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COPD: symptoms and treatment of folk remedies

In chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD, symptoms and treatment of folk remedies can be of interest for many people. One of the main manifestations of COPD include progressive dysfunction of the lungs themselves, as well as the respiratory tract - organs of gas exchange of man. The risk for this disease are people of middle and older age 37-45 years.

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The main provoking factors of the disease are:

  • addiction;
  • Smoking;
  • dust intoxication with salts of silicon or cadmium;
  • pathogenic effects of certain micro-organisms.
  • hereditary manifestations of the disease.

The presence of intense precipitating influences can significantly reduce the age limit of the disease.

The typical symptoms of obstructive disease of

Symptoms of COPD:

  1. Irregularly manifested, wet or dry cough.
  2. Mucus or pus accumulates in the upper respiratory tract and is released during breathing or coughing.
  3. Functional impairment of gas exchange in the body.
  4. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath with increased physical activity.

kurenie - prichina hoblProgressive leakage of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is caused by:

  • General weakness of the body;
  • hypoxia;
  • functional degeneration of lung tissue;
  • the weakening and disturbance of the shape of the aperture;
  • degradation of the respiratory muscles.

Most acute hypoxia in COPD patients is manifested in periods of intense physical exertion, e.g., running or fast walking, overcoming obstacles, climbs the stairs, carrying weights, etc. of the Acute or severe form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can cause the impossibility of Autonomous movement without the help of relatives or hospital staff. History of COPD quite often includes drug use or Smoking, acute respiratory infections, seasonal pulmonary inflammation, production toxicity or effects on patient's organism of harmful gases or dust particles. As a rule, are exposed to almost all parts of the lungs and the blood vessels that permeate the lung tissue.

Therapy of chronic lung disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is very successfully treated by traditional medicine. For such treatments are used:

  • infusions;
  • decoctions;
  • teas from herbs;
  • compresses;
  • food.

Treatment of folk remedies COPD: grass

title="Benefits of chamomile in patients with COPD" alt="Benefits of chamomile in patients with COPD">Often traditional medicine uses herbal medicine COPD. This helps to eliminate many of the symptoms of the disease and significantly improve the General condition of the patient. Medicines prepared from medicinal plants can be taken together or separately. The main thing - to observe the rules of preparation, dosage and mode of reception of broths and infusions.

One of the most effective folk remedies for the treatment of obstructive diseases is the infusion made based on the herbal collection. In its composition:

  • 200 grams of mallow;
  • 200 g of chamomile;
  • 100 g of sage.

The mixture of the ingredients to grind in a blender or with a mixer to a powder. To prepare you need 1 tablespoon of this mixture pour 1 Cup of boiling water. You need to insist in a warm place for 60 minutes. After this infusion should strain and add boiled water to the original volume. To obtain a noticeable effect take the infusion within 60 days (daily) 2 times a day. Following the infusion is prepared the same way and in the same proportions as the previous one. It includes:

  • 100 g of flax seed;
  • 200 g of lime blossom;
  • 200 g of chamomile;
  • 200 g of eucalyptus.

polza evkalipta dlya legkihDuration and mode of admission is similar. The following collection includes ingredients that promote the removal of phlegm from the lungs and General health of the body. It is composed of:

  • the marshmallow root;
  • berries anise;
  • clover;
  • forest mallow;
  • chamomile;
  • the licorice root.

These components (100 g each), you need to mix, add flax seed (300 g) and brew with boiling water. The proportion is 2.5 tablespoons mixture of 0.5 liters of boiling water. The steeping time is 30 minutes. The filtered infusion is taken as in the previous cases.

Bring the phlegm, relieve inflammation and eliminate the cough syrup helps nettle root, pounded and mixed with sugar (in the proportion 2:3). After 6 hours of infusion in a warm place, the syrup is filtered and taken 3 times daily.

A decoction of dielectrica, or as it is commonly called, mother and stepmother, is often used to treat diseases of the respiratory system. For patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease it is cooked, pouring the herb with boiling water (10 g per 200 ml) and insisting in a warm place to cool. Take the infusion need 2 or 3 tablespoons per day, every 2 hours.

The use of food to treat COPD

svekla dlya lecheniya hoblTo treat COPD at home traditional medicine offers to use some productspower. For example, black radish, which is known to be frequently used in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Of black radish and beet, taken in equal amounts (0.3 kg), prepares the infusion. Vegetables should be grated on a fine grater and mix with cooled boiled water (1 l). To insist 3 hours. Regimen - 3 times daily for 4 tablespoons for 30 days. After completion of the course a break for 7-10 days. After that, if necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

Used to treat milk in the form of heat and various additives. Several treatment options COPD milk:

  1. 1 tea spoon of badger fat or suet to 250 ml of hot milk.
  2. 1 teaspoon of Iceland moss brewed 200 ml of hot milk. Is taken three times a day for 0.5 cups.
  3. 1 Cup of milk with honey, butter and a few drops ammonia-anisic of the mixture is taken before bedtime hot.
  4. 500 ml of milk with the addition of 1 clove of garlic, passed through the press, brought to the boiling point. The milk is then infused with garlic, and then add some honey. Taken hot several times during the day.

Inhalations and compresses

For the treatment of COPD are widely used inhalation. For example, are made inhalations with sea salt (3 tablespoons per 1 liter). Can be used for inhalation decoctions of such herbs as:

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  • rosemary;
  • oregano;
  • calendula;
  • mint;
  • Daisy.

To prepare a decoction for inhalation from a single herb or mixture. It is possible to breathe vapors, rich in essential oil of chamomile, eucalyptus or pine. For one inhalation is enough 3-5 drops of oil added to a pot of boiling water. Instead of oils you can use baking soda (5 g per 200 ml of water).

The volatile production onions need to breathe through your mouth. This can be done using pressed her mouth to the glass filled with svezhenanesenny onions. Need to exhale through the nose.

Remaining after preparation of the above-described infusion from dialectica (mother and stepmother) pressed raw material can be used to compress. While the cake is still warm, evenly distribute it on top of the chest and covered with a soft thick cloth (e.g., flannel). After that, the patient needs to lie down a little until the compress cools off.

All treatments are time-tested. But, using folk remedies, still do not get any medical help.

A specialist will be able to conduct the necessary diagnostics to determine the stage of the disease, to recommend precisely which traditional medicines are most effective for a particular patient.