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What is the swine flu?

Until very recently, mankind and even could not imagine that ever confronted with this disease as swine flu, because previously the disease was spread only among animals. However, the virus mutated and now it can be transmitted to humans not only from an infected animal, but also from man.

problema svinogo grippaIn 2009 and 2012, when the swine flu epidemic has spread rapidly almost all over the world, before mankind became acutely the question, what is swine flu, what is its main symptoms, and whether it is amenable to disease treatment?

General information

virus svinogo grippaThe swine flu is an acute viral disease which, like the familiar ordinary flu easily transmitted from person to person through coughing, sneezing or kissing, that is, the airborne path is the main route of disease transmission.

The most unpleasant is that the swine flu (and not pork) is easily mutating. Ie it is able to evolve, so with enough ease and incredible speed can easily spread among animals. But man has become vulnerable in front of him. According to statistics in recent years, cases are becoming more and more. There are many cases of swine flu recorded in such countries as Mexico, Kenya, Canada, USA, South America, China and Japan.

After the first cases of infection, a lethal, virus began to be investigated in detail. Across the planet many scientists began to be carried out a detailed study of this threatening the whole mankind virus. Today we know that scientists are very difficult and even almost impossible to predict outbreaks, as the virus mutates constantly and continuously. These circumstances create difficulties and obstacles in order to explore and explore fully. Despite many works, the efforts and the efforts of health professionals and leading researchers, are still, unfortunately, not yet found a medicine that could help to defeat this unknown illness completely.

Swine flu is dangerous to humans, the fact that he is able not only to lead to complications, but can even lead to death.

Swine flu and its main symptoms

simptomy svinogo grippaBut what are the symptoms of a person can determine that he is not normal, and the swine flu? First of all, you should know that all the signs and symptoms of swine flu are very similar to symptoms of ordinary coldsor flu.

The main and initial symptom of swine flu is sharply increased body temperature that frequently reach 40 degrees. High temperature is very often accompanied by chills and fever. The person thus feels a strong weakness, fatigue. Some people may appear severe headache, muscle pain and dizziness. After some time, are added cough, runny nose and even possible pain in the throat. Cough with swine flu is paroxysmal in nature; no appetite.

The main feature of swine flu is that often the disease is accompanied by symptoms such as severe vomiting and diarrhea. These signs almost always say that the human body has flu virus. This interferes with the work of the whole respiratory system, which suffer from the virus. There are cases when the swine flu virus led to bilateral pneumonia.

Complications resulting from the swine flu is a loss of consciousness. The patient can easily develop neurotoxicity, respiratory failure.

The symptoms by which it is possible to assert with confidence about the fact that the person has a severe form of the disease, the following:
rvota - simptom svinogo grippa

  • severe shortness of breath even at rest;
  • all signs of dehydration;
  • constant vomiting;
  • a clear sense of heaviness and pain in the chest;
  • the discoloration of the skin, down to the bluish hue;
  • seizures.

If a person is struck by swine flu, the main thing - it is time to bethink and to promptly identify the disease. Because the pathogen spreads very quickly on the human body and can lead to complications and even to irreversible consequences.

Causes of virus infection

The main question that must be interested in now many readers as possible to catch swine flu or what actions can cause in the human body get the swine flu?

The main cause of infection is careless contact with a sick person or being in places with large concentrations of people during the epidemic.

Another likely cause of infection is eating improperly processed pork. Therefore, during outbreaks it is best to avoid eating places.

obrazovanie svinogo grippaAlso poor personal hygiene, unhealthy and unbalanced diet is one of the main reasons of virus infection. All this leads to the fact that the human body is weakened and very easily to differentdiseases and swine flu is no exception. You should always wash your hands, time to carry out damp cleaning in the house and definitely as often as possible to ventilate the room. All these activities will create favorable conditions for the development of the virus and will contribute to strengthening the immune system.

There is a group of people who are particularly vulnerable to swine flu virus. This:

  • women in an interesting position;
  • children up to 2 years;
  • people who are already over 65 years of age;
  • people with excess weight;
  • people with such diseases as cancer, disorders of the liver, kidney, heart, neurological disorders, diabetes, and also people who have weakened immune system, including HIV.

At the first suspicion of the disease, the person should immediately contact the medical facility for help. And in order to reduce all the manifestations of intoxication, you should drink more fluids and eat foods rich in proteins and vitamins.

Methods of treatment of swine flu

konsultaciya vracha po voprosu lecheniya svinogo grippaHow is the basic treatment of people who are "lucky" to deal with swine flu. Yes, to treat the disease quite difficult, and especially difficult to treat people who have suffered a severe form of the disease.

First, people infected with swine flu, should be isolated from others to avoid transmitting the virus to your family members and just other people.

To alleviate the patient's condition will help the drugs that bring down high temperature.

The patient should be aware that swine flu gives only a comprehensive treatment. He should be prescribed the appropriate vitamin complexes to strengthen the body and improve overall condition. Necessarily assigned to antiviral medications. These drugs are intended not only to put people on their feet, but to avoid possible complications and consequences.

Very effective drugs are interferons, but they should be applied in increased doses, since the virus is able to kill them.

In addition to medications and vitamins people during the swine flu should be especially careful to monitor their health, eating more vegetables and fruits. Especially valuable in this period are considered fruits that contain vitamin C. It's lemons, oranges, raspberry and currant. It is recommended to drink broth rosehip, lime and mint.

Swine flu is a dangerous disease that is better to prevent than to treat. Therefore, inpreventive measure must wash hands frequently, observe the correct mode of the day, sleep, eat foods containing plenty of vitamins and, of course, to experience less stress and strain.