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If at the child temperature without coughing and runny nose

Many young parents of young children very worried, when a child's temperature without coughing and runny nose, and no other obvious symptoms of a specific disease. Mostly unrest are unfounded, but there are times when this condition says that the baby was ill with something serious.

problema temperatury u rebenka

Most temperature without any increased symptoms in infants and children up to three years, because thermoregulation in the body is still not quite established, that simply leads to "overheating".

What to do when the temperature rises?

The first thing mom and dad need to look at the General condition of the child, to find out if he had any symptoms of any disease. It is clear that if the rise in temperature there are problems with a chair, sick, a sore throat, it is a sign of acute respiratory disease or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. In such circumstances, should immediately visit a pediatrician to consult and to clarify the diagnosis. But often the doctors come parents kids which, in addition to high body temperature, no longer have any symptoms.

Disease in which there is high fever without cold or cough:

priznaki anginy

  1. Childhood infections: scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox. The fever is accompanied by rashes on the skin.
  2. Inflammation of the larynx in diphtheria, sore throat.
  3. Enlarged lymph nodes.
  4. Diseases of the nervous system, e.g. meningitis or encephalitis.

To the doctor should I contact if the temperature is more than 5 days, and if you do not help antipyretics.

Ambulance is essential if the child is very unwell. If you can do without a doctor, you should take antipyretic drugs, which are able to improve the General condition of the child, which gives him a good night's rest. This is a necessary condition to recover the body and send them to fight the disease. It is therefore recommended to lower the fever which is not accompanied by a cough and runny nose. It is advisable to do this before bedtime and before meals. An antipyretic for the child should be based on paracetamol or we could use the "Ibuprofen".

For some reason the baby may have a fever?

patologiya serdca - prichina temperaturyThe first reason for the increase in temperature can serve as a congenital abnormality (defect). In this case, the increase or decrease in temperature impact of change in climatic conditions or a stressful situation. If the child hasproblems with the cardiovascular system, it is from infancy to temper and adapt to the environment to avoid many health problems. For this reason, the temperature immediately jumps up greatly. And then decreases to 37 degrees and remains so for a very long time. Parents need to contact the doctor to know how to act.

Most temperature in young children is rising due to overheating in the sun. Children very much clothed, to avoid cold, and they are very hot in all these clothes. And the lack of fluid in the body leads to metabolic disorders and increased body temperature. Therefore, parents should know that in hot weather, a child must receive sufficient water, to be warmly dressed and not be under the open sun. But if it happened to overheat, then the baby must be taken into a cool place and give a drink of water.

The reason for the increase in temperature can serve as an inflammatory process in the body. For example, when the inflamed wound on the skin or on internal organs. In these affected areas is allocated a pyrogen, which can cause fever.

Children with unstable nervous system can respond to growing voices, other irritants and unpleasant factors in a feverish condition. In this case, parents should build their child a certain mode of life that will not overload the psyche.

allergiya - prichina temperaturyAnother common cause of fever without symptoms is an allergic reaction to something. To resolve this problem, it is enough to know the allergen and remove it from the child.

The natural reaction of the body of the baby for some vaccines, as well as on poor-quality medicines are fever. This state lasts for 3 days.

Mom had always well and carefully study the instructions for use of medicines and to monitor their validity period, so as not to poison the baby and cause allergies.

Fever may also occur after prolonged physical activity of the baby. After all, he always runs, jumps, sweats and never stays in one place. This is the reason that the body temperature can rise no higher than 37.5 degree. But it is worth it to relax as this condition passes. So this is not a cause for concern.

In infants, the fever may be due to teething. Parents immediately notice that the gums are red and raised, tender, and the baby behaves capriciously. Do not worry, you just have to be patient and wait until teeth appear.

Very often, the temperature rise is a consequence of the experienced a cold. The immunity of the childafter the disease severely weakened, and the temperature can stay at a high level for a long time. To help the body cope with the effects of SARS, it is necessary to reinforce its vitamin complex, which has a restorative effect on the body.

Cause heat can be kidney disease.

The overall picture looks like this: for a very long time the thermometer shows 37 degrees and no more, but then the temperature rises sharply to the level 39. In this case it would be better to undergo ultrasound examination.

Is it worth it to bring the temperature down?

prorezyvanie zubov - prichina temperaturyAll the doctors strongly opposed to to bring down the body temperature of the child, which does not exceed 38.5 degrees (and adults too). Such heat is considered a normal reaction of the child's body in the disease, when the immune system fights with germs and bacteria that cause disease. Parents just need to create comfortable and proper conditions for the speedy recovery of baby: give plenty of warm drink, ventilate the room regularly, do wet cleaning, to create optimal humidity in the room, to give only light and healthy food. But some pediatricians still advise to lower the fever, which reached 38.5 degrees, in the case of poor health of the child.

Many parents still use my grandmother's old recipes against fever. It is typically the rubbing of the body with water and vinegar. Medicine does not confirm or deny the validity of this method of treatment. One has only to remember that if the temperature is not more than three days, it is a sign of disease and should start a course of antibiotics.

In any case, it is impossible to make mustard plasters, compresses with alcohol, soar feet and to conduct inhalation. It will only raise the temperature. Not much to clothe and cover the baby, not to interfere with the natural process of sweating which helps to reduce body temperature.

It must be remembered that the temperature in children without symptoms of the common cold is a fairly common phenomenon that should not cause a panic reaction from parents. You can not go to the doctors and be monitored at home. To the hospital should go only in rare cases when the fever the child may be dangerous to health and life.

But no one will blame caring parents that with increasing temperature without coughing and runny nose go to the doctor to get tested and to make sure that their child does not seriously ill.