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Lung cancer stage 3: symptoms, prognosis and treatment

If diagnosed lung cancer, stage 3, the forecasts in this case may be unfavorable. The disease appears shortness of breath, can swell the face, hands and feet. Headaches, lethargy and apathy. Lung cancer is the most frequent cancer.Other symptoms include cough, long duration, sputum observed a drop of blood, a man in a fever, the body temperature is continuously increased, while signs of a cold appeared. If you suspect cancer don't wait for the continuation of the disease, and to urgently diagnose. It includes x-ray, analysis for tumor markers, Cytology.

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Causes of pathology

Like any other cancer, lung cancer appears as a result of DNA damage to cells. This is facilitated by a variety of causes. In the case of light it may be a long-term Smoking, inhalation of cokes, various resins and esters.To facilitate the occurrence of tumors in the lungs can longer bronchitis and pneumonia. And the worst enemy of this organ is tuberculosis, which, after himself forms scars on the lungs.

The stage of the disease

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  1. Stage 1. The tumor does not exceed 3 cm and is within the Department of the lung or in the bronchial region. Metastases do not exist. Diagnosis in this period is difficult, because the symptoms are minor or nonexistent.
  2. Stage 2. The tumor grows up to 5 cm or more. The location of tumors remain in one division of the lung or the bronchi. There may be metastases of a single character, which penetrate in the lymph nodes. At this stage, the tumor is diagnosed in most patients.
  3. Stage 3. During this period, the tumor increases and reaches 6 or more inches can extend into adjacent lung or on the adjacent bronchi. Multiple metastases penetrate into the lymph nodes. Forecast for survival rate is 25%.
  4. Stage 4. The tumor grows and no longer fits in the lung. It goes beyond the body and affects the kidneys. Metastases progressing, they affect not only adjacent tissues but also take root in distant organs. Along with lung cancer at stage 4 cancer is caused pleurisy, which is incompatible with life. The forecast in this case is unfavorable.

Lung cancer symptoms

kashel s mokrotoj - simptom raka legkihDepending on the location of the tumor there are 2 types of cancer: Central and peripheral. From its location depend on the symptoms of the disease.

  1. Central lung cancer is formed from the mucosashell Central bronchus. The symptoms in this case comes out early, the person has trouble breathing as the tumor begins to irritate the structure of the bronchi and worsens ventilation of one or both lungs. The growth of tumors, it penetrates the pleura, and the trunks of the body, the person begins to experience pain. When the swelling of the bronchi occurs a persistent cough, which initially is accompanied by clear sputum. At the last stage of the disease in the sputum appear impurities in the blood. The final stage is considered to be sputum with pus. At this time worsens the General condition of the patient, shortness of breath, increased body temperature, which subsides. Cancer pneumonia is gradually transformed into a cancerous pleurisy. There is a paralysis of the vocal muscles and germination of the pericardium. Because of the violation of the outflow of blood appears swelling of limbs neck and face. The veins on the hands, feet and neck swell.
  2. Peripheral lung cancer. The tumor is in one lung. Symptoms in the initial stages do not exist, as in the lungs do not have nerve endings. Signs of cancer can appear only after the tumor starts to grow and penetrate into the bronchi, connective tissue and pleura. In this case, there cough, compression of the superior Vena cava, shortness of breath, hoarseness. Cough at first dry, later expectoration appears. Additional symptoms include exhaustion, constant temperature. Due to the shortage of calcium occurs, the deformation of the fingers. In the last stages observed severe bleeding from the lungs.

The main recommendation in this disease is the annual passage of the examination. Because there are cases of asymptomatic course of lung cancer.

Lung cancer stage 3: treatment of drug way

medikamentoznoe lechenie raka legkihOf course, it is easier to cope with disease in its initial stages. But if it so happened that people were held to 3 disease stage, treatment should be necessary.

Treatment of lung cancer is similar to treatment of skin cancer of 3 degrees. First, surgery is performed to remove the tumor followed by chemotherapy.

Because the disease has a different types (adenocarcinoma, small cell, large-cell carcinoma and poorly differentiated, dimorphic, polymorphic cancer) and over, the treatment is carried out on an individual basis.

As cancer can metastasize (stage 3 is quite possible), then the therapy may not give good results.

Thus, the main therapeutic measures include the following:

  1. Surgical treatment involves two types of treatment: lobectomy, when the part is removedaffected lung, pneumonectomy, when the lung is removed completely.
  2. Radiation therapy is carried out when the operation is contraindicated. Radiation therapy may be used prior to surgery, it is possible to reduce the site of the lesion.
  3. Chemotherapy provides for a ban on surgical and radiation treatment. Although this method often does not give good results.
  4. Palliative treatment when other methods have not given good effect. This method is applied for the terminally ill. It provides for the removal of pain syndromes, shortness of breath, psychological help, detox.

To self-treatment with folk therapy is strictly prohibited. Otherwise you will lose precious time when you can still help the patient.

The prognosis of lung cancer

If not treated the disease, most patients do not live also two years. If you conduct the operation in a timely manner, the guarantee of the survival rate is 30%.

If the cancer is identified in stage 1 and 2, then the healing occurs in 80% of patients, provided that treatment will be comprehensive in nature, combining chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. But if there are metastases, the prognosis for recovery is greatly reduced. Thus, lung cancer prognosis depends on many factors, to better identify at an early stage.