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Why when experiencing flu sore muscles?

The flu is characterized by many symptoms and occurs in severe form. Why the flu aching muscles, this question cannot be answered unambiguously, although this manifestation is one of the main signs of influenza.

problema bolej myshc pri grippe

The disease called influenza virus, occurs quite hard. Consequences of influenza are often all sorts of complications that represent a threat to human life.

According to statistics, from influenza annually kills about 300 thousand people, mostly older age group. Death usually occurs from intoxication or cerebral hemorrhage, and complications, such as pneumonia, various forms and complexity; heart attacks that occur during the course of the disease, and after it. In addition, complications can include meningitis, encephalitis, rhinitis, suppurative otitis media, bronchitis and exacerbations of existing chronic diseases.

The appearance of muscle pain with flu

problema zabolevaniya grippom

Muscle pain with acute respiratory disease clearly indicates the presence of influenza. It is the main symptom and covers almost the entire muscular system of the body. And the feeling can spread to the joints and combined with the weakness becomes so pronounced that the patient struggles to get up and move.

Many patients have frequent Neustupa cramps in the limbs. And muscle pain adds additional complexity when moving. The nature of discomfort when the pain is substantially different from the General fatigue after exercise, he expressed to such an extent that no forces normal to move.

What to do during the appearance of muscle pain with flu

So, influenza is a major cause of muscle pain. Pain relievers can improve the patient's state of health considerably. Was recommended to go to non-steroidal drugs, as they are much more effective to cope with the task because it contained acetaminophen.

algoritm dejstvij pri grippe

In the case where due to issues with kidney, heart or gastrointestinal taking some tablets are contraindicated, and should consult your doctor, who will choose individually for you necessary drugs to relieve muscle pain and treatment of influenza. To the doctor you need to apply and the following manifestations:

  • whenredness or swelling of the muscles, the localization of inflammation around one area;
  • when there is insufficient circulation functions of the circulatory system resulting sore leg muscles;
  • if the lameness becomes persistent;
  • muscle pain in influenza does not pass after three days;
  • after movements difficulty breathing and shortness of breath;
  • muscle aches restrict movement of a particular body part or limb;
  • appeared retching, worse, the situation has worsened.

In some cases it is impossible to tighten and the need to call an ambulance. Considering the above points, you need to be aware of the fact that the flu these symptoms are common, what distinguishes the disease from other viral infections and colds.

problema temperatury pri grippe

In order to stop muscle pain with influenza, you need to treat first the disease itself, as taking pain medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin are only able for some time to remove the pain cider. Besides muscle pain, the patient has fever, inflamed throat, a cough, and often headache.

Usually the patient is assigned a abundant warm drink, milk with honey, juice and hot tea. In addition, in the complex must include a means to bring down the body temperature: paracetamol, Panadol and so on. For removal of difficulty in breathing nose is shown vasodilator drugs. The appointment of expectorants need for dilution and the discharge Mikrotik secretions from the nasopharynx. In this case, good fit and licorice root mukaltin. Be sure to use cough: absorbable tablets, bronholitin, breast collection.

Especially in the first days of illness is highly recommended a steam inhalation with the addition of anti-inflammatory medicinal herbs.

Suitable chamomile, sage, calendula, St. John's wort, young pine buds and cones. Treatment includes vitamin therapy and the use of antihistamines and the additional intake means, correcting the immune system. In particular, it will designate such drug as interferon. It is especially well suited for small children and no adverse effects.

The development of mesolite after influenza

polza kalenduly pri grippe

Another serious disease is a disease such as myositis. The development of the disease can occur due to various reasons, one of which the most common is the flu.

In myositis, very sore muscles, they weaken and tend toatrophy. Can affect several muscle groups: cervical, muscles of the thorax and lumbar region. In this case, the disease passes into a different form and in medical terminology has the name of polymyositis.

The disease is classified into acute, chronic, professional, and colds arising from influenza. The most dangerous form of the disease is cervical myositis.

Muscle pain in myositis, like the flu, are mainly local in nature, increasing during movement and exercise. Muscle loss contributes to its further defeat. The disease provokes the appearance of pain in the joints and restricts movement. Gradually increasing weakness, and the muscles may in some degree to completely atrophy.

Preventive measures

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To preventive measures against the flu can be attributed to the activation of immunization on the body by the injection of the vaccine virus. He begins to actively stimulate the production of antibodies, which, in turn, inhibit the reproduction of the virus and infection of cells. In this case, prevention of the disease.

Typically, vaccination is carried out during an epidemic of influenza, this period is in the fall, and the effect of vaccination disappears after about six months. For this reason, it is too early to carry it out is not necessary. To avoid any contamination by airborne droplets, you can use the armband.

Permitted additional use vitamins and ascorbic acid to increase your body's ability to resist. The diet should include more cabbage, carrots, red meat, lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, cranberry, milk, cocoa products, onions and garlic. Complete and balanced nutrition will provide the body with all the vitamins, minerals and protein, it does not give the possibility to develop beriberi and strengthen the body.

One of the highlights is an elementary observance of rules of personal hygiene. The nose can be rinsed two times per day using soap: it does not allow getting inside infection or viruses, removing them and arresting proliferation in the mucosa.

Such measures not only prevent the infection with influenza and the availability of strong muscle pain in the course of the disease, but will significantly increase efficiency, consolidate the results and to what extent it will contribute to the renovation and invigoration of the whole organism.