergency treatment in the detection of cancer.

Methods for the treatment of lung cancer

If we proceed from the statistics of mortality, this cancer disease is one of the main causes of cancer deaths. Identifying severe symptoms, three-quarters of patients are already beyond any cure. Of course, this is due to the fact that patients seek help too late, when the disease is in its final stages of development and metastases are already present.

The rapid growth of metastases tells about the anatomical peculiarities of the structure of the lungs, resulting in the loosening and saturation of the tissues blood vessels. It helps to feed cancer cells and thus quickly spread around the human body. In this case, the diagnosis is made postmortem.

himioterapiya pri rake legkihThere is a favorable outcome of the disease, when the clinical picture revealed after 3 months since the development of lung cancer. To achieve the 9-month term prognosis for cure is markedly reduced.

If to speak about treatment, it is possible in the initial stages of the disease. Methods of treatment include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, besides the recipes of traditional medicine. Upon completion of these courses, remedies, patients required rehabilitation for a full recovery.

Surgical treatment involves a transaction in which the tumor is removed, the share or the whole lung. It all depends on the growth of cancers. This method of treatment is performed in the case of non-small cell lung cancer. Operation do not, if the tumor invaded other organs and trachea. To destroy remaining cancer cells the patient is administered chemotherapy or irradiation.

Radiotherapy (radiation) contributes to the destruction of cancer cells. It prevents their further growth. This method is used if the formation has already hit the lymph nodes or the operation is not possible due to the development of serious diseases of other organs. Often this method is combined with chemotherapy to achieve the best effect.

Chemotherapy involves use of drugs that promote the destruction of cancer cells. The patient prolongs his lifeeven in the final stages of the disease. However, this method of treatment of cancer may not always give a positive result recovery.

It is no secret that cancer often brings death, but the hope to overcome the disease is always there. The essence of the cancer to the end is not studied medicine, but even under the most severe of oncological diseases were cured. It all depends on the mood of the patient and his desire to be cured.

Be healthy!